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Southern Baptist US Senator Attacks Columbus Day

Thanks to Tucker Carlson I found out that a sitting Republican United States Senator capitulated to the Woke Mob destroying our nation’s history. Southern Baptist James Lankford, a senator representing Oklahoma, introduced a bill to replace Columbus Day with a new national holiday.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s excellent commentary in the above video.

Sen. Lankford wants to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth. In other words, he is giving in to the demands of a Woke Mob tearing down our nation’s history.

Juneteenth sounds like a great holiday. Ben Shapiro talked about it on his podcast today. One could make an exceptionally good case for adding it to the holiday calendar.

However, the move to replace Columbus Day is a scandal. It shows how weak these so-called Conservatives are.

The Left views Columbus as a villain. This is how they view all the great achievements of Western Civilization. In fact, they hate when anyone talks about Western Civilization.

And now Lankford surrenders to the Woke Mob faster than the cheese-eating surrender monkeys of France surrender to the Germans.

With Lankford it should come as no shock. He strongly supports known Leftist Russell Moore.

“Dr. Russell Moore does a good job of leading the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission [ERLC] in speaking out on the moral issues of the day in the public square,” Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., a Southern Baptist said.

Sen. Lankford, what good work was it that Russell Moore did in 2016?

Moore insulted conservative Donald Trump voters during the 2016 election.

And if that were not enough, Dr. Moore attempted to split the conservative vote—in a move that if it had worked would have elected Hillary Clinton. Moore was so divisive it prompted Mike Huckabee to ask how long Southern Baptists would pay Russell Moore to insult us?

Apparently, this is not the first time Sen. Lankford disappointed conservatives.

Former Professor Robert Lopez said this was not the first letdown from expecting Sen. Lankford to behave like a real Conservative.

Lopez said, “Color me surprised! I remember being on the phone with his office and how they said they wouldn’t get involved in Christian profs getting fired from liberal colleges. They would only get involved with a high school football coach told not to pray before games. #bigletdown.”

So, Sen. Lankford is a huge disappointment.

He is betraying our nation’s history.

He defended feckless ERLC head Russell Moore.

Southern Baptists should be ashamed of this US Senator.

So should the conservative people of Oklahoma.

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