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24 hours later, 2014 ‘Bama season may be Saban’s best effort yet

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I wanted to win the championship. Heck, we all did. And until a string of boneheaded decisions, poor execution and an inspired Buckeye team took the game over just before halftime, it looked like we were on our way to another souvenir. The dilemma we Bama fans face every time we go to our t-shirt drawer is a problem literally no other college football fan has to consider.

But in retrospect, the job Nick Saban and company did in constructing the 2014 version of Alabama football may be their best Renoir painting in a gallery of “sips and strokes” canvases around the SEC. When you consider the challenges at hand, that Alabama was the #1 seed in the first ever College Football Playoff semifinal is nothing short of amazing.

“But Alabama has so much talent…” That’s an easy argument to debunk, so thank you for bringing it up. You’d be hard pressed find a program that loses more under underclassmen to the NFL…EVERY YEAR…than the Crimson Tide. And yet, somehow every season Alabama head coach Nick Saban puts together a beast that Bama’s opponents have to play a near perfect game to beat.

Admittedly, these have been fun too…with more sure to come.

Do you think Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix and/or Vinnie Sunseri could’ve added some assistance to the Tide’s defensive backfield issues this year? Yeah, me too. Add defensive end Jeoffrey Pagan and Bama entered 2014 with three experienced bodies short on the defensive side of the ball…veterans who could’ve made a difference. The year before it was cornerback Dee Milliner, the year before cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick (the Peyton Manning career killer), linebacker Dont’a Hightower and safety Mark Barron…the year before Rolondo McClain and Kareem Jackson. This season it will be safety Landon Collins and possibly a couple more.

And these are just the defensive players in the Saban era who’ve left early for well-earned NFL paydays.

The fact is, there isn’t a program who swims in this pool like Alabama. Offering players an early entry to millions in the NFL is one of Saban’s strategies, but being able to pull off competitive football year in and year out while doing so is what separates him from the Gussy Malzahns of the college football world, who tread water year in and year out just to try and keep up. (Wonder if the “team rule” Sammy Coates was being punished for in the Outback Bowl was “declaring early?”)

Secondly, Alabama ran into an Ohio State team with three quality quarterbacks. Bama barely had one. That will change this season with the continued development of Alec Morris, Cooper Bateman and David Cornwell, not to mention Jacob Coker and the incoming phenom Blake Barnett, an early enrollee. But Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, their third option, looked nothing short of Jamarcus Russell (the college version) in his 2nd college start, both championship caliber games. He had the size, speed and arm to make ‘Bama pay, and that he did. All while Alabama used a converted runningback/defensive back/athlete to win the state, division and SEC Championship game. Not saying the talent isn’t on campus in Tuscaloosa for QB, but I am saying it wasn’t yet ready to take out of the oven. Meanwhile, State had three pies ready to take out and serve immediately.

Also this year, Bama won its 28th conference championship (24 SEC, 4 Southern) without a real running game to speak of. TJ Yeldon isn’t the power back in the Ingram, Richardson or Lacy mold. More of a slasher, when Bama needed tough yards this and last season, getting them has required a more creative effort. Not to mention that the guy played over half the season nursing serious injuries. Derrick Henry is great in space, but still hasn’t proven he can run behind his shoulder pads and tote the mail with authority when needed. Who knows what may have been this year had Kenyan Drake not suffered his gruesome injury at Ole Miss. But getting yards on the ground was a challenge all season behind an offensive line that was good but not great. Bo Scarborough, another early enrollee, will prove to be an immediate contributor in the Tide’s backfield next season, as many have compared him already to Adrian Peterson in terms of running style. And whatever held Tyren Jones off the field this year will hopefully be amended for 2015, as #20 ran angrier than any of the Tide’s backs this season.

And don’t overlook that Alabama head coach Nick Saban also took the Tide into the 2014 campaign with his fourth different offensive coordinator in his eight seasons at the Capstone. Major Applewhite, Jim McElwain, Doug Nussmeier and now Lane Kiffin have all served as OC, all while having just two defensive coordinators in the same amount of time (few remember that current linebackers coach Kevin Steele actually preceded Kirby Smart as DC). This is an offensive system that has evolved a bit to say the least, and this year’s version was the Tide’s first dip-of-the-toe in the world of pass happy, sometimes hurry up football. If Kiffin makes good on his intentions to return next season, watch out. There won’t be an Amari Cooper (ANOTHER early draftee), but the Tide receiving corps is covered with top receivers from past #1 signing classes.

Despite these challenges, for the seventh year in a row, the Alabama Crimson Tide finished the season with double digit wins (a feat no other SEC team can match in this era of football), and for the third time in that span, the Tide proved to be the Champions of the toughest conference in the land (despite what bowl apologists want to say).

