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Lutzenkirchen’s passing is sad news

By Hunter Ford

The death of former Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen is certainly sad news.  Perhaps this is a time to take a few deep breaths and think about what is really important.  College football, and all of its trappings, including fansites on the Internet, is a diversion; entertainment that allows its fans to vicariously live through their favorite teams and favorite players’ successes and failures.

Most of the dialog on the Internet is all in good-natured fun.  But, I have seen a lot that crosses the line into blind hatred.  I was glad to see current and former Alabama football players reach out through social media to send condolences to the Lutzenkirchen family.  The Lutzenkirchens are also part of the University of Alabama family.

We, in Alabama, have seen some horrific examples of how fanaticism for football can turn ugly.  We have also seen how the best of human nature can shine through the haze of rivalry.  Auburn players and coaches went to Tuscaloosa to help rebuild homes after the devastating tornados of 2011.

The state of Alabama has a lot of problems.  Being successful on the college football field has never been one of them.  Treating each other with civility and respect, well…sometimes that has been a challenge.

I truly believe that the vast majority of Alabama and Auburn fans keep the rivalry in proper perspective.  My prayer, in honor of Philip Lutzenkirchen, is that this football season, everyone can do the same.

32 thoughts on “Lutzenkirchen’s passing is sad news”

    1. Sh*tty comment, Hammah. You are better than that. If this was your kid – or even a friend’s kid – you’d think twice before posting this kind of crap. Try to rise above your hatred once in a while.

      1. Do wear seat bets folks. I have a 16-year-ol daughter just starting to drive. You never think it will happen to your family. Prayers.

      2. i would slap down anybody that doesn’t wear seatbelts int this day ….now it’s looking like drunk driving deal even worse…my kids are taught to wear seatbelts

        1. Don’t take it personally, brother. I completely agree with you. The timing of your comment seemed to reflect on this incident a little too much at the time. Now that there is also evidence of alcohol use, the story is taking on another tangent altogether.
          Hunter, I also have kids – a little older, but not much wiser – that are driving, and I’d wring their scrawny necks if I found them driving without a seat belt. I really can’t understand, in this day and age, how anyone gets in their car or truck and doesn’t automatically put their seat belt on. It’s second nature to me, and I’m old enough to remember when my dad would get under the seat and remove them from the car when he bought a new one because he hated them so much.

          1. Pete

            I remember going to the beach with my parents in a 70s era station wagon. They would put all the seats down and we basically had a play area with sleeping bags for when we were tired. No seat belts. We would have been toast if we were in even a minor collision.

            I agree that seat belts should be worn.

  1. In my link, the Auburn coaches and players were cleaning up at a church in Pleasant Grove. Auburn students also helped out in the aftermath of the tornados

    of 2011

  2. Phillip was everything I love about college football. He was a good guy—-the kind of guy you only really get in college and that nowadays is all too often shadowed by the ego-heads and idiots getting arrested or worse. He was a terror on the field, a true competitor. I knew his family. I wish we’d have picked him up but nothing could overshadow how sad it is to lose him. It’s awful.

  3. A tragedy for his family and all who knew him personally. He scared the shit out of me everytime he went out for a pass. Condolences.

  4. Loved that guy-he was a gutsy player on the field-absolutely nothing to dislike other than the team he played for. Deserved a long NFL career and a long life, and unfortunately for the world and him he got neither. Very sad.

  5. People do make mistakes, but what am I going to do–be his blatant accuser like the devil or a demon?! NO! I like Alabama university football, but am not an elephant vs. a tiger. Lutzy was probably the biggest character of the rivalry–other than Cam himself! It’s something you do like watching a program or movie. It’s about the proper perspective. It is a game! He was a real person and invaluable; both were! My condolences. Was deeply saddened to hear it.

  6. Condolences from me and my family also. I remember his playing days at Auburn . Yes there are a lot of ‘nay sayers’ out there but I’m not one of them . The school and the state has lost a good person and a dang good football player!! May he rest in peace…..

  7. Classy article as always by my friend Hunter Ford. This whole thing truly does put football in perspective as it relates to life itself. I loved watching Lutz play. As was stated above, he DESERVED an NFL career. I’m sure the lives he touched will be changed forever.

    1. His sister goes to UA and plays on the soccer team…if you’re going to be a douche at least keep her in mind

      1. He’s not a douch, he’s a retarded piece of shit who thinks he’s perfect. Sll self rigtheous bastards should be.lined up against a wsll and shot. Of course the mpther fuker has never, ever embubef nothing alcoholic and drove, or never ever drove without a seatbelt. If one of his kids drives without a seatbelt when he’s not with them, and has an accident – I wonder if he will spit on their grave?

  8. I don’t understand why the driver and Lutz were tested for alcohol but not the other passengers. I understand why he diver would be tested. But why Lutz and not the other passengers?

    I don’t see any evidence presented in the news articles I have read. It seems premature to speculate.

    1. yup …but regardless no drinking and driving…no smoking … wear seatbelts …no drugs…in this era

    2. I don’t know the protocol, but what I have read is that they drew blood from the deceased victims. I had assumed that that was standard operating procedure in order to assist in determining cause of death. While, the cause of death would appear to be obvious, ie blunt force trauma, i assumed they were just following protocol. Since the other passengers weren’t driving and they did not die there was no need to take their blood.

  9. This website finally wrote a classy article. As a Bama fan it is laughable how immature and rediculous the articles are on this website. Worry about Bama, and quit the obsessive name calling of Aubie and other decent university’s. Also…kick ITK to the curb. He glossed himself “In the Know”…he don’t know anything.

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  10. i agree with crimsonite .peggy is one stupid ignorant slut – in no way shape or form has au ever been a decent u…completely controlled by off-campus wicked the professors are told what grades to give and depts are told what courses to offer …and the sports program are corrupt but still horrid on the field

  11. bama puts the " ass " in Class

    Crimson hammeeeerrrrrr has shown once again how big of a piece of white trash he truly is. You have no business saying anything about Lutz and or his family’s loss. You are the ” rotten POS you speak if. And will someone PLEASE get crimsionite a dictionary?! Talking about someone’s ” Language” the call someone a ” imposer ” ? I guess they do not have spell check on your flip phone? If you thought this website was bad before , ITK and his minions are burning this bitch to the ground. lol

    1. u stupid ignorant slut – i did not say anything about lutz’ family ….u r human dung at best….and lutz if asked did u frick up? bet he would say yes ….u look at me nothing puzzay zero trash

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