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SBC attempts replacing a Conservative with pastor who praises Barack Obama, Beth Moore

J.D. Greear’s Committee on Nominations fires conservative Executive Committee member. Replacement praises Barack Obama, Beth Moore and ERLC head Russell Moore.

Executive Committee nominee claims we should not doubt pro-abortion fanatic Barack Obama’s ‘knowledge of the Bible and of the Spirit who authored it.’

Precedent shows conservatives have a chance to reverse at the Annual Meeting.

In a breach of Southern Baptist Convention protocol, J.D. Greear’s SBC Nominations Committee refused to re-nominate Dr. Tom Tucker of South Carolina. Dr. Tucker is the current Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee and was willing and eligible to serve another term. In Dr. Tucker’s position, Greear’s handpicked committee nominated a pastor who praises Barack Obama and Beth Moore.

The nominating committee was made aware that Dr. Tucker was available for another term; however, the committee decided to force a replacement on the Southern Baptist Convention, according to multiple sources close to the SBC Executive Committee.

This is a violation of precedent.

The last time such a move was attempted by a nominating committee was in 2018, when the committee attempted to replace Dan Anderson with someone willing to hold Russell Moore and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) accountable.

Of course, Russell Moore fanboys (like the progressives at SBC Voices) raised a ruckus at the violation of precedent.

The Convention, by a large majority, overrode the 2018 Nominations Committee and reelected Anderson to a second term during the Annual Meeting.

Will that happen in 2021?

The Vice-Chairman position is typically the stepping-stone to the chairmanship. A sort of chairman-elect position in the usual SBC Executive Committee rotation. This is similar to other organizations—such as a local Rotary Club. For example, this year’s EC Chairman Rolland Slade served two years as Vice-Chair before his elevation.

Tucker was eligible by rule for a second full term on the Executive Committee. Dr. Tucker was first elected to a partial term in 2014, “replacing Edward J. (Eddie) Dease, Covington, La., who resigned,” according to this article from Baptist Press prior to the 2014 Annual Meeting.

The controlling Southern Baptist rule is from the SBC Constitution, “No trustee of a board, institution, or commission, or a member of the Executive Committee shall be eligible to serve for more than two consecutive terms. A trustee or member of the Executive Committee who has served more than half a term shall be considered to have served a full term.”

That Dr. Tucker is eligible for another term is proven by the Nominating Committee’s report.

In 2014 Baptist Press reported, “Nominated for term to expire in 2016 are Charles (Glynn) Rhinehart, layperson and member of First Baptist Church, Youngsville, La., replacing Edward J. (Eddie) Dease, Covington, La., who resigned.”

Now the nominating committee’s report says Rhinehart was eligible for another term but declined nomination. According to this year’s BP article, “Carolyn J. Fountain, layperson and member of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, replacing Charles (Glynn) Rhinehart, Youngsville, La., who declined to serve a second term.”

Thus, Rhinehart (declared eligible by the Nomination Committee’s report) is on the same cycle as Dr. Tucker. Yet, no reason for replacing Dr. Tucker was given.

This is a huge warning sign that J.D. Greear’s Committee on Nominations is up to no good.

What is it about Dr. Tucker that would lead to what amounts to “firing him” (if we adopt the SBC Voices rhetoric from 2018)?

Dr. Tucker is on the Steering Council of the Conservative Baptist Network.

Remember, SBC Elites and their enablers were quick to attack the Conservative Baptist Network. In a speech to the Executive Committee, J. D. Greear alleged the Conservative Baptist Network were liars attempting to deceive the SBC.

And to show just how intentional the move was to harm conservatives this cycle, radical anti-CBN and Woke Dean Inserra was nominated to the Executive Committee from Florida. Inserra tweeted the CBN were a bunch of “butt hurt” Paige Patterson and Donald Trump fans. And for such, the SBC Elites reward him with a seat on the Executive Committee.

These moves by J.D. Greear’s Committee on Nominations is as cynical as Caligula naming his horse a consul.  

But the proof gets even better when we look at the Twitter history of David Sons, the committee’s replacement for the Conservative Dr. Tucker. Sons twitter history includes praise for lifelong Democrat Russell Moore, former Democratic President Barack Obama and women preacher Beth Moore.