2008: 12-2
2009: 14-0 SEC & National Champs
2010: 10-3
2011: 13-1 National Champs
2012: 13-1 SEC & National Champs
2013: 11-2
2014: 12-2 SEC Champs
(I don’t see an 8-5 in there)

Bama tightroped through many a game, dropping a contest (or perfect storm) at Ole Miss, while coming out on top at Arkansas, LSU and at home against the barn and Mississippi State. There was the occasional Texas A&M and Florida games this season, but for the most part 2014 was played much closer to the vest in what was to be a rebuilding year.

Yes, Nick Saban and company deserve a hand for the job they did with this 2014 team.

But instead of a rebuilding year, Bama took its rightful place among the greats of college football, writing its name in history in the first ever college football playoff.

And for that I say, while 2009, 2011 and 2012 will always live on in Alabama football history, 2014 should be remembered in similar fashion. This team going 12-2 proves yet again the greatest coach in the game today is earning his salary year in and year out.

While some programs have a flash-in-the-pan year and 8-5 records the rest of the time (sorry Auburn, Ole Miss and Mississippi State), and others never achieve anything close to their full potential (sorry Georgia and LSU), and others are simply a forgotten joke (sorry Tennessee and Florida), Alabama is in the championship mix every…single…year.

Some schools talk about what’s going to happen next year…for instance, I happened to be listening to the barn’s broadcast of their FIFTH loss of the season as their announcer actually said, and I quote, “So the Tigers fall to 8-5 on the year, but take heart Auburn fans. The last time we were 8-5 with a loss in the Outback Bowl we won the National Championship the following year.” And you barners wonder why we laugh at such group-think propaganda, tagging you as the cult that you are.

But at Alabama, all we have to do to look forward to contending for it all again is be patient, waiting just a few months. You know, until football kicks off again in August.

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50 thoughts on “24 hours later, 2014 ‘Bama season may be Saban’s best effort yet”

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  2. It was a historic year for Alabama and the SEC!

    And I agree completely with your assessment that Saban and Co. did a great coaching job.

    Alabama defeated all of it’s major rivals, won the SEC Championship, and made it to the first ever CFP. All of that with injuries, secondary issues and an o-line that was constantly revolving…all the points you made.

    The SEC had what?.. four out of five teams ranked in the top five at one point? Both Mississippi schools highly ranked and Miss State at #1 for a while? All seven SEC West teams made bowl games and five of seven from the East? Get out!


  3. if, as an Alabama fan, you’re disappointed with this season, your expectations are out of reason. yeah, another natty would be nice. but all any reasonable fan can expect is to compete for it.

    we did. in a rebuilding year. and there’s some fan bases around the south and the nation that better be thrilled Blake Sims doesn’t have another year of eligibility.

    I wouldn’t trade my place right now for anybody’s.

  4. Auburn’s basketball team is 8-5 at this point. Must be a thing for Auburn.

    And as for SEC football. Top teams lost bowl games, but SEC put 12 teams in bowls and went 7-5

    Did any other conference match that?

  5. This is Boog Town during the same period-

    2008: 5-7
    2009: 8-5
    2010: 14-0 (SEC 8-0)
    2011: 8-5
    2012: 3-9 (SEC 0-8)
    2013: 12-2
    2014: 8-5

    Can anyone explain it? Who would want to ride that roller coaster? SEC Champs in 2010 to Chumps in 2012.

      1. Doesn’t look like anytime soon, and definitely not in the past 7-8 seasons. Boog U has had this going on for decades!

  6. Sorry about bama signing Jonathan Taylor. You made your stance on him pretty clear. You must feel sick knowing you’ve got a guy like that on your team.

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh my God how funny is that!!! From ITK a few months ago….

      “The bottom line is, Alabama will go after any criminal they think will help their second tier, hayseed program.”

      1. Hey, I love Duran Duran.

        And Home Improvement.

        Seriously though, it’s one thing to give a guy a second chance when Saban frequently doesn’t give questionable talent a first chance (Winston, for example).

        It’s another thing when it becomes a pattern for recruiting outright. And that’s just not the case for Alabama, but pretty hard to ignore for Auburn implicitly.

        Nick Saban gives players a second chance. That doesn’t make him special or unique as a college football coach, nor does every player get the same chance whatsoever.

        After all, Auburn was recruiting him too, starting back in September (not to mention MSU, LSU, But Malzahn often gives players third chances even (or more if they are “elite” talent).

        I’m not trying to bust Malzahn’s balls. But you’re the one inferring the sentiment at Alabama. Then again, Nick Saban literally just explained his cultural stance at the University of Alabama on giving players a second chance just last month.

