Johnny Manziel had little difficulty eluding would be tacklers last season, but the reigning Heisman winner has a much harder time avoiding trouble. And this latest foe may be what knocks him out of the game for good.

One of hundreds of paid for autographs authenticated by the company, “JSA.”
ESPN is reporting that Johnny Football is being investigated by the NCAA for allegedly exchanging hundreds of autographs for thousands of dollars (a five figure sum), a clear violation of the NCAA’s policy for its amateur student athletes. That NCAA Bylaw is…accepting money for promoting or advertising the commercial sale of a product or service…and if the NCAA investigation finds that Manziel profited from the sale of his signatures, he could be ruled ineligible.

The autographs reportedly came last January when Manziel took in the BCS title game in Miami. Three sources told ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” that Manziel signed photographs, footballs, mini football helmets and other items at the request of autograph broker Drew Tieman. Two sources said that Tieman approached Manziel about the possibility on Jan. 6 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Following the encounter, three sources said Manziel and his personal assistant Nathan Fitch, visited Tieman’s residence and signed hundreds of items despite many other people being in the room at the time. Before Manziel left South Florida, following the title game, he signed hundreds more autographs, one source said.

To gauge the seriousness of the situation, you can usually follow the betting lines. Las Vegas usually has the upper hand on information as it relates to potential issues, and in this case, the Las Vegas Hotel sports books on Sunday night took Texas A&M games against Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, LSU and Missouri off the board.

Athletes being asked for their signatures on items is obviously not uncommon, and many of those items eventually wind up on eBay. But the amount of Johnny Football product that flooded the memorabilia market overall following the BCS title game was overwhelming, memorabilia dealers told “Outside the Lines.” Two of the leading autograph authentication companies, PSA/DNA and JSA, have authenticated many of the items. Officials with both companies told ESPN that they guarantee the signatures, some with inscriptions like “Gig ‘Em” and “Heisman ’12”. Online verification databases show a single lot of 999 signed Manziel photos numbered sequentially. JSA authenticated 248 items and 376 items that came in in two batches that also are numbered sequentially. Insiders say this indicates the signings were done in large quantities intended for wholesale.

We’ve seen the NCAA screw up investigations before, and nothing is ever a slam dunk with the NCAA. Cam Newton’s father admitted openly to the NCAA that he shopped his son to Mississippi State for the sum of $200,000, yet the governing organization accepted his word that despite standing to gain an enormous profit elsewhere, somehow the greedy father elected to let Cam go to Auburn for nothing, having never stepped a foot on campus prior. Oh, and Cam knew nothing about the arrangement. Riiight.

But this situation appears more difficult for the tip-toe artist to wiggle out of unscathed. An issue much bigger than just attention seeking Tweets, or news of being kicked out of frat parties…or worse yet, the Manning Quarterback Camp… this one may grant Johnny Football his wish, as cited from one of his earliest scathing Tweets: “To get out of College Station.”

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38 thoughts on “Manziel suspected of exchanging autographs for pay; NCAA trouble ahead”

  1. Cross your fingers and just maybe you will get a response or two to this article. Looking at the last few sorry attempts you made , it is not looking good for you. lol Funny how you compared this to Cam , but left out a story that is a lot more similar to another one. How does this compare to the T-Town suit story ITK? Does this not share alot more similarities than the Cam Newton rumors?

    1. @SEC Fan———-the T-Town Menswear thing I think people just didn’t think about. It’s a wide open store with glass walls. It’s not like they were trying to hide anything, and it’s not like they were selling hundreds of Julio Jones autographs. Alabama players wear suits to games, and there can’t be that many places to get a suit in Tuscaloosa, not to mention any suit stores that have so many cool Alabama paintings and such.

      Forget innocent or guilty—-the choice is already made, but at least with T-Town Menswear there’s a better reason and no hiding. There should at least be some doubt, although some people can never doubt anything Alabama does is completely illegal, immoral, and lucrative.

      But Manziel signing hundreds of helmets and pictures, numbering them (that’s a big deal and another notable difference), and having no reason to do it for nothing, and for a total stranger, and a guy who makes a living selling autographs and not suits?

