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Rebel loss paves way for the Tide

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Oxford, MS – The Ole Miss Black Bear Rebel Thingies choked on the cold November air in Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium Saturday night…an opponent falling victim to Auburn luck yet again.

Ole Miss has enjoyed a storied season, but unfortunately, with a 2nd loss that most assuredly removes them from championship contention, that season won’t end in Atlanta…again. Ole Miss, Vandy and Kentucky are still the only members of the original 12 schools in the expanded SEC from the early 90’s that haven’t qualified for the championship game. There is always next year, however.

The Black Bear Rebel Thingies found themselves on the wrong end of Auburn luck that has now taken on legendary status:

• Multiple Ole Miss starters being injured prior to their game with Auburn that either greatly limited them or prevented them from competing altogether.

• A tipped Auburn pass on a critical 3rd down deep in their own territory, where five yards were needed. The pass, careening end-over-end off the finger tips of an Ole Miss defender, fell harmlessly into the waiting hands of an Auburn receiver exactly six yard from the line of scrimmage.

• Late in the 4th quarter, with the ball deep in Auburn territory, Bo Wallace carelessly extends the ball toward the marker, barely bumping an Auburn player’s helmet in the process. The ball pops loose, leading to a turnover.

And the kicker…

Auburn standard issued rabbit foot.
• Ole Miss receiver Laquan Treadwell breaking his ankle on the would be go ahead touchdown with roughly a minute to play. Only he didn’t score, but instead fumbled literally on the three inch line while he experienced his season, and possibly, career ending injury.

But don’t worry. If you’re an Ole Miss fan, you’re in good company. Many have been hit with the lucky mojo at the hands of Auburn. The Tigers are good, don’t get me wrong. Their offense is anyway. But show me a luckier team in the history of sport…any sport…and you will immediately demonstrate that you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

Still, in a strange, bizarro world sort of way, Alabama finally benefitted from Auburn luck. With the Ole Miss loss, the Black Bear Rebel Thingies drop from the playoff conversation, and most assuredly the SEC Championship Game. The only loss the Tide owns came at the hands of the Black Bears, on a day when their team was at full strength. For once I didn’t care that Auburn never faces a team who is completely healthy. We needed an Auburn win to expand the ceiling for the 2014 campaign, and we got it.

With next week’s contest at LSU, and the final two league games within the friendly confines of Bryant-Denny Stadium, the Crimson Tide is perched for a run at national championship #16. Auburn’s win wasn’t quite the same as the Iowa State upset of Oklahoma State and Baylor win over Kansas State in 2011, but it was definitely in the same family. And those of us within the Crimson nation offer a sincere “thank you” to our bovine lovers to the east.

From where I sit, Bama’s trip to a weakened LSU next Saturday night appears to be the toughest out in the final run to Atlanta. Not that Mississippi State and Auburn will be easy by any means, but the Tide has looked darn near unstoppable at home, where Blake Sims has looked more like Russell Wilson.

The year Ole Miss can try again to get to Atlanta.
With Bama idle this week, TCU winning in dramatic fashion at West Virginia, and FSU and Mississippi State holding on (and Oregon stomping the Stanford trees), I don’t expect Bama to make a move from #6. TCU could move ahead to #5, with State, FSU, Auburn and Oregon rounding out the top four.

But with the Bulldogs and Auburn slated to appear on the Bryant-Denny threshing floor just ahead, it all, as they say, will take care of itself.

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45 thoughts on “Rebel loss paves way for the Tide”

  1. Alabama looks unstoppable at home…..because they havent played anyone at home. Florida Atlantic, Southern Miss, Florida and Texas A&M. Geez, what a gauntlet.

    Auburn took care of something you couldnt. And now you guys are probably worrying about this weekends game; against a team Auburn slaughtered 41-7.

    1. Peachy thinks it’s the same Alabama team and the same LSU team and playing at Death Valley at night after the Tigers take a bye week is incidental. Now that’s some hateful, blinding bias.

    2. Auburn did not take care of shit. That game was over and done with. Ole Miss had beat your asses until the artificial tturf – not Aubie robbed them in a horribly way. Yeah I’m glad you won, but don’t let it make you think you’re all that. And forget the bullshit about doing something we couldn’t. We’ll be saying the same about you when we stomp MSU’s ass. I’llay odds that even with a frezhman QB ejo coyld only muster a 100+ yards against La M, you still won’t beat A&M by half as much as we did. And you can forget that SOS shit. WV is at least as good as K St, Tenn beat So Caro, Fla beat the shit out of UGA. Bama’s schedule is now stronver than yours. So STFU.