        For the record, I agree with what he said and it defines the cultural identity of the University of Alabama very well.

        I’m sure Pettway will come up, too. The irony is using him to fuel your fire is the same exact reason we think he’s an incredible representative of the cultural identity at the University of Alabama.

        But don’t take my word for it. Watch Saban’s response from weeks ago and read Alabama’s official response;

        “Jonathan Taylor was admitted to The University of Alabama following the same procedures that the UA Admissions office uses to evaluate any student who has dealt with legal issues. The admissions process includes representatives from academic, legal, student affairs, student conduct, UAPD and counseling. Athletics is not involved in the admissions process. Taylor’s continued enrollment depends on his ability to fulfill all requirements the University has specifically mandated for him during his time as a UA student.”

        ie, you get one chance, and it’s conditional on extra effort and results, similar to Pettway, just for reference if you want to look it up with eyes unclouded by hate. If you’re trying to argue Alabama has a more tolerant or hypocritical policy on talent than Auburn, wow, that one I just don’t get (except you just hate, like you’re taught to do).

        1. That is a very cultish response there “nope”. Be careful you aren’t stepping in what your shoveling.

          1. It’s not cultish.

            It’s cultural.

            I don’t expect you to know the difference; you are taught the opposite, that they are one in the same, so it doesn’t bother me that you don’t understand what I’m saying.

            It does, however, bother me enough not to leave it with a response denouncing your deliberately clouded judgment. I can’t help but give everyone the benefit of the doubt, like I was taught also.

        2. Let us hope that Co Nick Saban will mold this young man into shape. Where else would you want this kid to be? In your neighborhood? Or under the watchful eye of Saban?

      2. @what———-ITK never called Alabama a second-tier football program. That doesn’t even make sense. Good grief, sir.

        1. No he didn’t. I took some poetic license from his earlier diatribe on Jonathan Taylor that he posted here back in September. Seemed apropos….

          Y’all love to use the term cult on this site. For y’all (Bammer fans) to mindlessly fall in line with this recruit after all of the uproar y’all voiced when Taylor said that Auburn was recruiting him is the quintessential cult action – Jim Jones = Nick Saban. Spin it all y’all want, doesn’t change the essence of what it is.

          1. Methinks you complain too much. So sorry that Gus wasn’t able to corral this one into the fold – but, don’t worry – he’s probably searching for the next discharged player from Florida, Georgia or Miami to give a “second/third/fourth” chance to.

            If you think for one microsecond that the Boog faithful wouldn’t step right into line on this and dozens more signings – just to have the chance to do better than their average 8/5 season – then you are smokin some fine stuff.

            Thanks for the clicks on the site – ITK’s bank account thinks you’re swell!

          2. I’m not complaining. I’m laughing at y’all. Y’all are exactly want y’all say that y’all despise. It is very entertaining.

    2. What an epic back-fire. After writing an article bashing Auburn because ITK thought they were going to sign a player dismissed by Georgia ole Saban beats them to the punch and does EXACTLY what ITK was bashing Auburn for. Priceless.

      And for the record Alabama has now signed as many dismissed Georgia players as Auburn has. Too funny.

      But who expects any less? This is the same program that allowed a player to come back after participating in the beating and robbing of its own students.

      Have to love this:

      “Auburn University’s football program is at it again. The Tiggers are once again actively pursuing a criminal for their football team.”

      And Alabama is the one to sign the criminal. Just awesome. Really. Just awesome.

      Of course ITK and the other sister-humpers will attempt to spin it as somehow being different when Alabama signs players dismissed from Georgia for criminal activity than when Auburn does it.

      If you think its a dirty practice then you’ll have to take that dirty practice up with your dirty coach.

      And for the record: Football player arrests the last two years.

      I think its fairly obvious which program is riding dirty.

      1. It is just awesome.

        Aside from your statement having some illegitimate facts in it, it’s so good to see you again peachy. I knew it wouldn’t be long after another 2-loss Alabama season of doom.

        Here’s to you, peachy. And here’s to another brilliant recruiting season at the Capstone. I’m sorry for your loss.

  7. Daron Payne – would have loved to have signed. Hate bama got him.

    Jonathan Taylor – would not touch. Shocked and lost respect for Saban for signing. I would avoid at all cost a boy who hit a girl.

    Ray Rice 2.0

    Hope that crow tastes good. You’re eating now Capstone report.

    I look forward to seeing y’all spin this one after you posted an article criticizing AU for even letting the kid visit.

    Or will it be a Bruce Pearl article which is critical of your University.

    I look forward to your next article.

    Probably the best approach would be silence on the matter.

