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Alabama reports secondary violations

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The University of Alabama released its yearly NCAA compliance report, posting 31 secondary violations within the athletic department within the last year. Seven involved the football program.

As defined by the NCAA, secondary violations are “isolated or inadvertent in nature; provide or are intended to provide only minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage; and do not include any significant impermissible benefit.” The majority of Alabama’s violations were inadvertent and did not warrant much more than rules education and letters of admonishment.

Alabama’s report, which it releases on a yearly basis, includes 31 secondary violations from 12 sports that occurred from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

The most notable among the football citations are actions placed against director of football operations Joe Pannunzio for his role in the Miami scandal while a member of the Hurricanes’ staff. For his association with the scandal, Pannunzio, who earns $170,000 annually, received no raise or contract extension for one year, wasn’t allowed to communicate with recruits for 90 days and had to attend an NCAA regional rules seminar.

Such reports are commonplace for universities in their efforts to abide by the ever growing NCAA rules agenda…a set of complex do’s and don’ts rivaling Levitical Jewish Law. For instance, Auburn reported 18 secondary violations in 2011, though and the dying Birmingham News doesn’t watchdog such information for Auburn as they do Alabama, in search of a cheap headline and internet clicks.

The report outlines corrective actions instituted by the University in regard to each violation. Read the report here

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12 thoughts on “Alabama reports secondary violations”

  1. Some of the secondary violations are stupid. Case in point, the asst coach who texted a recruit on an official visit, because the flight was delayed. Security at airports won’t allow you to stay at the entrance for that long. And we all know how easy it is to hit reply, when you meant to forward something. But I stand corrected that you don’t do articles about wrongdoing at UA. Of course you do follow it up with an AU article.

  2. Now Elite tiger….you seem surprised that “wish I knew ” wrote ( or had someone write for him ) another hate story on Auburn?This is the first time that I have been on this site in months, and I see nothing has changed. Just look at the number of responses to these garbage articles. Capstonereport is the Titanic of all sports websites. The writers here brag about how they are the premiere site for the most storied football program in the history of man kind. However they can only draw 1 or 2 responses to their fairy tale articles? Even after years of being in existence they can still only get 150 friends on the largest social media site Facebook? I could make a facebook page about any silly subject you like and could have more facebook friends in a week! AL.Com could do a story on how nick saban likes his eggs and have more readers in 10 mins than this POS site has in a month. Mike Price did more for the alabama program and its fans than Here is a little bit of advice to ” ITK ” and the rest of the trailer park dwellers that continue to pimp this garbage to people. Even the simple minded bammers get tired of this alabama circle jerk you call a sports site. Step your game up. Do some actual research and not just copy and paste every story you do. When is the last time that you ” broke ” a story? I would say never. That takes talent and imagination and is not the typical ” look i made another crappy auburn cartoon pic” article.

    1. Yeah does such a great job, did they even bother to mention Mike Dyer’s safety concerns while at Auburn? No they were too busy with quality reporting such as CJ Uzomah saying “I really dont know their names but the kid with gold teeth and dreads from Fla. is really grown up” He was talking about Tony Stevens. Wow so impressed, you dont even know his name. Butthurt aubie SEC FAN, be prepared for another dreadful season.

    2. I make my living online. And I love

      In the time it took to write your insult you could have built a revenue-generating website. It’s gotten much easier the past five years.

      As for “breaking” stories, is the site of origin the only place anyone looks? Of course not. Sports themselves are entertainment, so what does that make “sports” journalism? Nobody’s saving lives and changing the world between here and ESPN. Sports are fun. Football is fun. is fun.

      Roll Tide.

  3. Wow! 5 responses to an article. Whats sad is 2 of them are to my post. So basicly I am pulling in as many readers as ITK is. LMAO! Why not do a story on why bama students are afraid to walk the campus because of thug players beating them up for their lunch cards? This crap story and others like it is coming from a football program where majority of their ” tradition” is made up in their own minds. From made up championships to even down to the freaking pattern on bears hat are all made up to make money off of a weak minded fan base…..just like this web site. Examples : On the front cover of the 1972 Alabama football media guide, beside the Bear Bryant cartoon, its says ” National Champions 3 times”. Now flash forward to the 1998 Alabama Football Media Guide. On the cover of the 98 media guide there are National Championship banners for 8 years prior to 1972…..where did these 5 mystery championships come from? #2 Just how many pictures ( not paintings or copies of paintings) can you show where bear is wearing a hounds tooth hat? I think I have found 1 and that was a maybe. The bear wore plaid 99.9% of the time when he wore that style of hat. So keep defending your lies and insulting any other fan base because they don’t fall for your BS. Now as far as The Conduit’s response. WTF are you saying? No one said anything about this being a life changing site. This site claims to be a reliable source for alabama football. Can you or anyone of the other 16 people that read this site back up this claim ? This site is the equivalent to the national enquire and the fan bases are very similar.

    1. Made up traditions? Huh?

      You forgot to bash the program for having an elephant for their mascot. How disappointing.

      Sports journalism is entertainment because sports are entertainment. I don’t expect you to understand, I just don’t get the point of an insult for any sports web site not being important.

      No wonder you are so interested in Alabama. I’m sorry for your loss.

      Also, houndstooth looks awesome. Better than plaid. Roll Tide.

  4. SECfan: I am not surprised by the choice to follow up a bad Bama story, with one about Auburn. Surprised that they only posted one story on us. As far as the titles go, it is funny that Bama fans question why we may add titles we were awarded, when they(and Notre Dame) are the kings of it. I don’t see anything wrong with a school, and its fan base, claiming what they were awarded. But to say because we were awarded means we deserved that recognition, may not be accurate. When I graduated high school in 1980, Bama claimed 6 titles, and it wasn’t till 1986 that 5 were added, hence the “we got 11″” shirts, bumper stickers, etc.

  5. When I lived in the Montgomery area, sports talk 740 did a small story on how bama came to claiming all of the titles. The story behind it was a PR guy that was responsible for coming up with the cover of the media guide and other marketing material had to come up with a good selling point. I forget the year but believe it was post bear. So this gump expert had the brain fart to claim every title , regardless of the facts , and use it for the university’s image/marketing. Well years later the move really worked out not only to make millions of dollars for bama , but also worked out to feed the idiot fan base with a false idle so to speak. These mindless sheep spend their last penny to buy anything that is made with the lies ” got 15″ or anything with hounds tooth. Whats really sad is regardless of how great of a coach ( yes I said he is a great coach ) nick saban is , the people in charge at bama are already thinking of ways to make money off his image when he retires or leaves. The university of alabama knows what type of person makes up their fan base and how gullible they are. Kind of like ITK and capstonereport does……

    1. The person you are referring to is Wayne Atcheson, SID at UAT. The year was 1986, and Bama went from 6 to 11 in one day. That is pretty impressive to do that, if they had won 5 in the same year. The reason he says he did it was to make Bama look as good as possible. That is his job, but never once did he say, it is because we deserved them. The other reason he gave was to keep pace with Notre Dame. Google “got 11, Alabama does”, and there is an article by John Solomon of the B’ham News where he interviewed him. Wayne was taken aback by the question of where these titles, that popped up, came from. Compare his answer to Michael Scotnicki, and Auburn’s Unclaimed Titles. The standard is nowhere near comparison.

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