      Stay with me here——if you got all your suits from the same guy and he asked you for an autograph, why not? I mean doesn’t that at least make sense? Jay Barker gave my grandfather a personalized autographed print to give to me but didn’t get a dime. They were golf friends. He signed lots of autographs for other friends and family, all for free.

      But a guy you just met while you’re on vacation as a 20-year-old kid watching two other teams play in a title game asking you to spend hours signing hundreds of items to sell, who would do that for free?

      Nobody. But that’s not the point. The point is there has to be money. And they won’t find it.

      Look. Cam Newton probably got away with it. But what they at least proved he did wasn’t against the rules then and was immediately made a new ineligibility rule afterwards. Cam Newton would have been ineligible the following year, just not the year he won a title.

      Manziel, on the other hand, is probably doing something that would make him ineligible. But they have to be able to find the money. Manziel’s rich, so that part doesn’t make sense and might even be easier to hide as a result. It all looks incredibly bad, but I don’t think anything can or will happen because hiding money is easier than signing hundreds of autographs.

  2. You do realize that you left out a few key points to your argument right? 1). The T-Town guy was selling bama player autographs ( same as guy in manziel case). 2). Wouldn’t say the guy in Manziel case was hiding. Reports said their was up to 100 people at his house during the time that Manziel was signing the pictures. 3). Cam would have been eligible the following season because you have to be found to have done something wrong for the NCAA to say you are ineligible. Please be specific and point out what the NCAA said Cam did that was illegal. Just because the alabama inbred fanbase ” thinks” Cam took money doesn’t make it so. And if you think the NCAA would have came back and said he was ineligible just a few months after saying he was eligible is nothing more than a coping device by another typical bammer. The NCAA went over everything at Auburn with a fine tooth comb and probably more than once and came away with no wrong doing by Cam/Auburn. I think it is funny as hell that that 1 little NC by Auburn means more to you bammers then the so called 14-26 NCs ( how many are yall claiming again) that bama has. It is not my fault that your beloved bama could have stopped this nightmare from happening but they could not hold on to a 24 point lead Vs. a so called 1 man team. Every bama fan that I speak to will talk for hours about auburn’s 2010 NC but they never bring up a single 1 of the 36 that bama claims. You guys are scared for life. lol

    1. My uninformed friend SEC, er, AuburnFan,

      What Conduit was saying was that what Cam and daddy did would’ve been illegal the following year. He wasn’t saying because of what he did he would’ve been ineligible for the following season. Set your blind hate aside for just a second so you can hear the facts.

      Please hold on to that T-Town Menswear story. I hope it eats you alive every night you try to sleep.

      The point is, logic usually points to truth, but my point was when you’re dealing with the NCAA, an impotent organization when you employ the Auburn Way (deny, deny, deny, rather than work with them above board like Bama has mistakenly done in the past), it is possible to find a loop hole. I fully expect Manziel to be playing Sept. 14, and hope he does. I doubt it’ll have much affect on the game itself. Expect a mudhole with the Aggies at the bottom of it.

      Now hurry, run along and get ready for your 6-6 season.

      Your friend,

    2. You’re already getting ahead of yourself.

      T-Town Menswear displayed plenty of paintings, autographed hats and jerseys, all in giant windows. You say, “The T-Town guy was selling bama player autographs,” I say he wasn’t or, hell, I would have bought one. You never saw it, thousands of others including me did—-it’s not like it was in a private apartment in Miami like Manziel’s alleged scheme; it was in plain sight in a store with a glass face.

      Look, I love Alabama. But I’ve seen T-Town Menswear. Have you? I’m serious about whether or not you have seen the store because if what Alabama was doing was wrong, it would have been not just the easiest case against them in the history of sports, but the most idiodic display imaginiable and right there in public in the same city as the school, not in Miami hundreds of miles away from College Station, with a front wall made entirely out of glass.

