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The Woke Signal: Baptist Seminary professor admits it’s all about skin color

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor calls for Anglo males to step aside from leadership to promote diversity.

Woke Social Justice Seminary Professor blocks black male evangelical leader on Twitter.

Bad things are happening in Evangelical churches, and the seminaries are where it all starts. At Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), one professor excels at shining the Woke Signal. He took to Social Media Saturday to argue for more diversity in Southern Baptist life. Not a bad thing, but the method he advocated was absurd. Meet Malcom Yarnell. He signed the Traditional Statement on Soteriology. He’s now fully a Social Justice Warrior.  He thinks hiring in the Southern Baptist Convention should be about skin color.

Yarnell wrote, “What if, from now on, every Anglo male candidate for a SBC entity leader’s role were to refuse appointment—of course, only as their conscience leads—until a more diverse leadership, representative of our desire to reflect the redeemed gathered around God’s throne, were installed?”

Ok. Sure. Why doesn’t Yarnell go a step further? Why doesn’t he resign his position as a professor at Southwestern to make way for minorities? Why don’t Russell Moore or Daniel Akin step aside from their SBC roles? They want diversity? Then let their actions show they really mean it.

Oh wait, that’s not how elites operate.

They virtue signal.

One Southern Baptist responded on Twitter with outrage to Yarnell’s suggestion.

“Sir! I totally disagree with you! We serve as GOD calls us to serve and NOWHERE in the Word of God is your idea even referenced. It sounds as though you think man can know better where to place men. Your assertion is ungodly!!!”

What’s even more outrageous is the Virtue signaling Neo-Marxist Yarnell blocked a black evangelical leader who disagreed with him.

“Yarnell blocked me. Just like Beth Moore blocked me for calling her out for her impudent pandering to black people as if they were trophies to be collected and flaunted. You people really need to stop trying so hard to be woke. You’re only embarrassing yourselves.”

How’s that for diversity?

A white male professor blocks a black male evangelical leader on Twitter.

It would be comical were it not so perfectly demonstrative of the character of the Woke Social Justice crowd. They brook no dissent.

But it brings forward an important question: How can a church have diversity when its white professors block black men who disagree with them?

If Yarnell wants hiring to be about skin color, then he should check his privilege and listen to black voices.

Of course, Yarnell and his Social Justice cohorts have no intention of listening to any voice of dissent.

There is a crisis in the Southern Baptist Convention and its seminaries. Do you want men like Yarnell teaching the next generation of pastors? If not, then one must consider the future of the SBC and reject any candidate for SBC leadership put forward in Orlando 2020 who embraces the Social Justice agenda–that would include men like Al Mohler who have a history of platforming evil.

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