  8. im a bama fan but the awbs are right! regardless of circumstance you can no longer bash auburn for its recruiting practices when our coach does the same thing and then say well because saban explained his stance on second chances its ok! well gustav may feel the same way about giving kids the same second chance! now marshall getting caught with weed would have been his dismissal if I were coach because it happened during his second chance! just let it go and move on… you got burned this time, accept it and from now on leave a two sided subject alone before saban causes you to eat crow again!

    1. When it becomes a pattern AND they don’t do any rehab at Alabama, I’ll eat that crow.

      I get that most people can’t see the difference because Auburn doesn’t disclose any of that information (if they do anything at all, for that matter) but the Univeristy of Alabama has been transparent with info on players like this and their conditional agreements.

      It’s just not a secret at all, such as with Pettway and his coinditional program for the University of Alabama…even when he was at another school and across state lines.

      I don’t expect you to see the good Alabama does for any of them, but at least it’s there for you to see regardless and isn’t hidden or non-existent for whatever reason. With that said, not seeing the difference between that and Auburn’s conditional policies is, at best, misguided, if not flat-out wrong.

      Then again, we don’t know. Nobody knows. Auburn doesn’t say. Sure, “STFU” bracelets and warnings for drugs are one thing, but Auburn keeps everything they can behind closed doors. For all we know it’s even worse, but, for example, we’ll never know what happened to Duke Williams’s face or what “punishment,” if any, Nick Marshall got other than a “come-to-work-late-this-Saturday” pass in a home victory.

      Oh, hell, just gimme that crow. It’s delicious taking Auburn recruits and at least making a deliberate effort to turn them into real men rather than watch their criminal activity potentially only get worse (albeit without necessarilly arresting them?). Even in the worst-possible case scenario, at least Alabama is transparent and public about it. I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest Auburn’s is zero, especially when they repeat and essentially get nothing more for it. I’d love to say Duke Williams, for example, hurt his face saving a baby from a speeding train. It’s hard to jump to that conclusion though, isn’t it? Might as well have been kicked in the mouth by a unicorn on Jupiter.

      1. You are so full of sh!t. Auburn is just as transparent as Alabama when it comes to players in trouble.

        Go through all of the Alabama players that have been suspended in the last 4 years and list the ones where Nick Saban said more than that player violated team rules as an explanation for their suspension and kindly point to a link to an article or quote. And for those Alabama players that were suspended or dismissed from school list the ones where Saban said more than the player didi the things he was asked to do to get back on the team and kindly point to a link to an article or quote.

        Of course you want answer this because you can’t. Saban has made it clear that is no one’s business how he disciplines his team. That’s not transparency.

        There’s no more transparency on how Taylor became a student at Alabama then there is an how Marshall became a student at Auburn. In fact in the case of Taylor there has been some contradiction in the official statement of the university which said the Athletic Department was not involved in the admission process and Battles statement that he interviewed Taylor and spoke to a number of individuals with knowledge of the situation. That contradiction is anything but transparent.

        Your reversal on the idea of recruiting a kid that was ARRESTED for strangling and beating his girlfriend and your concept of transparency as it relates to what Saban says is the shining example of what a cult is. For you to say it is culture, well that just means that your culture is a cult.

        1. You’re kidding, right?

          “Auburn is just as transparent as Alabama when it comes to players in trouble”

          I don’t even know how to talk to you after saying that without sounding like I’m just being mean.

          It’s straight up inaccurate.

          So…then you go to suspensions? Really? Suspensions aren’t the same as conditional acceptance for a student and an athlete. You just kinda turned apples into oranges, you realize that, right? Let me know if you see Taylor or Perry suspended, for example (and go ahead and insert your bias for why they never would be too?).

          But you say Auburn is just as transparent? What did Marshall have to do (the first time, that is)? Do you know what Perry had to do? You do, because you can read it, because that’s what transparency means. If Auburn is transparent, all that means is he didn’t have to do anything, doesn’t it? Is that better? I think that does nothing to make a bad kid any better or learn from his mistakes if there’s no effort to teach them.

          Bill Battle talked to the kid too. And you’re saying that’s a bad thing, right? Alabama’s Athletic Director talking to an athlete? That’s where you’re going with this? That’s what makes us cult now? Battle talks to tennis players, too, know what I mean? It’s not a good thing; it’s a brilliant thing. I’m not sure how you literally came to the conclusion that it takes away from the transparency rather than add to it, but I think anyone can recognize the difference between admission to the University of Alabama FIRST and SEPARATE from acceptance to any athletic program.

          However, if you can’t see that difference, if it’s only your hate that blinds you to that difference, then read about Everett Golson at Notre Dame, for example. It’s the same thing, separation between acceptance factors of the school and the sport. Read about him.

          Or don’t, if you also hate Notre Dame?

