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Panicked Pastors & Pious Pew Dwellers: The Crisis in the Southern Baptist Convention

Southern Baptists Hate Donald Trump

The Gospel is for everyone including Orange Man Bad!

Remember when pastors were leaders? When the flock wanted to evangelize and have sinners walk into the church? Good times. However, today, when President Donald Trump walks into a church, snowflake “Christians” get hurt, and pastors legitimize this juvenile behavior. While this is a minor incident, it speaks of a major problem in the evangelical church and the Southern Baptist Convention: Weak Leadership.

Real Southern Baptist leaders aren’t always in the pulpits. Some are writers and broadcasters. Like Todd Starnes. Starnes has a way with words. He gets right to the heart of the matter to expose the problem. And that is what he did with the kerfuffle over David Platt’s prayer for President Donald Trump. Starnes has some advice for those “upset” Christians: pull the plank out of their eye.

Starnes wrote on his website, “So here’s some friendly advice to those Christians across America who seem to believe the president is beyond redemption: Before casting stones, the pious pew dwellers should consider pulling the plank out of their own eyes — lest they hit the wrong person.”

Todd Starnes said it best on Twitter, “Pious Pew Pansies: We don’t want our church house soiled by prayers for sinners.”

I guess the Gospel is for everyone but Donald Trump, because, you know, Orange Man Bad!

Those pious pew sitters who are triggered by seeing President Donald Trump are a problem. That’s true.

And the pulpits too.

We’ve got weak leaders in the pulpits. And that is why the church faces turmoil. They keep everything secret: sex scandals to salaries.

Gone are the days of men who would proclaim the Curse of Liberalism before the Southern Baptist Convention.

Men who thundered,

To my great sorrow, and yours, we have lost our nation to the liberal, and the secularist, and the humanist, which finally means to the atheist and the infidel.  America used to be known as a Christian nation.  It is no longer.  America is a secular nation.  Our forefathers who came on the Mayflower founded here a new republic, a new nation, and it was Christian.  Our Baptist forefathers founded a state, and it was Christian.  When I was a youth growing up, the name of God and the Christian faith was a part of the civic and national life of our people.  It is not anymore.

“By law and by legislation and by court decision, we bow at no altar and we call on the name of no God.  The forefathers who placed in our Constitution the First Amendment did so for the sole purpose of interdicting a state-established church.  But we have taken that First Amendment to read out of our national life, and out of our public life, the presence of Almighty God.”

What a contrast with today! The SBC ethics chief promotes communitarianism.

Today, our pusillanimous leaders justify snowflake complaints about praying for Donald Trump. They allow their parishioners to bewail the audacity of a sinful man walking into their sanctified building. Too many of our Baptist pastors today are cultural and secular appeasers instead of shepherds.

We’ve got leaders who justify voting for Hillary Clinton and the Party of Infanticide! And these men are pastors of Southern Baptist Churches! Pastors who will influence our Convention and are platformed within our so-called bible-believing denomination!

And yet the SBC insiders do nothing. In fact, they praise orthodoxy, while elevating men who vote for baby murdering politicians, praise Intersectionality and play race politics. Where are the leaders who will proclaim that Christians can’t vote for baby-killing Democrats?

The SBC leaders of today remind one of the UK’s leadership committed to appeasing dictators before World War II. It illustrates Winston Churchill’s observation on weak leadership in the UK’s government then: “So they go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.”

The reaction to praying for President Donald Trump by these pious pew sitters and panicked pastors in our pulpits means that we need more voices. We need more conservatives willing to stand up and speak truth to the sinful, unchristian impulses within our churches.

Will you do it? Will you partner with us to hold the Cultural Appeasers accountable? Join our mailing list. Like us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay informed. Get involved.

(Note: Our illustration is based off an image created by the excellent Babylon Bee. See original here.)

1 thought on “Panicked Pastors & Pious Pew Dwellers: The Crisis in the Southern Baptist Convention”

  1. The curses of the ten commandments is clearly recorded in the book of Devarim. “….. bring ….. all the diseases of Egypt, of which ….. afraid, and they shall cling …… Every sickness also and every affliction that is not recorded in the book of this law, the LORD will bring upon ….. destroyed.” (Deuteronomy 28:61-62)

    Oddly, where the states have openly raised the religious standard of ten commandments, they all have multiplied the tornado counts this year. The tornado that hit Jefferson City traveled long distance in a straight line went to the Capitol and stopped by the river. And there they just had the ten commandment monument restored last year after remodeling for last few years.

    Examples are the top ten states with the highest murder rate, highest opioid prescription rate, lowest life expectancy, the lowest per capita incomes many are Bible belt states that lift their ten commandments openly. About one third of their tornado last Monday thru Wednesday in Ohio happened in the counties where their courthouses are protected by a ten commandments monument.

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