      If you did ever see T-Town Menswear (it’s still there, by the way, if you want to see what it looks like), you’d notice that long before any story about Alabama players winning titles for free suits and autograph money there were giant warning stickers on the glass displaying helmets and paintings. You couldn’t even get a good picture of some really cool Alabama stuff without the warnings getting in the way that none of it was for sale. It’s odd all the pictures show signing and no price tags, and no pictures of their gear for sale—-I would have taken some pics myself, as would many of fans from many other schools when visiting Tuscaloosa, particularly rivals. It would have been so easy! A warning about it being illegal, right in front of the illegal merchandise!?
      . Otherwise I might have bought my brother a cool Mark Ingram autographed jersey, which of course they didn’t have. Some people just can’t see any possible way it was legit because they can’t see past their prejudices.

      I got Cody’s autograph right there in front of T-Town Menswear. Conspiracy, right?

      I could say he was already in the NFL and all, but it won’t matter, the point isn’t that Alabama did anything wrong, the point is you can’t see it otherwise. That same mall is where I went decades ago with my grandfather to get free autographs from players. So it’s either legit, or a conspiracy between a suit dealer, the NCAA, and Coach Nick Saban. I don’t want this to be a T-Town Menswear debate instead of actually saying anything about Manziel’s story.

      Cam’s dad sold him. Even if there is no money, that specific action was made against the rules just weeks after Cam left Auburn. Whether or not Cam knew is no longer incidental, it just didn’t matter when Cam went to Auburn.

      But don’t act like I’m turning it into a Cam-hating party please——The point is that you don’t have to prove whether or not he knew he was being shopped anymore because now it’s against the rules, and that relates to this story because there won’t be a new rule for autographs. You still have to find the money and the link, which they probably won’t. They’re not going to make signatures an ineligible offense. Even if Cam didn’t actually know he was being sold, the NCAA closed that loophole after Cam left Auburn but they can’t stop players signing things. They just won’t.

      Congrats on beating Alabama with Cam Newton. We haven’t lost a national title since. Maybe it was worth it for all of us and to be scared (scarred?) for life. ROLL TIDE.

      PS—–Alabama claims 15 national championships, not 36.

    3. SECtool:
      1) The T-town Menwear guy was most certainly NOT selling players’ autographs – he was displaying them. As Conduit said, all kinds of signs were posted in his windows saying that none of the stuff in the windows was for sale. You are just reading the NtY foundations talking points instead of actually investigating this yourself. You have a future as a newspaper jounalist, or possibly a blog writer for any of a jillion AU websites.
      2) The guy in the Manziel case was most certainly hiding what he was doing, or there would never have been any interest from the NCAA in the first place. Tie that to all the stupid off-season actions of JFF himself and you no longer have too much doubt that he did something at best idiotic, at worst against the rules as they stood at the time.
      3) Cam may or may not have been eligible for an additional season at the Barn. We will never know, will we? One thing I do know, however, is he would have had to attend classes during that spring 2011 semester in order to be eligible, and he didn’t.

      I love all you boogs latching on to the aTm story like it’s some kind of attack on the Barn. You know it will be years, if not decades, before you will be able to challenge Bama on the football field, so you grab on to anyone else who can do it and pretend that it’s you instead. Maybe the Barn will amount to something in the next few years – maybe not. But having another program do it for you is more telling about your own program than it is about Bama’s. Keep hoping something sticks to that wall, boog – it’s the only way the Barn will ever catch up again.

      1. @pete4tide

        Just to clarify, with all possible due respect, Cam Newton absolutely would not have been eligible the season after he won the national title at Auburn.

        A new rule was created weeks after the national title game that said any player would be immediately ineligible if any family member was found to be selling their services regardless of the student athlete’s knowledge.

        Before then, the rule was that if the player didn’t know, he wasn’t deemed ineligible. Cam says he didn’t know he was being shopped, so it wasn’t against the rules then, but if he says he didn’t know he was being shopped now it simply doesn’t matter because the rule closed that particular loophole.

        The NCAA wants to prevent players getting money more than anything else. It’s their number one most wanted enemy. They’ll do whatever they can to find data on Manziel, but it probably won’t matter anyway.

        Personally, I wished Alabama had a chance to play Colt McCoy for 4 quarters, and I’d hate to have the same regrets about Manziel. He made money and they won’t find it, so let’s just hope it stays that way and Alabama gets to prove their worth and the returning players get their vengeance without the distractions or schedule issues from last year.