          I’ve never heard of the same thing happening at Auburn. But somehow you think that’s a bad thing simply because it’s at Alabama?

          Talk about cult.

          CLASSIC cult tactic. I mean, it’s a characteristic fundamental cult principle. “What are your crimes!?” Look it up.

          Or don’t. I never really expect you to, you know, learn. I only expect your mind to be completely clouded by hate by nature.

          1. If you can’t respond to my challenges then simply say that you can’t. Alabama is no more transparent than Auburn. Other than saying it, point to a specific example where Alabama is more transparent to Auburn in a similar situation. Alabama isn’t. What did Perry have to do? Unless there is a police report you have no idea why players at Alabama are suspended and you have no idea what penance they have to pay in order to make it back on the field. As for Battle, I didn’t say it was a bad thing he talked to the kid (apparently you can’t read, we already know that you make things up). I think it’s good that he did. What I said was that the official statement from the University was in contradiction to Battle’s statement and that contradiction leads to a lack of transparency. My challenge to you is to prove the transparency that you were espousing, its that simple. Just because you say (or type) something doesn’t make it true. You don’t know what these kids have done, you don’t know what they have agreed to do. You only know that Saban says that he has got it under control – culture = cult.

          2. This is Nick Saban being transparent…..


            TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — Alabama safety HaHa Clinton-Dix has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules, Nick Saban said after Wednesday’s practice.
            Saban would not comment about what Clinton-Dix, who was seen at Wednesday’s practice, did to specify the violation.

            “I’m going to be consistent. When guys get suspended, I never ever say what it’s for. All right?” Saban said. “So, I’m not going there, so don’t ask me. It’s the way it always happens. Every guy.

            “If they do right, they wouldn’t be getting suspended. I don’t know for how long this will be, so don’t ask me that either. That’s the only new news we have right now.”

            Yep, it’s clear what he did, why it was a problem, how long he will be punished for that, what he has to do to get back, and when that will be – very transparent.

          3. You didn’t even look.

            You accuse me of not answering, but you didn’t even look.

            Look up Perry. There’s plenty of info on what he had to do. I implicitly don’t tell you myself to avoid as much bias as I can on your part, but it’s not a secret, and it’s not hidden, and after all, I did already say plenty about what he had to do (how’d you miss that? it’s still there, too), the other more specific details you can read for yourself like I did to avoid citing prejudicial bias.

            And you go back to apples are oranges. Suspensions vs. conditional enrollment. I already answered that one, you just responded with the same apples/oranges correlation.

            And what you said about the contradiction of Alabama’s enrollment to the SCHOOL being separate, you missed that altogether….but then accuse me of making stuff up.

            I get that you hate Alabama. I do. But it’s not just blinding your judgment—-it’s blinding your rational thought. The school is not the same as the team, any team for that matter.

            So when you call me a liar, that’s the end because you never even looked. That’s why I wouldn’t pretend to expect you to believe anything I say, but let the information that’s already out there (for Alabama, at least) do the talking. Go on and look. Good grief man. I get that you hate Alabama, but wow. I don’t want to make it worse than you will for yourself when you think about it.

          4. @what——–now you’re literally citing a suspension.

            We’re not arguing suspensions. Those are different by inherent nature, including at both your school and the school you hate so much.

            You’re arguing why a person from Polland can’t vote in America, while the rest of us are talking about how that person from Polland becomes an American citizen including the right to vote by association, not causation. See the difference?

            Of course you don’t.

            So when you cite the lack of transparency for all suspensions as your reason for Alabama’s hipocrisy in the face of conditional enrollment, there’s no argument. For example, Cam Newton didn’t have to be punished at Auburn for the grand theft he committed at the University of Florida. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

            But what he had to do (even if it was nothing) to get accepted into both Auburn University and any spearate sports program under the Auburn umbrella is the difference in transparency. You asked for a similar situation, now I’ve given you three today.


            You call me blind, and a liar, but it’s like you’re driving the wrong way on a one-way street and telling me at least you’re using your turn signal. Don’t call me names. Don’t call me a liar. Don’t allege I make it up (especially without even trying to learn more in the first place, who does that?) Read what I said but first try to read it like it was Auburn or some school you don’t hate so we can at least be on the same topic before you insult me outright.

          5. You are blind and you are a liar. You make stuff up and then deflect. Simply paste a link to a news article that backs you up. It’s not that hard, even a 10 year old can do that.

            There is no transparency in what Alabama does. To point to a release from Alabama that says the admission office reviewed and approved the application of the girlfriend beating strangler and say that is transparency is a complete joke. The admission office at every university does that.

            There is no transparency at Alabama, Nick Saban says so….

