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Recruiting: Does National Signing Day Need Fixing?

Teddy Greenstein, college football insider for TCS, and Tim Doyle discuss the pros and cons of National Signing Day. (You can watch the video above, but some mobile systems do not show the video. A brief synopsis follows below.)

Greenstein believes National Signing Day has a few issues with today’s National Signing Day. According to Greenstein, “I think this has become ridiculous…What I love about college football is that it is the ultimate team game and now all of the sudden you have this period of time where the kids think it is all about them.”

Greenstein also takes issue with some fans. In some instances, fans have threatened players over the recruiting process.

Greenstein, in the above video, also discusses the potential benefits of an early signing period for college football.

What do you think about the gimmicks many of the recruits use at their press conferences? Are you tired of the hat game? Share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Recruiting: Does National Signing Day Need Fixing?”

  1. I too agree that it has become a circus! These guys are old enough to know where they want to play collage ball and they also have a pretty good idea which universities will give them their best chances of going Pro if they want to…… but yes I think it has become a ‘circus’……RTR

  2. No doubt it is a circus. How long was ESPNU’s coverage on today? 11 hours?

    The attention is good for college football, but the athletes need to come up with some new ways to name their team. The hat bit has gotten old.

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