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EXPOSED: SBTS Professor Teaches Postmodernism

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Postmodernism taught to future preachers at SBTS

Dr. Russell Fuller detailed the teaching of postmodernism at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) in a shocking new video interview. He cited the approach of Professor Jonathan Pennington to Biblical interpretation (also referred to as hermeneutics.) Pennington denies an objective hermeneutic is possible, Fuller said.

According to Fuller, Dr Pennington prefers a “productive reading” over the angst-ridden modernist attempts to “objectively verify the interpretation.” Fuller went on to allege, “He doesn’t really like authorial intent but prefers to talk about textual intent.” Fuller says Pennington prefers the “community” to determine the meaning of the text rather than allowing the text to speak for itself. However, Fuller rejects the community determining the meaning.

“This is very dangerous,” Dr. Fuller said. “We believe the Scriptures give us the Mind of Christ, the Mind of God and what we are believe about Him and how we are to live our lives.”

Fuller argued that the best way to interpret Scripture is to let Scripture interpret itself. He pointed to the way Paul teaches that Adam is the first historical person. So, this fact should help us in our exegesis of Genesis 1-3. To bolster this point Dr. Fuller quoted the Westminster Confession.

Fuller explained that the reason seminaries teach languages like Hebrew and Aramaic (both Fuller taught during his time as a professor) and Greek is to prepare interpreters to get at the meaning of the text.

“The whole purpose of teaching the languages is so people can really look at what the Bible says in the originals,” Fuller said. “To get the proper interpretation. (To see) what was Paul trying to tell us when he wrote this or even better what was God telling us when he wrote the Scripture.”

SBTS Professor denies Old Testament prophesied Messiah

Dr. Russell Fuller detailed how a New Testament Professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) denied that the Old Testament prophesied about Jesus. In a paper given to students on campus, Dr. Jonathan Pennington argued that Christians are “brainwashed” by reading the New Testament, Fuller said. Here is a link to paper Fuller discussed.

“He (Jonathan Pennington) is quoting from a guy but he’s agreeing with this this Crump fellow and he goes the you only get that because you’ve been brainwashed by reading the Apostles, and reading the early Church Fathers, and then later on people like Reformers. So, we as Christians have been conditioned. We’ve been brainwashed to read Messiah into the Old Testament,” Dr. Fuller said.

Fuller alleges that Pennington even teaches against a Messianic reading of Isaiah 53. Fuller made the shocking allegations in the second-part of a three-part conversation with Jon Harris.

“He (Pennington) is agreeing with Crump and what Crump says is it’s a self-induced illusion to believe that the Old Testament teaches some type of messianic paradigm that some Messiah would come years and years later and he’s going to you know heal the sick raise the dead forgive sins that he would die and ascend to heaven,” Fuller said. “All these things is a self-induced delusion… Pennington goes on to say and even key passages that the New Testament interpretation of the Old Testament even passages like Isaiah 53, you would be hard-pressed to see that as truly messianic. He (Pennington) is denying that the Isaiah 53 and many passages of Scripture teach anything about Messiah at all.”

Of course, Dr. Fuller denies such a reading of the Old Testament. He asserts that even Jewish scholars see Messiah throughout the Old Testament.

“The problem with that, as you know I went to a Jewish institution, I’ve studied the old rabbis and let me tell you: This is a scandal in and of itself,” Fuller said. “The old rabbis saw Messiah in the Old Testament more than most Old Testament evangelical professors I know. They saw Messiah everywhere in the Old Testament.”

SBTS President Albert Mohler says one thing and does another

Dr. Russell Fuller said Dr. Al Mohler, president of SBTS, said during a faculty meeting considering promotion of Dr. Pennington, “I don’t like his books and (Mohler) is talking especially about his book Reading the Gospels Wisely.”

However, Harris pointed to an article Mohler penned for The Gospel Coalition where Mohler recommended the book as one of: Mohler’s 10 Books Every Preacher Should Read

This is a problem repeatedly raised by people who meet with Mohler. He says one thing and has a history of doing another. For instance, some concerned about the rise of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality point out that Mohler publicly condemned the godless ideologies of Identity Politics. However, Mohler continues to employ Matthew Hall and Jarvis Williams—men shown on video promoting Identity Politics.

How do we reconcile Mohler’s professed conservative views with his inability to purge SBTS of these malign influences? And yet, Mohler and his administration specifically reprimanded Dr. Fuller for raising questions about Professor Pennington and Professor Dominick Hernandez.

We’ve previously suggested Mohler is comparable to a historical person Winston Churchill detailed—Mr. Speaker Harley. A man legendary for political maneuver, self-preservation and political dissembling.

Pennington forced to sign private document repudiating teachings on Isaiah 53

Dr. Fuller said the SBTS administration forced Pennington to sign a private document recanting his teaching against a Messianic paradigm in Isaiah 53. However, the document was not made public despite the very public nature of Pennington’s books.

“So finally he had to write a private document saying I do believe in Isaiah 53. I don’t believe in postmodernism. I do believe in authorial intent,” Dr. Fuller said. “I asked the administration, are we going to make this public? No? Why not well his book is public?”

Conservatives Professors who voted against Pennington fired

Dr. Fuller despite all the concerns, SBTS tried to promote Pennington more than once. However, many of the votes against Pennington were fired.

“My guess is next year they will try to promote him again,” Fuller said. “I tell you what it won’t be 50/50 this time because there’s no longer people like myself there.”

Fuller described that first vote with many conservative, older professors at the meeting.

“I wasn’t the only professor to speak out against the teachings of Jonathan Pennington when we voted for him a few years ago for promotion,” Dr. Fuller said. “We had almost a 50/50 split in the full professors meeting and that was about 30 of us and that we’re the oldest professors and the most conservative professors on campus it was basically a 50/50 split about him and so many in the faculty were very concerned about him.”

“The next vote it will be virtually unanimous for (Pennington’s promotion) because people like me and others who stood up against have been let go,” Fuller said.

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