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‘Bama routes Notre Dame to win (another) BCS National Championship

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Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide captures another one of these for the Bryant Museum.

In a game billed as the biggest BCS Championship game of all-time, the Alabama Crimson Tide shredded what was supposed to be an impenatrable Notre Dame defense for 529 yards and six touchdowns. This from a team, remember (and how can we forget), that had only given up nine defensive touchdowns on the year.

Didn’t you hear? The Fighting Irish were hungry, and Alabama was complacent, fat and happy. Alabama was the Miami of 1992, and Notre Dame was playing the role of that year’s Alabama. And to boot, the Tide did stay at the Fontain Bleau.

But instead of following the media scripts that had been written and orated over, and over, and over for this game, 2012’s version of the Crimson Tide did what Alabama does best: Quietly going about its business, methodically healing and getting ready for the next game. Then obliterating the opponent once the lights were on.

The nation’s darling, Brian Kelly’s Fighting Irish, wasn’t Western Kentucky, though at times Monday night you might have thought so. This was a team that had climbed the ladder of success, from unranked in the preseason polls to 12-0 and #1 in the land.

But once again, the promise Nick Saban made on January 3, 2007 rang true. Alabama is the team you simply do not want to play. Saban’s version of Alabama is a wrecking ball that crushes your hopes and dreams, taking what was a prestine season of glory and smashing it to pieces before your very eyes.

In a moment leading up to the game, Notre Dame players get as close to winning crystal as most do when facing the Crimson Tide.

Ask the LSU of 2011, capping a 13-0 season with a 21-0 shut-out at the hands of the Tide.

Ask Texas of 2009, doing the same in the Big 12, only to be slapped into submission.

Ask Georgia of 2012, whose paws were this close to reaching relevance again after 30+ years of irrelevance, only to be outdone in regulation.

And now ask Notre Dame of 2012, wandering for almost 25 years since their last taste of glory.

But while Alabama is a team you don’t want to play, it is a team you do want to play for. So much so that when you hear of a top player going elsewhere, immediately eyebrows are raised as to “what must be going on over there.”

Alabama is a place where a runningback like Eddie Lacy, buried on the depth chart behind Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, just has to wait his turn to become the BCS National Championship MVP. It’s a place where a freshman back-up like TJ Yeldon will see Lacy’s 140 yards and add 108 of his own, clutching a game or two along the way.

True freshman Amari Cooper tiptoes into the endzone for one of this two touchdowns and 105 yards receiving on the night.

It’s a place that boasts one of the highest graduation rates of its athletes, not just in the SEC, but in the NCAA. It’s a place where moms and dads can be assured that not only can their son get a degree, most do it in three years, opening the door for graduate work on the University’s dime. It’s a place where the NFL’s 1st round isn’t just a recruiting pitch.

And it’s a place where if you’re the Alabama quarterback, there just might be a supermodel waiting to date you.

Nick Saban hates the word “dynasty” because it’s a word that indicates one is fat, happy and arrived. But ironically, this team that won it all had not arrived, even as of midnight Monday night. Far from the most talented team among the six Nick Saban has fielded at Alabama, Bama graduates just nine seniors. Some will jump to the NFL and get paid, but the core of this team of champions will suit up for battle again in just a few months.

That is Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s way…it’s never over. You’ve never arrived. And Notre Dame is just the latest victim to be processed in the process of his team getting better.

The humble man so many love to despise will take Tuesday off to enjoy what happened Monday, then get right back to work on Wednesday to get ready for the 2013 season. But what many have missed in all the NFL talk is that results aren’t what drive Nick Saban to be Nick Saban. All the “what else is left to be accomplished” talk is just clutter in the mind of the man who now only trails Bear Bryant himself as having the most championships.

Nick Saban is about the process. It’s what drives him. And on February 6, he’ll harvest a new crop of pupils to teach this process to, training them to be men, husbands, fathers, employees, bosses and individual human wrecking balls, crushing yet another team’s hopes, dreams and aspirations in 2013, and beyond.

Alabama 42
Notre Dame 14

For the third time in four years, the Alabama Crimson Tide is your BCS National Champion, again.

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53 thoughts on “‘Bama routes Notre Dame to win (another) BCS National Championship”

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  6. All I want to know is where is that DA Lee Corso? And Mr. Holtz? Wonder what is going on in Mike Golics mind this morning? And what happened to that brick wall thing? I really believe Auburn could have beat ND last night. RTR

    1. Holtz was on a roll all mth last month, he even want as far to compare Golson to Johnny Football…………… Holtz might still be at the ER.

  7. That’s the second opposing bowl coach I heard say alabama is the way I want my team to play. First Michigan State guy and now notre dame guy.

    If bama played anywhere but baton rouge before texas a&m we go undefeated.

    1. @bamafan

      Baton Rouge, and Knoxville, etc.

