Bear Bryant had something to say about playoffs

Tonight is a historic night for college football.  Finally, a true champion will be crowned.  The absolute best teams in college football will play for it all in Dallas.   Or maybe not.  Texas Christian University fans will probably tell you that, if their Horny Toads had been allowed in the mix, they might be the best team.  They did whup up on one of the better SEC teams in a major bowl game after all.

I don’t envision the College Football Playoffs staying at four teams for too long.   But it really won’t matter if the CFP is expanded to eight or 16 or 32.  Some team will always feel left out.   The Ohio State Tree Nuts and the Oregon Disney Copyright Infringers will play tonight for the title.

Either Donald Duck or Bucky Buckeye will go home happy.  But only one.   Texas Christian, Georgia Tech, and all of the SEC East football teams can sleep well tonight knowing they won the last game of the year, with visions of better things dancing in their heads for next year.

There is something to be said about going out on a good note.  That’s why the bowls are still important.

And here is what Coach Bryant had to say about playoffs and bowls