Here are a few samples of his tweets for your review.

David Sons tweeted, “The ease with which @BarackObama interweaves passages of Scripture into his eulogy for @repjohnlewis speaks to his familiarity with the text. Disagree with him politically if you like, but it is hard to doubt his knowledge of the Bible and of the Spirit who authored it.”

In another tweet, he endorsed rabid Never Trumper Russell Moore’s view on the election.

So, about that Leftward Drift…

6 thoughts on “SBC attempts replacing a Conservative with pastor who praises Barack Obama, Beth Moore”

  1. And every one of them are complicit in the EXTORTION of Christians everywhere to fund abortion, support a sinful abomination, submit to the indoctrination of their children, and put the government in God’s place, in order to put food on the table and roof over their heads.

    I can’t imagine God being very pleased with what these apostates are doing to His people.

    They’d better be reminding themselves exactly who God says He will hold responsible. And in particular read what Jesus says about those who cause little ones to stumble.

  2. How they could justify and align with politicians that are actively extorting and forcing Christians to go against God’s Word, is beyond me. And it’s a part of their platform, for crying out loud. The progressives/marxists are doing exactly what they told you they would do. It’s not like you voted for one thing and got something else. No, you voted for it.

  3. I got to watch one denomination devolve into abject degradation and shame. I hope the Baptists don’t do that. If the forces of light can’t take the convention, they should just vote to dissolve it. One clean cut is better than watching the slow cancer chew away at it for thirty or forty or fifty years. Monumental amounts of wasted money and energy all end up in the service of the dark forces once they take control; also the years of disappointment, divisiveness, and sadness of watching families, friends, and congregations turn on each other and fall away into hatred and factions. I don’t know if the orthodox Baptists have the wherewithal to draw the line in the sand, to say ‘this far and no further.’ None of the other denominations’ leaders did. You see how ‘dialogue” ‘discussion’ ‘compromise’ ‘forward together’ and ‘bipartisan’ worked out. The orthodox are eventually purged, that’s how. Every. Single. Time. Through slow death by a thousand cuts. (And they’ll eventually take all your real estate. You think they can’t, don’t you? You think your property is safe, don’t you? You think having your name on a deed, or congregational ownership of the property for over a hundred years, or a fully paid-off building will stop the court from giving it to someone else, don’t you?)

    No church will teach doctrine anymore. Why? It’s the darndest thing. There’s a reason young evangelicals do marginally in Pew polls and such. They don’t know much doctrine. They’re fine with gay marriage, Jesus might have sinned, etc. I can’t remember the last time I heard anything in church about the doctrines of the Trinity, sin, hell, creation and the fall, really anything. How do people sit in Baptist Sunday schools for decades and cannot cite a verse supporting substitutionary atonement? The incarnation and trinitarianism? When I told a friend there was no significant difference between what I heard from the Episcopalian pulpit and Baptist Sunday school, she just stared at me like I was crazy. But it’s the same thing in both places. Lessons are either how to cope with your stressful life (pray, have faith, come to church), or the ‘good news’ that God loves everyone all the time and so should we. I’ve decided every church is getting its education material from the same source. My SBC church teaches the same thing as my old mainline church, and they’ll get the same result I fear. (They held out longer than evangelicals will because they have the Nicene, Apostles, and Athanasian creeds; weekly recitations of one or more teach at least rudimentary doctrines of trinitarianism, incarnation, and atonement to their congregations.) I’ll stop with the gloom and doom now, it would make me very happy to be wrong about this. I’d love to see Baptists standing firm against the diabolical mob.

  4. David Sons tweeted, “The ease with which @BarackObama interweaves passages of Scripture into his eulogy for @repjohnlewis speaks to his familiarity with the text. Disagree with him politically if you like, but it is hard to doubt his knowledge of the Bible and of the Spirit who authored it.”

    What is Sons talking about? I’ve just watched the entire Obama eulogy. It is a political/civil rights speech that appropriates gospel language without any actual gospel content whatsoever. Frankly, I don’t find it hard to doubt David Sons.

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