  3. Um pete and condom…you are both wrong but please continue to live in your fantasy world. Please explain this to me…. Now If we all want to assume that since cecil newton tried to sell his son’s services to MSU , then he had to have done the same when it came his sons recruitment to auburn. Then why can we all not assume that the players that were current alabama players got something in return for their autographs? And yes the guy from t-town was selling their autographs because he was posting them on ebay and other websites until the s**t hit the fan and he was then forced to remove the ads. If he was not selling the autographs please explain to me why the U of A sent the guy a C&D letter asking him to take them down? And back to condom’s thoughts on cam would have been ineligible for the 2011 season if he would have stayed…..keep telling yourself whatever you need to so you can get through life.

    1. My advice?

      Read the cease-and-desist letter itself.

      The letter doesn’t appear to be linked in the story you linked and yet it answers many of the questions you asked.

      You won’t accept any answers from anyone who has ever had anything to do with Alabama, but that’s why you try to turn Johnny Manziel autographs-for-money allegations from a brand new story into an opportunity to remind everyone you can’t think about anything other than Alabama’s pre-perceived guilt.

      Do you have any opinion at all on the actual story? Again, the T-Town Menswear store couldn’t have been more public. You didn’t answer if you ever saw the store, but again, either it was one of the greatest conspiracies in all of sport (and in plain sight no less), or Alabama did the right thing and players weren’t getting 5-figures for numbered editions of autographs like Johnny Manziel is being accused of doing as of just yesterday.

      We don’t assume Cecil Newton tried to sell Cam; he did. If you use the NCAA saying they didn’t find Cam was guilty as your reason for his innocence, then at the same time you have to use the NCAA saying they found Cecil shopped his kid as legitimate. Since then, the ammended rules would make anyone else who ever tries it in the future immediately ineligible to play football.

      But how do you turn that into players getting paid for autographs at Alabama? Like, really, how?

      The suit guy was selling autographs on ebay? That one is news to me. I don’t see any evidence of that in the link to Clay Travis’s story, either?

      You asked why Alabama sent him a C&D letter. Again, I ask you to read the letter itself. I expect you’ll complain about it but it does have the answers.

      Also it’s “Conduit,” not “Condom.” I’m going to assume that was an auto-correct spelling mistake from your smart phone.

      Look, I’m not saying the rule, again, about Cam Newton is supposed to be Cam-hate. It’s not. It’s related to the story. Harking non-stop on the T-Town Menswear story and deliberately not reading some of the most important information including some coming from people who have first-hand experience with the store itself (you can still see it, like I said above) and the actual statement and C&D letter from the University of Alabama is not helping you and has nothing to do with your opinions on the story at hand. Cam Newton would have been ineligible after his title-winning year because they closed a loophole with an ammended rule. The loophole for player autographs is that signing an autograph doesn’t make a player ineligible (selling them does) and the NCAA are simply not going to close that loophole. Do you think they should? Should they stop letting student athletes sign autographs? Do you have any opinion on the story itself or just prejudicial hatred for the University of Alabama, everything it does, and everything it represents?

      Look. Alabama knew about players getting suits there. Doesn’t that say something about perceived guilt? Like, that they explicitly believed he wasn’t selling autographs for profits? If Alabama knew or even thought Albetar was selling current-player autographs and did nothing, is it possible to assume he wasn’t?

      Not if you have blind hate for big brother Alabama.

      The point is this————Kevin Sumlin found out about Manziel’s autographs at the same time as we did. Nobody from the administration at Texas A&M knew (unless Sumlin is lying, but I always give people the benefit of the doubt when they speak). Someone at TAMU almost certainly knew and therefore should have warned the coaching staff. Instead, they were blind-sided. If they didn’t know, they’re completely inept, and I don’t think that’s likely. The fact that Alabama knew about their players going to the same suit store together and not seeing a problem either means
      1.) there wasn’t a perceived problem for the greater part of a decade,
      2.) Alabama’s self-reporting administration is utterly and completely inept, or
      3.) it’s the greatest conspiracy in plain sight in all of sports throughout all recorded history.

      I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but I think at this point it’s fair to at least ask for some sort of opinion on the actual story itself, the one about Manziel possibly getting paid more than $10,000 for numbered limited edition autographs in Miami while working with a man who sells autographs for a living.

