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Alabama vs Texas A&M predictions

Alabama vs Texas A&M predictions

Everyone is trying to find some insight into how the Alabama vs Texas A&M game will unfold. This computer simulation has an Alabama vs Texas A&M prediction fans should consider in light of Alabama showing as about a 7.5 point favorite over Texas A&M.

Specifically, ran a computer simulation 101 times to yield the Alabama vs Texas A&M prediction. The simulation predicted an Alabama victory 67.3 percent of the time. The average score was Alabama 27 Texas A&M 22. According to the video that you can watch above, the computer simulation engine was correct 85 percent of the time in Week 2 of the college football season and 18-3 in games involving the Top 25.

So, what do you think? Watch the video to understand a little about the computer simulation’s Alabama vs Texas A&M prediction, and then scroll down to the comments and share your Alabama vs Texas A&M prediction.

Will Johnny Manziel be the difference maker? What matchups do you think are key? Is it Johnny Football vs the Alabama defense or is it the Alabama offense facing the Aggie defense? Share your reasoning and post your Alabama vs Texas A&M predictions.

3 thoughts on “Alabama vs Texas A&M predictions”

  1. I don’t have one of my clairvoyant feelings for this game. It is rare that I have one anyway. But when I do it has worked out at a 90% correct rate. The lone loss being 6-9 to the Corndogs in that fluke of a game which later at 21-0 proved my original feeling to have been 100% right on. A&M’s offense scares me. So does ours after that VT performance. There’s no doubt Bama is far more talented and deeper than A&M overall. Our team is 90% 4 and 5 stars vs A&M’s 3 and 4 stars. Our entire defense will one day play in the NFL, and probably 6 or 7 from the offense. But will they play that way Saturday? Do they have the chemistry NOW, since there is no later? Normally I wouldn’t be in the least bit scared of any team since it usually all works its way out by the end of the season. Only Bama and Awbie have gone wire to wire undefeated in the past 8 years. What makes me afraid this year are the sheer numbers of teams who have a good to great chance to finish undefeated and eliminate a one loss Bama from the BCSNCG. It’s almost a given that Louisville and Ohio State won’t lose. But based on the first 2 weeks performances the following are strong possibilities in addition to UL and or in place of OSU: Michigan, Wisconsin or Nebraska; Fla St or Clemson; Okie St, Oklahoma or Baylor; Oregon, Stanford, UCLA or Washington; and BYU. Not even getting a chance in January is what scares me. That being said, the butterflies in my gut tell me 28-24 Bama. Cross my fingers, Knock on wood, 50 Hail Mary’s, Salt over my shoulder, etc, etc, etc. RTR!

    1. Thanks for sharing.

      Phil Steele said Alabama would win by over two touchdowns. Steele said that on Tuesday when he was interviewed on the Cowherd show on ESPN Radio.

      Looking at trends and the numbers, I would agree with that opinion. On paper, the numbers show a bad A&M defense facing a pretty good Alabama offense. And Alabama faced one of the best defensive fronts in the nation when it played Virginia Tech.

      On the other hand, being a fan, the game makes me a little nervous simply because we all know a hot QB can almost be unstoppable. I think back to Tebow in the 2008 SEC Championship Game—he made some throws that the defensive was perfect, but the throw and catch made Florida a winner.

      Anyway, if forced to pick, I’d go Alabama 35 Texas A&M 17.

  2. Along with the above observations, I wonder how much of this game is hype as well. ESPN needs this to be a nail-biter offensive showdown, with aTm in it all the way to the end. Part of me thinks this may be “the” game for Bama to show their stuff, along the lines of the LSU 21-0 beatdown and last years BCSNCG against the hapless Irish. If that is how it will go, we should be able to tell by the middle of the first quarter. Hopefully, CNS has them so ready for the speed of JFF and the aTm offense that there is no opening lag on the part of the defense. At the high end of my expectations, I’d like to see Bama on the field most of the first half and aTm floundering a little playing catch up, much like Bama did in the first game against the Aggies. I’d really like to see what JFF is made of when he’s trying to get back into a game – I’m not sure aTm can win it just on his shoulders. He doesn’t strike me as that disciplined, even on the football field, much less off of it.
    I’ll feel a whole lot better when we see what kind of team chemistry has built over the past 12-14 days on the practice field in Tuscaloosa. CNS seems almost chipper in his media meetings, so I’m never sure if that means we’re good going into this game, or he’s just whistling past the graveyard.

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