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BOMBSHELL: Fired Professor’s Family Breaks Their Silence about Mohler and SBTS

The son of fired conservative professor Dr. Russell Fuller confirmed his father was fired for standing against the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). David Fuller said his father Dr. Russell Fuller was fired by Albert Mohler’s righthand man, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) Provost Matthew Hall. He made the startling confirmations in a Facebook post.

David Fuller warned there is a serious problem of radical leftist thinking at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He wrote of his father, “He (Dr. Fuller) is unafraid to take a stand for orthodoxy even if it means losing his job. He condemned publicly the wicked social justice movement that now rages among the faculty and leaders of Southern Seminary.”

And he didn’t stop there. He called the firing unjust and detailed Dr. Fuller’s academic credentials.

Also, David Fuller pointed out Dr. Fuller signed the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel.

“You can see evidence of the stand he (Dr. Fuller) took by his name being the only one from Southern Seminary affixed to the Dallas statement,” David Fuller said.

He also highlighted who fired his father.

David Fuller said, “And in a final twist of irony, he was fired by the man he opposed so forcefully from being promoted to provost for his radically liberal views, the self-avowed racist, Matt Hall.”

Hall is a self-avowed racist. He incredibly claimed on video, “I’m a racist… I’ll struggle with racism and white supremacy till the day I die.”

American Family Radio’s One News Now declared Hall’s statement to be “Peak Wokeness.”

According to Apologist Dr. Alex McFarland, “Hall was engaged in self-flagellation that plays into the hands of the far-left social justice movement. McFarland ties Hall’s bizarre confession to the controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT), which suggests that racism is imbedded in every facet of society and must be recognized by — and admitted to — by white people.”

Hall’s dangerous thinking on matters of race prompted Al Mohler to scrub an article by Hall from the Southern website.

In the scrubbed article Hall said, “Perhaps the best thing you can do to start is to take a humble posture, recognizing that you have a racialized worldview of which you are likely unaware. Your beliefs, attitudes, and values have been formed in ways deeply informed by whiteness,” Hall wrote when dean of Boyce College of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Since Mohler admitted ordering the deletion of Hall’s article, then we know Mohler was aware of Hall’s dangerous and even radical views on race.

Why was Hall firing anyone? Shouldn’t Hall be the one fired for promoting Racial Identity Politics—something Al Mohler himself denounced?

“The main consequence of critical race theory and intersectionality is identity politics, and identity politics can only rightly be described, as antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Mohler said. “We have to see identity politics as disastrous for the culture and nothing less than devastating for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Instead of firing someone promoting this evil philosophy, Mohler and his seminary fired a man who wrote the textbook for Biblical Hebrew.

David Fuller said of his father, “He (Dr. Russell Fuller) literally wrote the book on how to learn Biblical Hebrew. It is such a fantastic work that he got an award from Hebrew Union College and they now use his book to teach their students Biblical Hebrew.”

Lest you think this is only the opinion of a son, Tim Dukeman who attended seminary at Southern tweeted, “Something you might not know because you didn’t go to SBTS: Fuller WROTE the textbook that most of the Hebrew profs use. He’s way more qualified than everyone they kept, other than Gentry. This is absolutely a political move. Mohler is purging conservatives.”

Confirming the view that there are systemic problems at SBTS is Dr. Craig Mitchell. Mitchell is a former ERLC Scholar and ethicist. He named names of problems professors at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Mitchell said, “Walter Strickland teaches Critical Race Theory, and you look at black theology and some of the things he has said. Frankly, I am surprised he is still on the [Southeastern] faculty,” Mitchell remarked. “From Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, you have Curtis Woods [chairman of the 2019 SBC Resolutions Committee] and you have Jarvis Williams. Jarvis Williams is a New Testament professor. From all accounts Jarvis in his courses doesn’t really teach New Testament, he just teaches Critical Race Theory. You have Kevin Jones,” he added. “Kevin is also at Southern.”

All these men still have jobs. However, Dr. Russell Fuller was terminated by Albert Mohler’s Southern Seminary.

It speaks volumes about the priorities and leadership of the SBTS.

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