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UPDATE: LA County files appeal against John MacArthur

Jenna Ellis: LA using ‘scare tactic’ to try for a quick stay order to prevent church worship

Leftists Tyrants in Los Angeles County continue to persecute Christians. In a desperate move following its failure to gain a restraining order against John MacArthur and Grace Community Church, LA County filed an appeal. And LA County is pushing scare tactics to close churches, according to an attorney on the church’s legal team.

Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for Grace Community Church and John MacArthur said, “NEW: After win for @GraceComChurch, LA County rushed to file an appeal, making several false claims: Claims this allows ALL churches to open indoors. Claims without evidence thousands WILL BE exposed to Covid-19. This is a scare tactic to push Court into quick stay order.”

It is unclear how soon judges might act on the appeal. (We asked for clarification on this point and will update the story if we receive a response.)

Other churches in Los Angeles County face uncertainty as services begin this weekend around California. One church was told that its services could be interrupted Saturday evening.

According to Pastor Shane Idelman, “We were told that we cannot sing, even if we are six feet apart, but that they would consider allowing singing if we double our social distance and wear masks the entire service. We’re not sure what will happen on Saturday (will they attempt to shut us down midway through like they suggested?), but you can watch the live feed here Saturday at 7 pm PST to see what happens.”

Falkirk Center, Thomas More Society fighting religious liberty battle as ERLC is silent

The work of the Thomas More Society lawyers and the Falkirk Center gained praise from conservative Christians.

Franklin Graham expressed his thanks. He said, “I’m thankful for Pastor @JohnMacArthur’s stand and for Thomas More Society Attorney @JennaEllisEsq who is helping the church in this legal battle. The First Amendment ensures the rights & freedoms of people of faith are protected. I hope this sends a message to those who would like nothing better than to keep churches shut down or limited. This is another example of why who we vote into positions of leadership in the upcoming elections is so important and impacts all aspects of our lives.”

Michael Miller observed: “Just an observation, but @falkirk_center is standing up for religious liberties more than @ERLC. So maybe we should redirect some of those funds to them instead since they actually seem to get it.” To which, Jenna Ellis responded: “Totally agree. We’ll continue to stand up for religious liberty and truth.”

The ERLC’s action so far in defending the religious liberty of churches being attacked by Leftist Tyrants was a meeting with the Mayor of Los Angeles. This failed mission was aptly compared to Neville Chamberlain’s failed return from Munich. The ERLC appeared to be promoting a modern version of appeasement—urging churches to partner with these Leftist Tyrants.

The feckless ERLC leadership is exposed in this present crisis.

Stop sending them money.

And if the Southern Baptist Convention refuses to hold the ERLC accountable, then it is time to direct any money sent to the SBC to other, more God-honoring ministries.

It is time to admit the truth: too many of the SBC’s Elite leaders like Russell Moore at ERLC and Kevin Ezell at the North American Mission Board (NAMB) are failures. Moore has failed in the political mission as surely. Moore is a divisive figure. He must go. Ezell is a failure at NAMB and is a proven liar.

This is why saving the Southern Baptist Convention from its Leftward Drift begins by replacing these failures and divisive figures leading the SBC.

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  1. Yes these Godless magistrates are trying to shut down the churches because they can’t stand the name Jesus Christ. They’re all going against the Constitution.

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