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Woke Baptist Press lies about David Allen

Pravda would be proud. Baptist Press, the official wire service of the Southern Baptist Convention, published fake news about conservative professor Dr. David Allen. Allen was fired by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) President Woke Adam Greenway; however, Woke Adam Greenway lied and said Allen retired. Faithfully, the liars at Baptist Press reproduced the statement despite all the evidence to the contrary.

According to Baptist Pravda, “A longtime professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has announced his resignation, according to a seminary statement. David Allen will make July 31 his last day on faculty.”

This statement is false on so many levels.

David Allen’s last day is July 31; however, Allen is not making it his last day. Greenway is making it Allen’s last day.

Further, Allen did not announce his resignation. The school forced him into retirement—or in other words SWBTS tyrant Adam Greenway fired David Allen for no reason other than Greenway did not hire Allen and does not trust people he does not hire.

How Christian of Greenway!

Greenway is leading the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leftward. Greenway is pushing to allow women to be called pastor in local Southern Baptist churches despite the longstanding prohibition against such among Southern Baptists.

Greenway is a known liar. Greenway’s Administration lied about Bobby Lopez. They left the false press release online even after a recording debunked it. They never apologized to Dr. Lopez.

Greenway lied about the film Enemies Within the Church.

Greenway lied about David Allen.

What does the Bible say about liars? See Revelation 21:8 for a reminder.

Of course, not only is Greenway a liar but so is Baptist Press. Baptist Press has lied many times. In fact, one of the most notorious lies was its attempt to defend the Evangelical Immigration Table from charges it was associated with George Soros. Baptist Press was so desperate to obfuscate the Evangelical Immigration Table’s link that it failed to notice its key source was an NIF employee who blogged for George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

And there are other lies coming out of Fake News Baptist Press.

Baptist Press also lied about Randy Adams in an attempt to undermine Adams’ campaign for SBC President.

This is what your church’s Cooperative Program is funding. Happy with it?

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