  2. “…they havent played anyone at home. Florida Atlantic, Southern Miss, Florida and Texas A&M. Geez, what a gauntlet.”

    Need to send that to Texas A&M- Auburn fans say you are nobody.

      1. It wasnt but 2 years ago that awbarn had to kick a field goal in overtime to beat La Monroe sooooo… also when is the last time Awbarn beat a top25 team 59-0 hell better yet when is the last time they beat anyone 59-0? Best thing for you to do is have a nice warm glass of shut the fuck up and let the grown folks talk football! You obviously dont know your ass from a hole in the ground about anything you attempt to shed light on! Be careful popping your boyfriends herpes blisters with your teeth you might get that shit in your eyes again!! Good day sir 🙂

      2. Peachy can bring up La-Monroe if he wants. Doesn’t matter to me.

        That was like…3 National Championships ago, I think.

        We’ve so many of those, its hard to keep it all straight.

  3. Bobby Lowder pays the refs handsomely. It’s the only logical explanation. They had 12 on offense, 5 in the backfield on one play vs Ole Miss. Oops, the refs missed another one. On their hail mary vs Georgia, Sir Holdsalot Robinson had his man around the neck. Oops refs missed another one. They multiple O-lineman beyond the 3 yard mark on their tying TD in last years Iron Bowl. Oops, refs missed another one. The list is extensive. Truly uncanny.

    1. It’s not Auburn’s fault completely, their system of offense takes advantage of not having enough refs as a side effect. Bottom line, if the offense is acceptable, the change in refs needs to accommodate it. Perhaps it will in February.

    2. You think we couldnt find missed calls in every Alabama game? Why do you think other fans always complain that Bama pays the refs to get away with holding calls?

      1. In fact, there was a major missed call in the Ole Miss game for Alabama that gave Alabama a TD. That made the game closer than it really was.

        Remember this: your offense managed 10 points on that defense. Auburns went for 35.

        Alabama wont hold Auburn under that.

        1. I remember Alabama having a bus crash of injuries in that game. I’m sure you forget stuff like that. It may not be entirely incidental, but it’s certainly not as determinant as your missed call, not like a broken ankle or anything.

          Missed calls are part of football, but missed calls as a result of running plays before the officiating crews are prepared to officiate them are the difference, they’re common as a result, and they’re solvable with a simple rule change to accommodate the 2008 rule change. I can’t imagine your rage if that shoe was on Alabama’s foot, but you’re only ever going to be as blind as you let yourself be.

          1. Amazing how Bama fans will whine and whine about player injuries when they lose but tell Texas fans to shut up about it when talking about that NC game….

          2. Who the hell ever said that peachy? Whining? What? You think we wanted Colt McCoy hurt, or didn’t notice the difference without him?

            Good grief.

            You’re the kind of guy who only notices QB injury anyway so I suppose I shouldn’t expect much more. Then again, that’s why you can’t truly appreciate the sport; you don’t know it well enough not to hate parts of it more than you know the ins and outs of any given Saturday.

          3. Most Bama fans said it wouldn’t have mattered if Colt had played the entire game. Maybe, maybe not. We will never know, because you have to play with who you have.

      1. and who is said editor? the fellow who wrote it is Alex Byington a beat writer and blog hog for AUBURN UNIVERSITY!

      2. and who is said editor? the fellow who wrote it is Alex Byington a beat writer and blog hog for AUBURN UNIVERSITY!

  4. hmmm interesting deflection buuuuut the last time i checked EVERYTHING was sent through the managing editor to the EDITOR IN CHIEF! Get a clue boys your argument about a bama grad chosing to post a story that barner fyffe wrote and use a picture the oanews photographer took is an awful attempt to piss up a rope! stay classy awbarn! We Deny Everything

    1. There is no Editor In Chief. There is a managing editor that is responsible for all content and then there is a publisher that is responsible for the operations of the paper. It’s not the Daily Planet.

      1. Meh – no one under the age of 70 subscribes or reads the paper anyway. Much ado over nothing. Glad to see Gibson and noone are so freakin sensitive about it, though. Worried much?

  5. lmao no editor in chief? hey awbarn youre doing it wrong! either way the so called”bammer” who “allowed” this to be posted has nothing but awbarn imagery and paraphernalia all over his facebook and tiwtter acounts! i guess thats just window dressing to cover up his conspiracy plot! oh no foiled again!…….buncha dumabass barner fyffes! yall are as fuckin stupid as a soup sammich!