    2. Side note—-you’re referencing an article written buy a guy who has done more than just about anyone to profess Cam Newton’s guilt.

      Nevermind the C&D letter was issued a year before the article was even written, but it also came out the same week Auburn had a suit scandal that isn’t being referenced in this story either.

      None of it has anything to do with Manziel, Texas A&M, or autograph companies working with current student athletes.

      The only thing this story does have in common with the topic at hand is Johnny Manziel allegedly commited the ineligible acts on a trip to Miami to watch Alabama win a national championship.

      Roll Tide.

    3. I’m sure you can provide a link or some other proof to what you alledged here (he was selling them). Oh, you can’t? I mean, something that originates somewhere other than “The Bunker” or “The Never To Yield Foundation.”

      Compliance offices (good ones, like we have) will shoot down any threat. Sometimes something that appears evil isn’t evil, but perceptions are too costly to let them continue. That’s the issue you speak of.

      But in your world of unicorns and leprechauns, reality is just too hard to chew on. Oh, and way to link Clay Travis’ website. Now there’s a journalist…

    1. Bama can claim 15 or even 17, but earned is a different number, and much lower than that. That number would be 8 at most, and not sure what 2 other years are being referred to.

      1. Bama gets 4 national championships because I’ve seen 5 with my own eyes and I’ll take one away just to be nice to everyone else who doesn’t have so many.

        Roll Tide.

        Now, back on topic please? Johnny Manziel has zero titles and tweets about how much championships matter days before being accused of getting paid for hundreds of autographs. .

  4. I will give you credit…atleast you tried to stand up for something for once and didnt wait for one of these mindless bama fans to play body guard for you. And as far as the ” 15 ” claim….why havent you or any of the gumps here answer the question I asked days ago? ” On the front cover of the 1972 Alabama football media guide, beside the Bear Bryant cartoon, its says ” National Champions 3 times”. Now flash forward to the 1998 Alabama Football Media Guide. On the cover of the 98 media guide there are National Championship banners for 8 years prior to 1972…..where did these 5 mystery championships come from? ” This came from the university of alabama football media guides…not or any other crappy site that still manages to get more readers than this one.

    1. Fine. We have five national titles.

      I encourage you to look to see where the championship claims because, guess what, it’s not Alabama alone who claims Alabama has 15. Do you not question what the media guide says instead?

      Can we move on? Don’t you have any opinion at all about the actual story, or just more blind Alabama hate and prejudice?

    2. SECgoob – Conduit has done nothing but respond to your ridiculous assertions from your first misfire to your last, taking much more time than I ever would have to logically and articulately counter punch his way right to that single-cell organism you generously call a brain in your head. You are the one who is myopically centered on championships NOT won by the barn, on men’s suit stores, and links to Clay Travis drivel.
      Now – since you want to bring up things that no one will respond to – what do you actually think about this particular story? Do you have an opinion? Or are just a troll who can’t stay away from Bama websites because there’s just nothing else to talk about in SEC football news than whether Bama will win their 8th title in my lifetime (pretty much recognized by everyone), which is 6 more than the boogs have won ever, and more than anyone else in the SEC and the country. It really doesn’t even make any difference where the other 7 come from – there’s more that are clearly documented than you will ever experience in the next 3 lifetimes.
      Got any opinions about JFF? Or will you again respond with more proof that you are either 1) a 13-year old boy who occasionally snatches his mothers iPad away long enough to type a response, or 2) some pitiful small college fan that “never got that chance at an education” that has latched on to Bama hate to make yourself feel more like a man and less like a loser.
      This article brings up some very interesting claims about JFF – what do you really think? Can you handle that?

