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EXPLOSIVE: Russell Fuller details Critical Race Theory at SBTS & Al Mohler’s tantrum

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Dr. Russell Fuller’s third installment of an interview with Jon Harris released Monday evening. The final of three interviews was the most explosive. Dr. Fuller detailed how SBTS President Albert Mohler knew top faculty promoted Critical Race Theory. Also, Dr. Fuller detailed a tense confrontation where Dr. Mohler insulted the 22-year veteran SBTS professor.

Fuller: Al Mohler knew Curtis Woods, Jarvis Williams and Matthew Hall promoted Critical Race Theory

Dr. Russell Fuller said SBTS President Al Mohler knew top staff were promoting the dangerous ideologies and the false gospel of Social Justice.

“When it comes to people like Curtis woods, when Al Mohler hired him, we already knew what he believed,” Fuller said. “He made it very clear, but yet he knowingly hired people that he knew taught Critical Race Theory and Social Justice.”

Dr. Fuller said that the promotion of Critical Race Theory by Dr. Matthew Hall, Dr. Jarvis Williams and Dr. Curtis Woods was something “absolutely” encouraged by the SBTS administration.

Fuller says this Social Justice focus has likely changed the voting pattern of students attending SBTS—making them more likely to vote Democrat, or at least anti-Republican.

“It usually gets back to Trump somehow,” Fuller said. “By the way, the day Donald Trump was elected, in our chapel, we had a sermon by Kevin Smith, and he was just railing on Trump and Republicans.”

Fuller said that Jarvis Williams was “slandering the church” with his statements alleging racism is rampant in evangelicalism.

“He (Jarvis Williams) is slandering the church,” Dr. Fuller said. “And what he’s doing in my opinion is he’s creating another Gospel.”

3 Conservative faculty members who opposed Matthew Hall’s promotion were fired within a year

Three SBTS professors made statements against the promotion of the notorious Matthew Hall. Fuller made a long statement against the promotion on grounds Hall promoted CRT/I.

“He (Matt Hall) takes Critical Race Theory and tries to combine it with Scripture,” Fuller said. “Anytime you take secular views and combine it with Scripture you’re corrupting and perverting the gospel. I said, this is completely unacceptable for us as a who claim to hold to orthodox Christianity.”

Fuller said eight full professors opposed the Hall’s promotion. Of the three who spoke out, one was fired (or asked to leave) two months later—Mark Coppenger. Then within a year Fuller and the other outspoken voice against Hall—Dr. Jim Orrick—were let go.

“Within 12-14 months we were all gone,” Fuller said.

Fuller’s speech against Hall prompts insult from Mohler

During a faculty meeting, Al Mohler insulted Dr. Fuller. Mohler was “visibly angry” during Fuller’s speech against Hall’s promotion. After the discussion, Mohler spoke unkindly.

Mohler screamed at Dr. Fuller, “Russell, you are an idiot,” Dr. Fuller claims.

What prompted that reaction? Dr. Fuller’s assertion that Hall promoted teachings that are rotten and a threat to the Gospel.

Fuller said in his speech against Hall’s promotion, “This is the secular philosophy that Matt combines with the gospel. There is a reason that the Southern Seminary of just a few years ago and Grove City College did not teach him these things: they (and specifically CRT) eradicate the gospel. Let us not think that Matt is teaching only the good version CRT or only the helpful aspects of CRT. CRT is rotten to the core.”

SBTS offered extra pay for secret agreement

Dr. Fuller and others were offered extended pay and benefits for another couple of months in exchange for signing a secret agreement that would prevent Fuller from ever saying a bad word about SBTS. Fuller rejected this.

Fuller said it was his duty to continue speaking out and talking about these issues.

“If I wanted to keep my job, I knew how to do that,” Fuller said. However, he could not do that. He said to be silent would have been like loving his job more than the Lord.

Fuller challenges SBTS to debate the issues raised in his interviews

Fuller challenged anyone from SBTS administration or faculty to debate these issues in public. “I’m more than willing to debate them publicly, maybe in front of the students on campus, and then we could livestream it on YouTube or something,” Fuller said.

Fuller’s claims in his three-part interview includes postmodernism being taught by a New Testament professor, a denial of inerrancy by an Old Testament professor and the open promotion of Critical Race Theory by at least three faculty members. Also, Fuller was reprimanded by SBTS administration for raising concerns about doctrinal errors.

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