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EXPLOSIVE: ERLC Leadership Council member endorses heretics

How bad are things in the Southern Baptist Convention? Bad. A member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics &Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) Leadership Council endorsed heretics.

Tom Buck exposed this problem. He said, “This is a good example why some in the SBC formed the @BaptistNetwork and don’t view the SBC at large to be conservative anymore. Member of @ERLC Council thinks we should listen and amplify some women who are false teachers. And there will be silence about this from SBC leaders.”

And who are those women teachers? Well, ERLC Leadership Council member Susan Codone recommends:

Rachael Denhollander

Beth Moore

Hosanna Wong

Aimee Byrd

Rachel Held Evans

Sarah Bessey

Ann Voskamp

Jen Hatmaker

Elyse Fitzgerald

Rachel Held Evans, Sarah Bessey and Jen Hatmaker have publicly endorsed homosexuality. They are, to put it mildly false teachers.


They are deceiving Christians into conforming to the spirit of the age.

Rachel Held Evans even defended voting for Hillary Clinton. She claimed it was the Pro-Life thing to do.

Hatmaker famously attacked Donald Trump, supported Hillary Clinton and endorsed gay marriage in an interview with RNS. Hatmaker said:

“From a civil rights and civil liberties side and from just a human being side, any two adults have the right to choose who they want to love. And they should be afforded the same legal protections as any of us. I would never wish anything less for my gay friends.

“From a spiritual perspective, since gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, our communities have plenty of gay couples who, just like the rest of us, need marriage support and parenting help and Christian community. They are either going to find those resources in the church or they are not.

“Not only are these our neighbors and friends, but they are brothers and sisters in Christ. They are adopted into the same family as the rest of us, and the church hasn’t treated the LGBT community like family. We have to do better.”

This is Russell Moore’s ERLC folks. It has a leadership council member promoting blatant error.


It likes hiring liberals.

That’s the only explanation for why these types of teachers earn the endorsement of an ERLC Leadership Council member.

If you are happy with the SBC status quo, then support Al Mohler as SBC President. If you want change, then prepare to vote for a real conservative in Orlando.

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  1. Well, the SBC is run by Calvinists now, so why is anyone surprised that one form of heresy endorses all others?

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