  5. ALABAMA HAS 10 RECOGNIZED NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS DURING THE POLL ERA. TEN,T-E-N…However, they have 15 OVERALL recognized from other sources. Now, you douchebag, prejudiced live for hating Alabama, Auburn fan, “SEC” will you just give it up already? It’s not any Alabama fan’s fault on here you were duped by your parents or other family members into becoming Auburn fans. They suck, and that’s life. You need to learn to forgive



    1. 1964: Because of the outcry of a team winning a title and losing the last game, UPI changed the policy( should have never been an issue if they had done it right to start with.) 1973: Same thing happened as in 1964 , but this time AP changed their policy. By the way, 1964 came while on probation for recruiting inducements( they paid players), as was 2009 and 2011 were on probation while they won them. Bama fans are quick to point out 1957 for us, but fail to mention when it is them. You can claim 15, because deserved or not, those teams were awarded titles, though you didn’t claim 5 of those for 50 years. We could, and should claim 9, and not sure why we don’t. The main problem I have with Bama fans on this is the double standard you employ, as I pointed out above. Some Auburn fans don’t want us to claim the other 7 we have won. Understand their reasoning, but disagree with them. Very rarely will Bama fans admit several of titles you proudly claim, are shaky at best. 1941 is the best example. Just be consistent and apply the same standard to both schools (that is for all Bama fans, not any one person, as is everything I have written here.)

  7. (1.) check the NCAA website. see how many championships they credit us with. (hint: it’s more than 15)

    (2.) in the early 1900’s, we put southern football on the map. we were the program a conference was built around. we can legitimately claim as many championships as we want.

  8. I see finebubba was in a drunken state around 2:41 A.M. Glad to see that posts made by lil ole me has made it hard for you guys to sleep. lol The NCAA does not ” credit ” any D-1 ( FBS) school with any NC. The list you are referring to is a list of ” National Championships” that was awarded by any organization. It even clearly states that the NCAA does not recognize NC for d-1 because they do not have a playoff system . According to that same list Auburn has like 6 NC or something like that. This shows the difference in the 2 fan bases. Do you see any Auburn fan wearing shirts with 6 NC listed…..nope.

    Now lets look at this flawed list that RC stayed up till midnight to post…

    1961-UNANIMOUS ( LEGIT )
    1964-UNANIMOUS ***( Bama lost their bowl game to texas who arkansas beat …ARKY was undefeated. )
    1965-AP ( Coaches poll gave Mich. State the NC)
    1973-UPI ( Lost to the real Champion ND in the bowl game. ND is the NC for this year…sorry)
    1978-AP ( one of the most rigged NC’s in college sports history. SI did a story on how the BAHR pulled strings to get into the sugar bowl to play penn state. He knew that USC had the inside track on winning the NC unless he could get into the game VS. Penn State and win. )
    1979-UNANIMOUS ( Legit)
    1992-UNANIMOUS ( Legit.)
    2009-UNANIMOUS ( These next 3 bama backed into. They are legit but when a team has a loss and there is still Undefeated teams left out you have to question the system. )

    1. I can’t believe this is still going on.

      This is a troll, right? I don’t mean it as an insult, but rather by definition, isn’t it? You say absolutely nothing about the story at hand and continue to try to get people upset by commenting with insults, lies and conjecture.

      Alabama has 15 national championships. Deal with it.

      Johnny Manziel, oh hell, who am I kidding? He’s a football player at another school so you may not have heard of him and that may be why you’re not responding to it.

      Johnny Manziel is the starting quarterback at an in-conference school called Texas A&M. He’s been a media superstar since winning the Heisman Trophy last year in Texas A&M’s first year in the SEC and is now involved with an NCAA investigation regarding allegeldy selling autographed stacks of numbered photographs for over $10,000. It’s definitely interesting.

      The alleged autographs were created in Miami, FL where Manziel was visiting to watch Alabama win its latest national championship.

  9. Wait, now you’re questioning the system itself?

    So you’re suggesting TCU and Boise State and Oklahoma State were better teams than the national championship-winning team, right? You’re also suggesting those teams were better than Texas, correct?

    People do question the system. That’s precisely why Alabama keeps making it into the national title game; not the other way around.

    Listen. I hate Auburn. But wow, you are still outrageously surprising with your prejudice and blind rage for anything Alabama-related.