            “I’m going to be consistent. When guys get suspended, I never ever say what it’s for. All right?” Saban said. “So, I’m not going there, so don’t ask me. It’s the way it always happens. Every guy.
            “If they do right, they wouldn’t be getting suspended. I don’t know for how long this will be, so don’t ask me that either. That’s the only new news we have right now.”

            Y’all signed a strangler that four months ago you were crucifying Auburn for even thinking about recruiting and now y’all are spinning, deflecting, lying. But it’s your CULTure, there’s nothing more to expect out of so little. You and ITK look like complete morons now.

          6. You literally, once again, went right back to comparing apples and oranges.

            Even after I said what was wrong with that, you did it again, and even with the same quotes.


            And you call ME a moron?

            You didn’t look, did you?

            You didn’t look at anything?

            I suppose that’s what we’ve all learned from Auburn’s culture.

            Don’t. Even. Question. Ever.

            You didn’t look up Perry.

            You didn’t look up “what are your crimes.”

            You didn’t look up Golson.

            You looked up a quote you think supports your argument and posted it, twice, but I suppose the next thing you’ll post is the price of tea in China because it’s just as relevant, although I have no idea how you’ll use that to spin your righteous attitude about your original accusations in the first place.

            I gave you the info. Now you look like the fool. Calling us fools for it, without even looking, without knowing, with blind conviction and absolute determination? THAT’S cult.

            You might not like Alabama and I completely understand your bias against all things Crimson Tide, but you want blind, afraid, uninformed and reluctance in the face of evidence, you need only look in the mirror.

            Then again, I suppose looking in the mirror is once again asking you to look at something we know you won’t before you insult us again.

            What a dunce. Way to represent.

      2. Duke Wiliams ghost into a fight at a local establishment. Got punched in the eye. What else would you like to know? Now you know. You thought you never would.

        1. What? Really? How’d you hear that? Is that for real? He got punched, but suspended for it? I don’t get it. I looked, couldn’t find anything about anything but his suspension.

  9. sorry but youre running from his questions every bit as much as he is running from yours! saban has never disclosed anything on how a kid messed up nor has he ever said what any kid had to do to get reinstated! if he has then post it for everyone to read like the man challenged you to! pattern or no pattern you can no longer say anything about auburn recruiting troubled kids! one time or a million saban did it just deal with it! I mean if a guy has sex with another guy 100 times hes gay right? well if a man has sex with a man just 1 time hes just as gay! you cant unring a bell.. saban employed the exact same tactics as gustav period! you can throw your comments into an F5 tornado and twist them as much as youd like but fact is dude youre wrong….let it go embrace sabans decision and live with it. Saban used your win at all cost recruiting tactic that you’ve accused auburn of using! in the words of saban…..IT IS WHAT IT IS!

    1. Nice try.

      Didn’t we just talk about Perry in the first place last week?

      Still, the same information is out there. I even read new stuff I hadn’t heard before about Perry a week before the Sugar Bowl.

      Tell me you looked. It’s OK to admit you didn’t, just don’t get so mad otherwise, and don’t tell me I’m running from questions when I give responses with multiple examples and enough information to start with even without citing bias in any link.

      Seriously, I don’t get it? The Perry stuff alone isn’t just easy to find—-it’s easy enough to make it insulting. It’s like saying the Earth is flat because you haven’t personally read any the stuff about it being round…but you chastise others for it regardless?


        1. Listen, just for the record, virtually every time I have posted a link, I’m immediately criticised for the source, including for national outlets I consider to be elite in terms of professional reporting. I’ve learned not to post links.

          And in this case, it’s simply too easy to find. I just looked for myself, and it’s all still there, easy to find, and in the time it took to write this you could have done one search, just one.

          Haven’t. Even. Tried.

          But willing to fight about it?

          If it was hard to find, or if there was only one lone story about it, I would understand the criticism. But, for example, a link above posted to support an argument about Alabama’s transparency…was for the wrong argument. People pick links selectively. So I let you pick them because they are plentiful and any one you pick will be up to you to decide rather than me being selective in any way.

          But in this case, if there was just a lone story, I would dismiss it and wouldn’t post it. If it was some sort of secret, I wouldn’t defend it at all.

          But it’s not.

          The one thing I can’t stand more than any other is apathy. People get stuck, they blame others, they lay in a highway in Los Angeles because they think they know enough to be mad about something that happened in a place they wouldn’t like and will never see. They point at others for their problems. They blame rather than help or produce. I started my first company implicitly to avoid working with people like that as much as possible. I can’t stand it. The University of Alabama doesn’t teach or encorage apathy; it teaches against it implicitly.

          But if your only argument against mine is that I didn’t do it for you, knowing the scrutiny of prejudicial bias anything we say or post here will immediately face regardless of its legitimacy, I say good grief and good day sir.

