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BREAKING: LA County wins appeal; County can ban church services

California Appeals Court Upholds LA County Ban on Indoor Worship Services

This is a breaking news. Check back for updates

UPDATE 2: You can read our recap of what Dr. John MacArthur said this morning here.

UPDATE: Despite the ruling of the appeals court, Grace Community Church is gathering for worship services this morning.

Los Angeles County lost the first round in its battle to halt worship services at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church. The county appealed that loss and won Saturday. In a decision handed down by the State of California Court of Appeal, Second District, Division Two, the lower court order that would allow Grace Community to conduct indoor worship was overturned.

The Appeals court said it would need time to consider the questions raised by the lawsuit before it could render a full order. It said in its opinion, “Definitively resolving these questions, however, will entail the resolution of difficult questions of law. We certainly cannot resolve them before tomorrow morning’s church services.”

So, while the issues are being decided, the Appeals Court said that LA County can go forward with any bans or enforcement that its Health Office decides appropriate.

According to the court, “As between the harm that flows from the heightened risk of transmitting COVID-19 (namely, ‘serious illness and death’) and the harm that flows from having to conduct religious services outdoors instead of indoors, the balance at this early stage favors issuance of a stay.”

What happens Sunday Morning at Grace Community Church?

Previously, it was planned that had the church conducting indoor services with face masks and social distancing pursuant to the decision of the Superior Court order. That order was celebrated by Grace Community Church lawyer Jenna Ellis. She said it was a victory and was the first court to make clear that Church Is Essential.

John MacArthur praised the earlier ruling and said the church would comply with mask and distancing requirements while the case proceeded in court. He said it was a sign the church was not rebellious.

Will the county attempt to ban worshippers Sunday? Interrupt services? Or simply attempt to fine the church after the service?

Will the church proceed with its planned worship service?

This is a critical moment in US history. What is happening now will determine our liberties for future generations.

We will update as we know more in the saga of LA County’s attack on John MacArthur and Grace Community Church.

17 thoughts on “BREAKING: LA County wins appeal; County can ban church services”

  1. May the Lord have mercy on the government souls. I thank God everyday for John MacArthur . I’m blessed to be part his congregation. The government needs to stop all these protests there the ones that are spreading the COVID19 virus. Not the church.

    1. It seems contradictory that people are able to march and protest, burn, tear down statues, loot, and destroy businesses, but not praise the Lord. This is the reason people are calling the Pandemic the Plan demic. The politicians, the media, and 1% are such hypocrites. They intentionally want to put our President out of office, ruin our economy, fundamentally change our society, and put themselves at the helm of power to make America a ONE PARTY COUNTRY. They’ve done everything and anything to destroy our beloved America and its traditions which include worship at our Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques. I wonder if Synagogues & Mosques are also banned from conducting indoor services? Does anyone know the answer??

  2. The government needs to stop all these Protesters there the ones that are spreading the COVD19. I am blessed to be part Grace Community Church!

  3. This isn’t difficult if you actually read the first amendment. The judicial, executive, and legislative branches of government cannot restrict the ability of the people to assemble, whether it be for peaceful protest or to attend worship services. Any law made that does not agree to this end is inherently unconstitutional and should not be up for debate. You cannot parcel out the law to make it say what you want and ignore the things that you don’t like.

    1. Most states have constitutional exceptions for health and safety of the public. I know my state of Virginia does. Even so JM/GCC should be concerned about being sympathetic to the fears and concerns of others. Most importantly, God commands obedience to civil government. This is not a case of God v. Man.

      1. God does not command obedience to civil government! Please cite the scripture to prove this as you are being ignorant to the word of God and twisting any verse you try to use. Jesus is the head of the church NOT the government (I can site verses in context to this if you need them). Also please cite the scripture verse on where we should be sympathetic to fear ( I can sure multiple scriptures to support this as well as verses saying to bring the sick to us, lay hands on them and pray for them.)? Actually we should cast out fear not bow or be sympathetic to it. Unfortunately DW here does not know the God of the Bible and please disregard their post as opinion and not truth.

  4. Hey we battle not against flesh and blood but principalities of power and a host of wickedness in high places. As it is written. The woman at the well asked Jesus where are we in a worship man. Jesus said true believers will worship in spirit and in truth. No state or government has taken that right away from us and when they do then it’s time to stand up seriously. But until then we need to obey the governing authorities until they take away our Bibles and prevent us from telling people about Jesus, I mean come on man let’s get serious.True worshipers are all those everywhere who worship God through the sonfrom the heart. Let’s not be the exception just because we are the church let’s be an example to all especially to those who aren’t of the family your faith. And if you’re a believer and you’re not supporting your church still you need to step up and do it so they can meet their financial obligations. If you’re only going to give if you walk through the door and then maybe Otte check your faith.

  5. What is/will be the impact of the recent Supreme Ct decision involving the church in Nevada? The Supremes sided with the govt authorities on that one.

  6. What effect will the recent Supreme Ct. decision regarding the same issues at a Nevada church have on this case?

  7. This should be troubling for Christians, who all stand to suffer from JM’s rebellion. This is not a matter of obeying God v. Man as JM keeps trying to frame it. In his own words he changed his opinion after his own personal assessment of Covid. Make no mistake this is a case of anarchy. JM clearly stands condemned by Romans 13/1Peter 2, etc. Sadly, on their livestream today JM deceitfully misled his congregation into believing an 11th hour ruling gave them permission to meet indoors with no precautions. JM’s actions should trouble Christians. He should not be praised. God warns of condemnation for his rebel behavior.

    1. You’re absolutely wrong. God calls us to assemble and worship. This is a command of God. The state said you can’t do that. This is God vs. man. Also, the virus is overblown and everyone attending knows the risk.

    2. Anarchy is taking place in the streets of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, etc. Gathering to PEACEFULLY pray, worship sing and have communion, is not “anarchy:….

      1. I am so proud of this pastor John Mcarthy! He is standing for his religious freedoms in the midst of such political lies, God wins!

  8. Interesting, when civil servants can seek to curtail the right of people to worship God as they want, over the fear of contagion of an illness with a 99.7% survival rate….

  9. Biblical Christians in Grace Community Church, LA, California, in the jurisdiction of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and beyond can gather underground to worship if this oppression continues.

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