    1. Tuscaloosa News also doesn’t have an editor in chief. You really shouldn’t use Superman as your basis for how you think the real world works today.

  6. youre the one that used the daily planet reference there brain child!…what a fucking idiot! i bet you keep a headache using thought process in lifes events! pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow! damn son

    1. The “luck” excuse is a little played out. After a certain point, you can’t call it luck anymore. Maybe they are a good football team and just better than the teams they are playing.

      1. I couldn’t disagree more. That’s just a funny thing to say. That doesn’t mean Auburn is terrible, it just means that while many football games are decided by or end on a lucky play, nobody has been as, well, let’s just say “fortunate” as Auburn in benefitting from those situations. Not being lucky is holding teams to less than 150 yards of offense and scoring an average of 30+ points over your opponent like Alabama in 2011, and the “luck” part wasn’t definitive of their season the way the difference in yardage and points were. That’s all it means. Good grief.

  7. Auburn will probably win the next game by a Field Goal.

    All 12 Auburn players will line up for the field goal try. #1 will snap it to the holder (#1) and the kicker (#1) will kick it wide left. But a sink hole will suddenly appear near the goal posts, which will cause it to fall to the left at the exact moment the football crosses. The refs will say it is good (because it did make through the crossbars). That same weekend, all of the Mississippi State, Florida State, and Alabama players will be exposed to an Auburn missionary just back from West Africa, which will cause both teams to be quarantined for 21 days which will force them to forfeit the rest of the games. Auburn will then be ranked #1 in the country and automatically given the NC.

    Gus Malzahn will then talk about how they earned it on the field and then give the trophy to Jimmy Rane for all his help in their recruiting cla$$e$.

    Kristy Malzahn will give Nick Marshall Cam Newton’$ NC ring.

    And they will live happily ever after….

    1. Bammer will beat LSU by 7. During a tie game, LSU will be driving for the winning touchdown. Fournette will break away for a long run when one of the db’s for bammer will grab his facemask and rip his head clean off causing a fumble. The db will then pick it up and score with :30 left for the win.

      Bammers will then continue to talk about how Auburn gets all of the calls.

      1. Weak.

        Do you even read any of the actual stories, Gibson, or just comment on the comments? Are you aware of how the game of football is even played? Get some skills, son, and try again.

      2. Wait, what?

        Hold on. If you’re going to keep associating “all Bammers” together like that then you get to own the newspaper story. Gross.

        I haven’t seen anything said like that here. But you’re hateful and blinded so I don’t expect more from a committed Little Brother.

        Still, I don’t see it like that. I’m pretty sure you don’t watch much football, and if you do, you certainly don’t see it with football eyes but rather bias and emotion.

        Look a little closer. I don’t know how Alabama gets a win in LSU this year. If they do, it will be something like five in a row including 2 in Death Valley at night and one shut-out national championship win. That’s pretty uncommon for a rivalvy where both teams take their bye-weeks before each other every season, and with good reason. LSU is a great team and I don’t think a bye is good for Alabama in spite of injuries or recoveries by gametime.

        I’m preparing for an Alabama loss. If Alabama wins, it will be a discounted win, but it will be a remarkable victory in the eyes of Alabama fans because they will know the difference better than you’re able to this season.

  8. Several Auburn starters have been lost for the year(Kozan and Lawson), and like all teams, are banged up(Sammie Coates), so not sure why you bring this up. You win with who you have. And on the pass play you mentioned, Sammie Coates was ready to catch the ball. That is what he is supposed to do. He didn’t give up on the play, just like the Auburn defenders didn’t give up on the play when we forced Bo Wallace to fumble. For anybody else, that would be good coaching, and players doing what they were taught to do.
    Same goes for the play with Treadwell at the end. That was 2 players fighting hard for their teams. Hate that he broke his leg, as I never want to see players injured. And I have not seen any Auburn fans glad he got hurt. But what most of you fail to recognize, along with these dim-witted “experts”(like Lou Holtz), is if he had scored, we had 1:30, and 3 time outs left. Would we have scored? Who knows, but we had over 500 yards of offense, so the chance was pretty good. If Nick Marshall wouldn’t have short armed his throw on 3rd and 2 to Corey Grant, none of this would be an issue. But things don’t always go like we want them to.

  9. i apologize for all of my negative comments! i took things too far in what i wrote and im sorry! i hope everyone enjoys the rest of their seasons ! ROLL TIDE

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