          1. Since when do you care if someone disagrees with what you post? Everything you post is scrutinized. … “I’m not going to post a link because it will be scrutinized” …. You are pathetic. Someone pushes you on one of the many untruths that you post here and you refuse to post a link that might give you some credibility because it will be criticized? That’s almost as funny as you back spinning on the recruitment of the Strangler Jonathan Taylor. Put up or shut up.

          2. What?

            See what I mean?

            MY credibility is the one in question, you say? But you’re the one talking about the price of tea in China (and insulting people for it, too?) and explaining why you refuse to learn more before insulting people for it? At least I stay on topic, then tried to help you do the same, all while answering questions, all while you are fully committed to your blind-faith devotion WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING.

            You don’t respond to the topic at hand and you change the subject entirely in an attempt to add scrutiny. Cults do that. They’re literally trained to do that, so don’t take it as an insult, take it as more information you haven’t investigated yourself. Just because you refuse to look doesn’t mean someone else is therefore wrong, but believing they are wrong in spite of it is an inherent characteristic of cults.

            That’s literally DEFINITIVE of “cult,” and I told you where to look to understand that better.

            But you don’t look.

            And you don’t quit. Which is another cult characteristic by definition. You think I’m just insulting you by using that term, but check this out—–why wouldn’t you look? Why wouldn’t you ever want to be capable of change? I think you would, but you don’t. Why? Just because they tell you not to? Fear? Hate for a zip code?

            Put a camera on a cop and you can record crimes for near-perfect evidence, but having the camera also reduces crime by nature. Cameras reduce crime more than simply document it. Likewise, you can find information you’re accusing me of actually lying about, even if they happen to be from the SAME SOURCES I did, but me giving it to you, by nature, can taint the information itself in the mind of the student (for good or for bad, and you’ve demonstrated both with examples). It shouldn’t taint the information itself, but it does, and I think you can recognize that, right? That’s not uncommon, but it’s essentially 100% of the time here, as I’m not inclined to believe it wouldn’t be with you also. Most college journalism curriculums teach that in 101-level classes. I recognize that too from the publishers I used to write for, and therefore I respect you enough to let you learn without my unintentional intrusion.

            “Put up,” indeed.

            “Since when do you care if someone disagrees with what you post?”

            See what I mean?

            I didn’t say that. Yikes, man.

            I tried to explain the point and the difference between my opinion and the sources that mold it, and went even further to explain why the sources that mold yours should be your own, EVEN IF THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME SOURCES.

            I even explained why I don’t post links, which isn’t new, by the way, but I went out of my way to explain it regardless.
            But you never bothered to explain why you won’t even take a peek for yourself.

            You didn’t go “out of your way” enough to do a single search on any of the things you questioned my knowledge of, but you did go out of your way to insult me and call the things I said untrue regardless?

            That’s why I won’t even recommend which search engine to use, let alone do it for you.

            I can explain that, though… And I think you already know the answer, even if it’s completely misinterpreted.

            Put up or shut up you say? I put up. Simply not posting a link is the reason you’re saying I’m not “putting up,” regardless of you arguing off-topic, and regardless of you being the one who’s convicted enough to insult people but without even “putting up” enough to look? Never mind the insults.

            There isn’t even an argument to be had! You telling me to “put up” when you argue against your alleged Alabama hypocrisy is BRILLIANT poetic justice. I mean, I can’t make that up. That’s just fantastic.

            I’m not posting a link, and that’s insane by definition to not TRY to find the information for yourself, no matter how fundamentally easy it is to find, simply because I don’t give it to you. You’re not even curious enough for your own sake to look in spite of me repeating how I looked earlier today and found plenty again?

            Then again, why would anyone be curious about learning for themselves? That’s human, after all.

            As for “putting up or shutting up,” I’ve “put up” with enough. You haven’t. Part of me has to assume you did look for yourself and you just didn’t like what you found. I just don’t think anyone is that naturally dense no matter what their culture is, or at least it’s possible enough for ALL people that curiosity might take enough hold for a lone peek at any of the information that’s already out there, the same exact way I learned it myself (funny, isn’t it?).

            But if it’s hypocrisy you’re so intolerant of, then simply don’t be a hypocrite about that intolerance! See for yourself, not for me. Look. Go on. Take a look. If you think I’m asking too much of you, perhaps you don’t think you’re asking too much of yourself, for your own sake, to try it. Take a chance on education about a subject you’re insulting people for without so much as a whisper of empirical evidence. You insult me by calling my statement “untruths,” but they’re not my truths, and you only think you know the truth implicitly because it’s against what an Alabama fan said? How can you not see the blind devotion there regardless of empirical data?

            Actually, I think you can.

