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All Eyes on California in Religious Liberty Battle

Churches make clear they will not be intimidated by Leftist Tyrants. Stand for Liberty.

Leftist tyrants in Los Angeles County and Ventura County crackdown on religious worship services with threats of fines and arrests. What will happen today to Pastor John MacArthur at Grace Community Church and Pastor Rob McCoy at Godspeak Calvary Chapel?

We must wait to see. Los Angeles County threatened MacArthur and Grace Community Church with $1,000 per day fines and possible arrest. MacArthur retained legal counsel from the Thomas More Society. He and his church are girded for battle.

However, this is not the only case of overreach in California. Leftist leaders in California allowed protests and even riots to unfold. One report at the end of May declared: “Riots, looting descend on California’s streets in second night of George Floyd protests.”

But, California says no to church.

Worship of the one, true God is prohibited.

Caesar is Lord, the secularists declare in the People’s Republic of California.

Pay attention to what happens in Ventura County with Godspeak Calvary Chapel. Pastor Rob McCoy’s church was handed an injunction to prevent meeting of the church. The county won an emergency temporary restraining order against the church holding services. The order was handed down Friday against the church.

However, Pastor McCoy and Godspeak plan to hold services as usual. Pastor McCoy was defiant in a video posted to YouTube.

“We’re planning on having services at a 9 at 11 and 1. We’re going to keep worshiping God,” McCoy said.

The Daily Wire has some background on the personalities involved in the Godspeak Calvary Chapel case. According to the report, “McCoy was serving as a city council member, but stepped down on April 4 after Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom stated churches were ‘nonessential.’ On April 5, McCoy hosted socially distanced Communion for 10 people at a time; the church soon started to livestream their services. After the massive protests following the death of George Floyd, the church resumed normal services inside the church.”  

Notice this important point: the church complied until it noticed the absolute hypocrisy of California leaders. These Leftists favor their own political friends rioting in the streets. They wage war with the machinery of the state against Bible-believing Christians.

This is one of the most cynical moves since Caligula made his horse a counsel. Caligula wanted to insult Roman senators and the cynical move accomplished his aim.

The cynical move by California is telling conservatives they are second class citizens.

However, McCoy pledges this must stop.

“This community releases criminals and then arrests pastors and congregants? When’s it going to stop and how far are they allowed to go? Because as of today it’s over. It stops right here,” McCoy said.

You can watch all of McCoy’s statement to his church:

3 thoughts on “All Eyes on California in Religious Liberty Battle”

  1. Your comment’s of being a 1,500 member church should be broken down . Jehovahs Witnesses are all on Zoom. To be a large congragation and you in charge. It makes me wonder what you earn per year. You could protect your congragation. Then I watch your video and you make sure you say that we are in the news all the way to the White House. It makes me wonder if your ego is all ready going against Gods will. That man who is president now, defies Gods will. You are living the White House Dream… Are you a millionaire? Jesus was not…. Nor his disciples………. I will be watching you very closely. The virus is very much real………

    1. Dave,
      Are you a fellow Christian? Have you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and surrender your life to Him?

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