  10. I don’t hate alabama. Only an ignorant person would hate an institute of higher learning. I don’t hate Alabama football players or their coaches. I have said many times that Saban is a great coach and will go down as one of the greatest of all time. I even don’t hate decent bama fans. Hell I married one. What I do hate is the bulk of the bama fan base that feels it must put down every other fan base to make them feel better about their own short comings in life. I also hate that ignorant fans are not happy with their schools great history so they have to claim mystery titles to build their self esteem up. Only complete jackasses hate a 17 year old kid because the color of the football jersey he puts on. I am close friends with a couple of kids and their families that played for alabama. I am also very close friends with OJ Howard and his dad Eric Seabon. I watched OJ grow up in youth football and even coached his youngest brother for 3 years. OJ by the way grew up an auburn fan and chizik ruined any shot at Auburn getting OJ but that story/rant is for another time. This crap that ITK and capstonereport puts out and claims is critical sports info , is the type of crap that the mindless members of the bama fanbase feeds off of. My son is entering his junior season and is starting to get attention from college coaches. He was even invited the the OL/DL camp at bama. I would be proud for my son to play for saban , but I would never associate with the bama fans that buys into crap like capstonereport. Now as far as TCU or whoever was a better team….probably not, BUT they won every game to earn a chance to prove it. Just like I think bama was a much better team than Utah but Utah earned a spot in the sugar bowl and beat bama.

    1. @SECfan:

      That’s hypocritical. You came here not to comment on the story, but to put down another fan base, which is exactly what you’re saying you hate the Alabama fan base for doing.

      You didn’t come here to talk about the story whatsoever and have yet to comment on the story even now. By literal definition, it’s called “trolling.”

      You took the Cam Newton reference personally as a blanket Alabama fan base putting down another one even though not only is it relevant to the story, but it’s also relative to what to expect. They even have the same exact laywers in the Manziel case as the Newton case. It’s not a witch hunt. It’s not disrespectful or blindly hateful.

  11. Being an Alabama fan I couldnt care less if Manziel signed memoribillia for money, I don’t blame him one bit. Also back to your Jeremy Hill story, what Hill did was gruesome, but I saw fights like that in highschool after our archrival beat us and a fight broke out at a party. Meanwhile we are just small town folks to. Not thugs but stuff happens. Lastly, I’m only 29 but even when i was younger there wasn’t this dog eat dog mentality we have today. Everybody from the guy filming Jeremy Hill fighting, to the autograph broker turning in Manziel for signing memorobillia for money everybody and I mean everybody wants to make a name for thereselves no matter how sleazy it is. Seriously I hope some of yall agree with me on this one.

    1. I dunno, I mean, Hill has been trained by professionals to hit harder and was given a scholarship to work to be stronger than anyone who doesn’t train to do the same thing. That’s the guy he hit. And it wasn’t a fight; it was a punch. They weren’t fighting each other man-to-man like we did in high school, but rather Hill just decked the guy.

      I’m ok with people getting second chances, but I’m not going to condone Hill at all, and if he had been kicked out of the program I wouldn’t have been disappointed.

      Manziel’s guy who was selling the autographs, have you seen this guy? It looks much worse than just autographs if you just look for the pictures. They’re partying with girls, cash, drinks, expensive cars, it feels more like a movie that nobody would believe than a college football underage freshman sensation. I agree, it shouldn’t be like that at all and he’s a creep. But Manziel let it happen.

  12. Thank you conduit for showing me the light ….PFFFFFTTTTT! Yeah ok. Anyway Your last attempt at an argument would be valid if you was defending a legitimate , neutral news source and not a bias one sided POS site that makes money off of keeping crap stirred up about rival schools / fan bases. Just look for yourself at the recent ” stories ” made on this site. Most of the ones about bama have zero or very little replies by readers. Now let ITK or one of the other con artists post something about auburn , or compare something negative to something in auburn and the bammers go nuts. capstonereport and other sources like this are part of the problem with the bama fan base and the perception they have. Everything that the uninformed bama fan holds on to is contradictive at best. Everything that is considered bama history is polluted with lies and contradictions put in place for the higher ups to make money off a weak minded fan base. Then when the rest of the sports world does not buy into the ” bama way ” they are then attacked by bama fans. The biggest contradiction ever when dealing with bama is the way bama fans look at auburn . You hear it every day how Auburn is little brother , and is jealous of the great bama history, etc. Then throw in the boasting and bragging about how bama is the greatest thing going ever in college football. Now here comes the contradiction…..If bama is so great , and Auburn is the 2nd or even 3rd tier team that bama fans claims, why do bama fans worry them self with us? Why do they feel they must constantly bring us up on their garbage sites and / or compare them self to such a lower level of team/school?I know why the sites / publications do it and its to suck more money from the gumps, but why does the fan base worry about lil ol Auburn so much? Once again look at the responses to past csr stories and see which stories get the most publicity…..damn sure isnt the ones dealing with bama is it? No matter if you want to admit it or not. No matter the number of false championships you claim . Little brother Auburn runs you.

