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Jeffress: Political Correctness keeping some pastors silent on riots

Starnes: SBC’s Statement sounds ‘Far-Left’

Southern Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress said that rioters destroying property are lawless and that God condemns lawlessness. However, political correctness is keeping many pastors from speaking this important truth. The muzzle of political correctness was how Dr. Jeffress talked about the Southern Baptist Convention’s recent Statement on the Death of George Floyd. Jeffress made the comments on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Monday afternoon.

During the discussion on the state of America, Starnes mentioned the SBC’s Statement on Death of George Floyd.

“I have not kept in close contact with what is happening in the Southern Baptist Convention,” Jeffress said with a chuckle. This is not surprising as Jeffress has previously stated his church refuses to fund Russell Moore’s ERLC and that most church members today are post-denominational and do not care what is happening in the SBC.

Starnes summarized the statement’s assertions as “Something that sounds like it would be coming from a far-Left denomination.” Starnes went on to point out the glaring problem with the SBC’s statement—not one word about the people who are literally burning down American cities right now.”

As we pointed out this weekend, the statement fails to mention the riots and focuses instead on the talking points of Racial Identity Politics.

Jeffress reacted to the statement by pointing out that many evangelical pastors are muzzled by political correctness.

 “I think they have just been muzzled, shackled by political correctness,” Jeffress said.

Jeffress urged pastors to speak clearly about the issues and tell the truth to the people.

“I think we’ve got to say strongly is that what happened to this man George Floyd was absolutely despicable,” Jeffress said. He also pointed out that while there are bad police officers, these are a tiny minority in law enforcement.

Another important point during this crisis is that rioting is sinful.

Robert Jeffress said, “God hates lawlessness. 1 John 3:4 says, ‘Sin is lawlessness.’”

Jeffress’ First Baptist Church of Dallas was damaged during the riots in Dallas. However, he said the church’s plans to reopen following the Pandemic were proceeding on schedule despite the damage.

Jeffress urged Christians to pray. He said, “The most patriotic thing Christians can do for the country they love is to pray for the country they love.”

18 thoughts on “Jeffress: Political Correctness keeping some pastors silent on riots”

  1. As a proud graduate of the same seminary as Dr. Jeffress, let me say that he is an embarrassment and the current students and faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary have mostly turned on him. This is ridiculous. And Todd you should be embarrassed as well. Do you think your Trump support is going to end well?

    Jon Webster
    ThM 2014
    Dallas Theological Seminary

    1. The ones that should be embarrassed are those that have bought into the marxist ideology of critical race theory. The SBC elites have caved into the culture. They don’t care about the facts. No one knows the race issue better than Thomas Sowell and of course the leftists never quote him. Sowell a non-Christian would disagree strongly with the SBC left. People should read “Discrimination and Disparities” by Sowell: – and here is more info:
      Of course facts get in the way of the narrative being pushed and people suffer. Sad.

    2. Burning down your city because there was a bad cop in another state who is already charged and arrested for ehat he did…its retarded for sure. So you are retarded.

    3. This is a shameful comment indeed. Emphasis on “proud” student. Woe unto you when all men speak well of you! Are you not willing to bear the reproach of the gospel? Dr. Jeffress fearlessly preaches the Word without compromise. Sin brings compromise. Your apostasy speaks through loud and clear.

  2. Jesus and the true Church waits for Jeffress and Trump supports who claim to be Christ followers to chastise Trump for his words and actions that in no way reflect the mind and heart of Christ. Until then, he is a whitewashed sepulcher.

    1. The name of the bad cop in one city wqs not Trump. And it didn’t happen here. It doesn’t matter where “hee” even is. It didn’t happen there because it only happened in one city. But savage animals want to burn the whole country down over what happened in one place…to prove that they are civilized and should not be profiled. Sorry but they just proved the opposite. You can take the monkey out of the jungle but not the jundgle out of the monkey.

  3. Jehovah God do not like people that are hypocrite ( Trump/Dr. Crackpot) I don’t believe in wishing any of
    God creation that any bad thing should befall them, but people like Trump will punish very dearly especially using the Holy Bible to impress so called fanatical Christian such as Robert Jeffress.Jimmy Swaggart and the list goes on. My personal experience in life I’ve seen people that was evil toward other suffered so much that I myself feel sorry for them. As I said before God has a way of dealing with each and every one of us.
    Galatians 6:7-10 What you reap is what you sow.


    1. So Hilary and Biden are not hypocrites? You’re going to hell for sure. Faith alone is false. Your politics determine your fate, not some Jew on a cross.

  4. If Jeffress wants to be on the right side of history when the tear gas clears, he needs to speak up and speak out more about police brutality and the injustices in this country. By not speaking out, he appears to be allowing “political correctness” to keep him in bondage. Are these other silent pastors afraid they’ll lose their congregants if they speak up and speak out for justice? I want to hear what these silent pastors have to say. Silence speaks volumes. Not acting IS acting. These pastors are usually outspoken. Is there hatred in their hearts and they’re afraid it might come out when they speak? Are they afraid of offending their white congregants by showing love and compassion toward their fellow man and woman who happen to be African American? I guess I’m not sure what the issue is that Jeffress is suggesting that pastors are struggling with right now. This is a PRO-LIFE issue. African-American men and women are being murdered by the police, and the Church — including Jeffress— should be out there marching as well. Christians can take a pro-life stance and march/rally in front of an abortion clinic, yet when it comes to police brutality marching/protesting is sin? Total hypocrisy. This is an opportunity for the Church to show our nation of skeptical young people that the Church is the SALT and LIGHT. We ARE the HANDS and FEET of Jesus. What would Jesus do? Jesus would be out there with the multitude walking beside them and feeling their pain — not berating them and standing on a soap box wagging His finger at them. Jeffress, the silent pastors, and their congregations should be joining these young people if they are truly followers of Jesus. It’s clear as black and white. Why can’t they see it?

    1. Thank you Glynn for your salient comments. It’s so unfortunate, and hurts the heart of our God when we suggest that He is only concerned about life inside the womb and not life outside of the womb. For Jesus said that He came to give life and life more abundantly. My ardent and urgent prayer is for our Evangelical brothers and sisters to rightfully frame the issue for what it is. That is sin. Blessings to you Glynn.

    2. Glynn,
      You don’t have to go back very far in First Baptist Dallas history to see what’s going on here. Support of segregation, support of slavery. Still, Dr. Jeffress should know better. He continues to follow the burning Trump ship all the way down. Incredible.

  5. Amazing! We have people in the SBC that are apostates?! We need to document all the Paid Professional Clergymen and Seminary Professors who subscribe to the Anti-Christ dogmas of the communist front groups like Antifa. Those people need to be removed from their positions and replaced with people who are loyal to our Lord Jesus Christ. Any pastor who does not speak to his church about the danger we are in also needs to be replaced. We need leaders who lead us in response to this current war on our foundational beliefs and values.

  6. This is a shameful comment indeed. Emphasis on “proud” student. Woe unto you when all men speak well of you! Are you not willing to bear the reproach of the gospel? Dr. Jeffress fearlessly preaches the Word without compromise. Sin brings compromise. Your apostasy speaks through loud and clear.

    1. Until evangelicals address Trump and his lawlessnes, they have lost their witness for Christ. This includes Jeffress and his congregation. Silence on this despicable racist, self-centered abuser of women speaks loudly to me. None of you who support him have credibility on any topic.

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