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CRISIS: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary training Social Justice Warriors

Former SBTS Professor: ‘Many of the students coming out of Boyce College now are Social Justice Warriors’

Former SBTS Professor: CRT Advocate Matthew Hall is like Al Mohler’s ‘son in the faith’

A new video interview of Dr. Russell Fuller from The Proverbial Life is available and it brings some important and new information about Dr. Mohler’s relationship with infamous Critical Race Theory advocate Dr. Matthew Hall and the damage CRT has done to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS).

“Many of the students coming out of Boyce College now are Social Justice Warriors,” Dr. Fuller said.

This dangerous development is caused by the leadership of the Seminary. Dr. Albert Mohler’s staffing choices elevated many dangerous individuals—none more dangerous than Provost Matthew Hall.

As you may know, Dr. Hall claims to be a “racist” and dealing with feelings of “racism and white supremacy” until he “gets his glorified body.”

“If you look at his videos online, what he teaches is textbook Critical Race Theory,” Dr. Fuller said of Matthew Hall.

Yet, Dr. Albert Mohler wanted to promote Dr. Hall to Associate Professor and Provost of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS).

“He was a person very close to Dr. Mohler,” Dr. Fuller said. Fuller made public his opposition to Dr. Hall’s promotion despite the career consequences. “Going after Matthew Hall is like going after his son in the faith.”

Fuller attributes this decision to stand up for Orthodox Christianity from the thread of the Social Justice Gospel Heresy as what ended his career at SBTS.

Fuller said something else in the video that is important.

Very important.

“If Matthew Hall was elected Provost of Southern Seminary, that tells you where Southern Seminary is now and where it is going to go in the future,” Dr. Fuller said. “It is a very troubling direction. Very toubling.”

Dr. Fuller explains in the video—which is embedded here and you should watch—that Dr. Hall spread Critical Race Theory in churches and in the seminary.

Dr. Mohler says one thing—that he opposes CRT and the Social Justice Gospel Heresy—and proceeds to always opposite by platforming and promoting these dangerous ideas.

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