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Jenna Ellis: California court recognizes Church is Essential

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Round 1: John MacArthur, Grace Community Church win first battle in LA court

A California judge refused to close Grace Community Church in a blow to Los Angeles County’s attempt to end indoor worship service at the church. The victory was announced by John MacArthur and Grace Community Church lawyer Jenna Ellis. Ellis said this decision is a historic victory and the state court judge recognized that Church is Essential.

According to lawyer Jenna Ellis, “BREAKING w/@PaulJonna: An HISTORIC WIN today for @johnmacarthur and @GraceComChurch! Judge allows indoor services with singing and no attendance cap! Church agrees to adhere to mask and social distancing until full hearing. FIRST CA Court to recognize #ChurchIsEssential!”

No doubt this is an important victory. It keeps the church services going while the legal process rolls along.

There appears to be some compromise in the resolution today as the church will require social distancing and mask rules while the legal battles advance in state court. In the last two weeks of services, there were few if any masks worn by the congregation.

Today’s hearing in Los Angeles court was prompted by a Thursday move by attorneys representing the Los Angeles County. The attorneys sought a restraining order to prevent worship at the church.

Ellis told Todd Starnes, “They are targeting churches,” she said. “We got a notice from the county attorney that the county is now seeking an order for a temporary restraining order…They are seeking a total shutdown…The county is trying to force the church to comply with their health mandates.”

The county claimed otherwise.

“The county took this action reluctantly, after working with the church for several weeks in hopes of gaining voluntary compliance with the Health Officer Orders, which allow for religious services to be held outdoors in order to slow the spread of a deadly and highly contagious virus,” the county said in a statement published by the LA Times

There are other legal battles to watch in California over the coming days and weeks and the suit involving John MacArthur and Grace Community Church is long from over.

10 thoughts on “Jenna Ellis: California court recognizes Church is Essential”

  1. Praying that God will see Grace Church through this unfair ordeal and that God will be glorified. Praying for you John!!

    1. So far so good, but I hope the ridiculous mask and social distancing mandates will be thrown out as well. They are absolutely not warranted and the church cannot be the church that way.

  2. In the OT there were seers and prophets The difference was one heard Gods word and the other explained God word towards man. I am so thankful that John Has the gift of current prophecy. Some pastors hear Gods word as it relates to men but what good is hearing or knowing Gods will without preaching to man that he might benefit and have eternal life. This is why we are to go out and preach the good news not hidden under a
    cover but in light for a lost world to repent and be healed. I will pray to my Father in Heaven that His will will be done on this earth as in heaven..Truely if God is for you How can mans schemes prevail. Absolutely no difference when Paul encouraged Timothy to be fearless in his preaching.See 1 timothy 6:20. In James 3:13~18 Much better to suffer for doing what is right or righteous than for doing evil. Is being silent evil in Gods eyes? I believe that The Bible is very clear That sin is sin even in omission. May God give you His Spirit to be bold in all times especially when it is hard. Thank you

    1. We are praying for you Dr. MacArthur. Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 “I will build My church and the gates of hades will not overpower it.” Pastor Simon Garcia!

    2. Pastor Simon Garcia says:
      We are praying for you Dr. MacArthur.
      Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 “I will build My church and the gates of Hades will not overpower it “

    3. Does anyone see the irony that a woman was his lawyer? (See John MacArthur/ Beth Moore controversy) The Lord works in mysterious ways.

  3. Realize, JM’s ability to preach the Gospel is in no way being hindered by the civil authorities. They are simply taking what they consider to be prudent measures to limit the spread of a perceived deadly virus—a virus we know very little about. This is in keeping with the government’s God-ordained function of doing good and restraining evil (Romans 13). It is not the place of JM to independently pass judgement on current events and attempt to take matters into his own hands. This is insubordination and contrary to God’s Word, not to mention it sets a poor example. 1 Peter 2:13, “Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good.”

    Nowhere in Scripture are believers commanded to assemble in a perceived global pandemic. There is no command of God being violated by the governor of California.

    Recognize JM’s actions are in defiance of God and the Lord warns of the consequences for this. It should not be mistaken for persecution.

  4. Well being a person who thinks that hurd immunity is the best way to combat this and of course our faith in the Lord. I believe there are many factors here that are relevant. First of all God is my sustainer, and he knows what’s going on, he’s not just sitting around thinking oh my gosh what do I do now. The Bible talks about obeying the governing authorities. Unless of course they are ordering us not to worship the Lord read the Bible or anything else pertaining to our belief. And of course I believe this is not an opportunity to stop paying tithes and supporting your church. There are many online worshipers and or believers who have their place in heaven too. It’s obvious that the rights of many people are being withheld due to this pandemic, I believe that through prayer and faith hope and love that God will extinguish this problem and then we can have joy in what the Lord has done. My faith and belief has not dwindled away because of this pandemic actually it has drawn me closer to the word of God and to the understanding of the way the Bible is teaching me about the last days.Remember it’s already written in the word who wins, we’re not fighting for victory here it’s already been established, I don’t think getting caught up in a victory against the governing authorities is proper even though they are very oppressive.

  5. I think God says it all, the woman at the well, let’s look at what it says the woman asked Jesus where we want to worship the Lord. Jesus answer in John chapter 4 verse 23 but the hours coming and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and truth for the father is seeking such to worship him. We are not identified by any location i.e. building we are identified by what we believe in our heart. I believe that a lot of churches are struggling financially and I don’t think that this is an opportunity to not pay your tithes to your church. And also I don’t believe that the church should be dependent on having to bring somebody through the doors to make ends meet and I don’t think that we are the exception, Just because the protesters get away with it doesn’t mean we should we already know that our political aspect of our country is corrupt, so not let’s not corrupt our church and payback evil for evil.

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