Alabama beats Ole Miss; Does Freeze know field goals count?

Ole Miss is a team of perpetual promise and perpetual failure

The Half a dozen trips and the half a dozen slips
And the very latest bursting of the bubble. (Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel)

Every year Ole Miss is going to break through in the SEC. However, something holds the Rebels back. Often it is Alabama standing in the Rebels way.

Sometimes it has been decisions like firing a good coach (see David Cutcliffe). Other times it was hiring idiot coaches like Ed Orgeron. Oh, add another idiot to the list in the name of Hugh Freeze.

Hugh Freeze brought a very talented Ole Miss team into Tuscaloosa. (Ask Georgia’s coaching staff what they think of Freeze and Ole Miss recruiting.) Yet, once again, the Ole Miss bubble burst. Once again, Ole Miss found out that Tuscaloosa is a hard road to travel.

Alabama football players Jeoffrey Pagan and CJ Mosley wrap up the Ole Miss offense. Photo by Kent Gidley/UA.

Ole Miss found out that field goals count.

Ole Miss found out that talk is cheap.

Ole Miss found out that what works on the Playstation and Xbox does not work in big boy SEC football. You can’t go for it on fourth down every time and pass on those field goals.

Ole Miss found out they have a girl’s high school basketball coach leading all that talent amassed through its recruiting efforts.

Every trip into Alabama territory resulted in a slip.

And it was the very latest bursting of the Ole Miss bubble.

Alabama has issues, but the team has some positives too

While it was a big win for Alabama over a top 25 team and SEC West rival, there are issues for Alabama.

The biggest difference in this year’s Alabama and previous Saban teams? This year’s Alabama squad has too many mental lapses that yield too many unforced errors like all these false start penalties.

This trend has put Alabama into difficult down and distance situations. Going forward, this is something that needs to be corrected for Alabama to defeat top-level defenses like LSU.

Well, allegedly top defenses like LSU. (Though, fans should know that the LSU defense will be much improved and play a better game when the Tigers face Alabama.)

One good point was the Alabama defense. Ole Miss entered the game averaging 38 points per game and 490 yards of total offense. Tonight, Alabama surrendered only 205 total yards and zero points.