            Oh, screw it. I’m sorry. Maybe I’m being too harsh and I only assume you know how to search or think for yourself? For that, I apologize. I’ll give you a link.

            Let me know if any of this behavior sounds familiar. It sure does to me.


          3. Post the link, a simple request if it existed. It doesn’t so you can’t. You have deflected and gone off topic because you can not back up what you say. Alabama is not transparent, Alabama will recruit criminals. You can not provide any tangible evidence to the contrary. Y’all are what y’all say y’all despise. Jonathan Taylor… priceless.

          4. “Post the link, a simple request if it existed. It doesn’t so you can’t.”

            I didn’t post a link the world is round, either. So that means I can’t?

            But if I said the world is round, not only would you insist the world is flat, if ONLY because I said it wasn’t and I’m an Alabama fan, but you would believe it so intensely that you would refuse ANY natural tendency to find out for yourself, a quality so intrinsic to humankind I believe it’s part of everyone, absolutely including you.

            You haven’t looked.

            You haven’t even tried a single search for any information on a guy you HATE in spite of it and use as an example for why you should hate him and the culture he’s a part of.

            Not. One. Search.

            “Post the link, a simple request if it existed. It doesn’t so you can’t.”

            I made a simple request, too. You didn’t do it, either. But you judge me for it and call me a liar in spite of it. That’s the difference. That’s cult. I did post the video. Did you watch? It shows the same mentality, so maybe it can help you get past it long enough to find out.

            If I told you I love my mother, you could hate her too. She’s saved thousands of lives. I’m not posting a link for her, either, but it’s still true, and you can still insist it’s not. Fun.

            I’m not an asshole for you not looking.

            Frankly, I still think you already did search. I can’t imagine someone would be that stubborn not to, so my best guess is you and I have already read the same things—-if that’s true, why not just say so instead of saying I’m somehow the one stopping you?

            Again, answer this part before being insulting me again—-why not look? Like, if you find a story, and you post it here, then we can talk about it. To be perfectly honest, the first thing you find and post is probably something I already read. Then we could talk about it, but how great would that be?

            Instead, all I keep hearing is you have NOTHING but hate. You are the EPITOMY of apathy. It’s no wonder you are so angry at life, and you are certainly not alone. After all, that’s probably why you’re here in the first place. Is it?

            One search. One ATTEMPT at showing your mind isn’t controlled completely by hate and that nothing else can permeate its grasp. You deserve that one attempt, don’t you think?

            I think you do, even if you don’t. You’re better than you act. You are not a useless person whether you want to be or not.

            You know what’s funny about all of this? Thomas, the guy you use as your fuel to call an entire culture hypocritical, he’s had to do the same thing already. You act like he just came from UGA weeks after being arrested. What’s he been up to, for example, the past year? I could tell you. Or you could see for yourself. I won’t tell you.

            And the one thing we all already know is you also won’t see for yourself.

            This has been an entertaining plane ride, but we’re nearly on the ground and I can’t wait to head to Knoxville. I’ll be back in the studio next week, plenty of time for a single modicum of human introspection. I don’t expect you to do it. I think my intelligence honestly only fuels your anger and apathy. I can’t help you with that. But you can help yourself with just a single search. Fight the mentality they teach you that the world is out to get you and your whole crew. Let the information be what makes your mind up about a guy like Pettway.

            Or just be a stereotypical Auburn fan about it, blinded by hate, unwilling to care enough about himself to stop hating everyone else long enough to be a part of society rather than afraid of it. Be as blind as you continue to insist on being.

            And then insult me for it… Again.

            Just brilliant.

          5. I looked, can’t find anything on Perry. It doesn’t exist. You lied. If I’m wrong, then prove it. Post a link.

          6. Nope mentioned Perry every time, just peruse what he typed above. He’s so used to making up things he doesn’t even know who he is talking about. LOL.

          7. Everyone knows Pettway’s story, Mississippi last season, curfew, etc. Thomas has been in school in Mississippi the last year too.

        2. Nope had his ass handed to him….again.

          You could be a ninja with all the deflecting, ducking and dodging you do.

          Point stands: Alabama is NO BETTER than Auburn when it comes to taking dismissed players from other programs. You can “try” to spin it but everyone (even Bama fans) can see its the same thing and there is no difference.

          There is nothing transparent about the way Alabama handles it. We all know it.

          And I have yet to see ITK post an article about Alabama signing this kid. When he thought Auburn was going to do it he posted about, insulted Auburn and made off like it was a terrible thing to do.

          And then Alabama signs the kid and ……crickets.

  10. Sorry. I meant Pettway, said Perry. My mistake.

    Perry never did anything for you to cry about anyway.

    No wonder you didn’t find anything.

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