Alabama reports secondary violations

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The University of Alabama released its yearly NCAA compliance report, posting 31 secondary violations within the athletic department within the last year. Seven involved the football program.

As defined by the NCAA, secondary violations are “isolated or inadvertent in nature; provide or are intended to provide only minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage; and do not include any significant impermissible benefit.” The majority of Alabama’s violations were inadvertent and did not warrant much more than rules education and letters of admonishment.

Alabama’s report, which it releases on a yearly basis, includes 31 secondary violations from 12 sports that occurred from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

The most notable among the football citations are actions placed against director of football operations Joe Pannunzio for his role in the Miami scandal while a member of the Hurricanes’ staff. For his association with the scandal, Pannunzio, who earns $170,000 annually, received no raise or contract extension for one year, wasn’t allowed to communicate with recruits for 90 days and had to attend an NCAA regional rules seminar.

Such reports are commonplace for universities in their efforts to abide by the ever growing NCAA rules agenda…a set of complex do’s and don’ts rivaling Levitical Jewish Law. For instance, Auburn reported 18 secondary violations in 2011, though and the dying Birmingham News doesn’t watchdog such information for Auburn as they do Alabama, in search of a cheap headline and internet clicks.

The report outlines corrective actions instituted by the University in regard to each violation. Read the report here

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