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Dr. Jeffress: Pride keeps Beth Moore, Never Trumpers from supporting President

Dr. Robert Jeffress blasted Ivory Tower Evangelical Elites for their disconnect with average Christians. Also, Jeffress attacked the pride of many Never Trump evangelicals like Beth Moore. Jeffress made the comments on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Thursday, January 2, 2020. Jeffress, as always, was blunt.

“It is these Ivory Tower Elites who just don’t get it,” Jeffress said. “There is a disconnect between elite and the average person in the pew…They have no idea what the average person in the pew is thinking. And that is dangerous.”

Starnes asked Jeffress about Never Trumpers like “a couple of professors at Oklahoma Baptist University” who have been bashing President Trump and Trump supporters and Beth Moore.

“These people are losing credibility,” Jeffress said. “A very obvious reason they are against Trump is that they were wrong about Trump and their pride won’t let them admit that. We all knew we weren’t voting for a saint when we voted for President Trump. We were voting for a strong leader. That is what our country needed. That is what our country continues to need.”

Jeffress appeared on Starnes show promoting the Evangelicals for Trump campaign event. Jeffress said evangelical support for the president is growing.

The Evangelical event is the first campaign rally of 2020 for the Donald Trump re-election campaign. “Some of this is a response to the dustup a couple of weeks ago when Christianity Today came out and called for the removal of President Trump from office. The fact is the liberals were just salivating over that Op-Ed hoping that it signaled some kind of distancing and division among Evangelicals over Trump. Well, I think this rally is to say that is not the case.”

Evangelical support is growing for Donald Trump despite Never Trump Elitists

“There has always been a small but noisy group of Never Trumpers among Evangelicals, but President Trump’s support among Evangelicals is strong and I’d argue stronger than it has ever been. That’s what this rally is going to demonstrate.”

Jeffress said about 19% of Evangelicals were Never Trumpers at the last election, but “that number is smaller today” after the good things President Trump has done for Evangelical voters.

“Three years later, four years later they are saying not only did he meet, but he exceeded every promise he made,” Jeffress said. He cited the gains of the Pro-Life Movement and respect for Israel as examples of these wins for Evangelicals. “I think the number of Never Trumpers is shrinking day by day.”

Starnes asked Jeffress, who is pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas Texas, about the Southern Baptist support of President Trump. Jeffress said it is strong and growing.

“That number has even increased exponentially since 2016.” Jeffress said.

Jeffress said now is an important time for Christians to be involved in politics—a time when the Democratic Party has embraced true evil.

“How can you justify sit on the sidelines right now when you have every single Democratic candidate supporting unrestricted abortion—abortion for any reason at any time including and up to the time the child leaves the birth canal of the mother,” Jeffress said. “That is not only wrong. It is barbaric and evil.”

8 thoughts on “Dr. Jeffress: Pride keeps Beth Moore, Never Trumpers from supporting President”

  1. Robert Jeffress is not always blunt. He is often nuanced at best and guilty of double-speak at worst. He used to (rightly) condemn Roman Catholicism as being antithetical to the Gospel. Not now! He has praised Pope Francis and the RCC. Ask Robert Jeffres about Word-Faith heretic and prosperity gospel preacher Paula White. She is a manifestly obvious false teacher but Jeffress endorses her. Does he not know she is a heretic? Of course he does. He endorses her because of the connection with Trump. Look, I’m no “Never-Trumper.” I voted for him in 2016 and will vote for him again. I did not vote for a pastor, I voted for a president. But Jeffress is letting political expediency compromise biblical theology and that is wrong. Trump is not a Christian. Roman Catholicism is a cult and Paula White is a wolf.

    1. I agree, Mr. Peters, President Trump is no Christian – far from it, in fact.

      Yet, his sympathy for us and our cause is a welcome respite from all those ‘Christian leaders’ who have been supposedly leading our cause in recent decades.

    2. Gleimhart Mantooso

      Jeffress is also an Israel-firster. The heresy of “Christian” Zionism is a large part of what has brought Christianity to its current state of apostasy.

  2. ‘“There is a disconnect between elite and the average person in the pew…’

    Yes, money, influence, and prestige, is being funnelled behind closed doors to the first party, and not the second, in order that the second party is fomented to advocate for it’s own servitude and destruction.

  3. Justin,

    You mean to say you don’t believe that the president is a Christian because you don’t have the ability to know such a thing so absolutely. Having been a believer for 4x decades, I’ve seen born again Christians say and do things that would make the what people consider the President’s sins and character flaw, pale, in comparison and I might be right there with them.

    For example I’ve even seen well respected and what many would consider a Godly pastor and Seminary president give sweetheart financial deals to his son from the seminary, for example, to enrich him but President Trump, on the other hand, made his children learn real business and earn their way legitimately. So when we start comparing sins in order to determine who is saved and who is not we are on a Fool’s errand.

    All that said, the article itself cuts to the Chase and identifies the real problem in this issue, pride. Evangelical-elitists and otherAnti-Trumpers would like to tell you it is a far more sophisticated construct and their mind as to why they oppose Donald Trump but their own history belies such a claim seeing that they have supported many compromised men to one degree or another and that all of their expressed concerns about Donald Trump have simply not come to fruition. They have nothing left but moral grandstanding.

    1. Donald Trump has done a lot for the country. I thoughts he has been a good president. I will vote or him 2020. Is he a Christian. I don’t know. I believe there is only one who truly knows and that is the Lord. I was not an Obama fan, but at one time he was the president, therefore I prayed for him. The issues he stood for and some where sinful, i detested. We all need to pray for our country and the leaders. Preachers we have better news than to talk about a president. We need to share the good news about our King. How he brought us, ( Christians) out of bondage from sin. He gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed and to purify for Himself a people for His on possession, zealous for good deeds. Stay with the Word of God, the Bible. Don’t try to make it fit the culture. Encourage the culture to submit to it

    2. What is the purpose of perfidy other than perniciousness. Many believed Jimmy Carter and Al Gore to be good Southern Baptist at the time they ran for office. Carter has done more harm in the middle east by his allowing the current regime in Iran to flourish than anyone in history. All Gore the ultimate worshipper of the creation rather than the creator, and responsible for many of our young being lost to Gaia worship. Did they mean to cause harm from the beginning? Both left the southern Baptist for being to conservative. Both put Israel’s enemies ahead of them. We need to look at what people do rather than say. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Is President Trump fooling us by being for religious freedom pro second amendment, and backing Israel? Until he does something pernicious fool me.

  4. Gleimhart Mantooso

    Liberal “Christians” gave evangelicals their marching orders not to vote for Trump, and evangelicals told them to take a hike by voting for Trump anyway. That is the basis for Trump Derangement Syndrome. Those of an authoritarian nature have no mechanism for dealing with the painful fact that they have no sway. They suffer from an obnoxious sense of superiority and entitlement. May their tears greatly increase in 2020.

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