    1. Dude – if you don’t like the site so much, why the heck are you here? Apparently this site carries so much weight with you that you feel you just cannot drop your one-man issue and go away. Is someone holding a gun on you? Do you not have the capability, either physically or mentally, to simply leave this site and go to one you can enjoy and support? This is a Bama site. What reason would it, or we, have to support another fan base, or even give a hoot whether you care? Utilize that mouse-thingy there in your hand and navigate to another place, brother. You are sounding like an absolute fool on here.

  13. You toothless gumps and Biotch gimps better hope Manziel is not playing or he will hang 35 or 40 points on you this year. You should of lost by two more touchdowns.

    And by the way, the Notre Dame game was only one sides after the refs called two game changing bull shit plays against ND basically killing their will to play. Almost like the AU game in 2010 when they called a BS unsportsman like conduct on Fairley and you gumps scored a TD on that BS.

    Your toothpick tattooed QB is really gonna have a “great year” with 3 of 5 lineman gone. BlowTide!

    1. I would imagine that Auburn hopes Johnny Football doesnt play considering he put an all time beating on them last year and emptying “the jungle” (haha even gayer than the “gus bus”) by halftime. Also Notre Dames will was broken when Eddie Lacy walked throught their ranks only to to let the play action to Williams on the goalline for the second TD prove Bamas O would not be denied. Perhaps if you read what the actual players in the game had to say about it instead of assuming with your typical barnerism you would understand what really happened. What did auburns bowl game opponent say about them after their game last year? Oh yeah hahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahah nevermind

    2. Give me a break.

      If you’re going to say TAMU should have (not “of”) won by 3 more touchdowns against Alabama last year, why not say Alabama should have won by the same margin?

      After all, AJ McCarron had his worst game of the year in that game including more interceptions than he had throughout the rest of the season. Sure, TAMU was that much better, right? Nevermind the final drive. TAMU got the win, Alabama got the championship.

      Speaking of championships, how do champions let anyone “kill their will to play?” Alabama was down in the two biggest games of the year, but the refs didn’t help them win when Alabama came back.

      Of course, the refs didn’t help AU last year at all. Nobody could.

      Great comment on the story though. Oh, wait, again, another comment for trolling that has nothing to do with the actual story itself.

    3. I’m sorry Dip Shit, but you obviously missed the President of the officials association clearly explaining that the call was 100% correct on the punt. And if you are talking about the sideline pass, you don’t know shit about football. True the receiver controlled the ball at first, but then he bobbled it just before he hit the ground – which meant he did not have control when he was officially out of bounds. Besides, Bama went through the Neutered Dame’s vaunted defense like a hot knife through butter from the opening kickoff. That is what took the life out of them. Oh, but you’re a dumbass Awbie. You can’t be expected to know any better. Go back to violating you pet pig. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  14. Hate Smurf Coach,
    Get a life or let it go bud. When I was in the Air Force Auburn spanked us all 4 of my years 2002-2006 but it was horrible for us. Basically I just didnt come to websites like this to post my hate filled garble, me and my friends kept to ourselves. Until Auburn gets their act together which i believe they will cool it with the comments.

  15. To the lying Piece of Shit Auburn fan known as SEC Fan

    Just deal with it. Bama has 10 recognized National Titles, and they were NOT under any NCaA probation in 64. Prove that, because our first probation was 1995, 40 years after Auburn’s first and had become the all time SEC leader in probation. You stupid cocksucker. The standards of the day dictate the National Champion, bowl game win or loss, not some whiny puny pussy Auburn fan

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