      I think the fact that every time Saban gets so much time to prepare it becomes a massacre of clinical proportions says everything anyone ever needs to know about how hard it is and how much it impacts the performance in every game when a team has to play back-to-back-to-back rivals on a five-game stretch with three road games. TAMU didn’t beat Alabama by four touchdowns, and they never would have.

      So, you want to beat Alabama? Here’s the secret exposed by A&M; play them after 4 conference opponents and two rivals, then run hurry-up and trick plays with one of the most prolific athletes in college football history good enough to be the first Freshman to win the Heisman, then rely on Alabama having more turnovers in your game than the entire rest of the season, and finally make sure to rely on Alabama making play-call mistakes on offense that make no sense, especially at the goal line.

      Success is yours for the taking.

      But Alabama made, as best as I can tell, seven total mistakes against Notre Dame. Seven. I don’t count the Jones/McCarron tussle as a mistake since it didn’t affect yardage. They simply looked like surgeons.

        1. Yes and no.

          For as bad as Alabama played against TAMU, TAMU played an incredible game. They beat Alabama, but I don’t think most people outside of College Station actually thing TAMU was a better team this year.

          The problem for TAMU now is they are exposed. Alabama isn’t. Not only that, but their plan is all centered around Manziel. If he so much as hurts his pinky, they fail.

          Meanwhile, Alabama has more depth than the Atlantic ocean, plus our backups got a ton of experience this year including in the title game. Count the freshmen that contributed this season. It’s scary.

          1. Further – a look at history since Saban’s arrival. What happens to teams that beat Bama one season, especially when Bama had the talent and skills to win? That team gets the focus of the players and coaching staff throughout the entire offseason and Spring/Fall workouts. Example: Florida after the loss in the SEC Championship game – decimated the next year, causing Tebow to cry and Urban to go to the ER. Another: LSU last year. Bama came out of the regular season game with a defeat, but knowing they could have won. Result – epic blowout in the BCSCG. I don’t think the short time in the NFL bothers CNS more than defeats during the regular college season do. There is a laser-like focus right now on aTm and JFF, and, barring significant injuries, they are on the path to a beatdown in College Station next year. And that focus will help with the regular season, since all the other coaching staffs are apparently studying aTm’s game this year to “see how to beat Bama”. Bad move – play your game, see if it works against one of the best in college football. aTm had the good luck to schedule Bama after a hard-fought battle in Baton Rouge with a phenom for a QB. Not saying they didn’t have everything to do with winning that game, but there were some very fortunate circumstances that gave them an assist in that game.

  8. Did anyone else notice it took AJ a while to get around to kissing his girlfriend.(how many hugs do mom, dad, uncle, cousin need anyway…) I had a dude want to kiss me once after a game and I felt a lot like AJ looked before kissing her last night.

    Glad Brent Musburgere was kept away from her – you could literally hear him saying ‘Please be 18!’

  9. “@realDonaldTrump: We are going to ask Katherine Webb to be a judge at the Miss USA Pageant coming up in Las Vegas.”

  10. I enjoyed it.

    I was glad we were up enough so quickly that I was able to enjoy the game before it was over.

    But I didn’t want it to end like that, necesarily. I didn’t want Notre Dame to be embarassed. They have an offense. They have a defense. Both failed badly. I didn’t want that.

    However, this is the point I wish all Alabama fans could understand; just because we smattered our opponent (again) in the national title game doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

    Just because Oregon might have been a better team than Notre Dame doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to recognize this win as a paramount moment in sports history.

    Just because Alabama beat Notre Dame by more points than any other team scored against them all year doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be proud of beating them by four touchdowns. Don’t forget, Notre Dame beat Alabama by even more points the last time the two teams fought in the 80’s.

    Just because Alabama played the best game they played all year and Notre Dame played maybe their worst game of the year doesn’t mean it wasn’t a clinic of gametape for studying for years to come. Make no mistake, it won’t be just Alabama opponents watching replays of this title game. Alabama was so perfect on both sides of the ball for so much of the game that more teams and coaches will use that footage for study than teams that won’t (and since it was a title game the number of cameras and the footage was absolutely brilliant). It also doesn’t mean the near-surgical execution all night long wasn’t fun to watch.

    I was invited to several parties for the game, most with both Alabama and Notre Dame fans. I like Notre Dame a lot. I’ve enjoyed watching them play and rise the way they have the last few years with Kelly. I absolutely love the tradition there—-no tv’s, simple uniforms with no ridiculous helmet stickers, and singing to the student section after every game (win or lose) really trips my trigger, often to the point of tears. I even attended the University of Cincinnati in 2000 and was probably the only Bearcat who was happy for Kelly to leave for Notre Dame three years ago.

    But I don’t know what it’s like to lose a title game and I knew one fanbase was going to find out, so I made a point to watch the game with Alabama friends and not with Notre Dame friends, as much as we loved talking about the game beforehand.

    We went out to a great sports bar downtown. We got there almost two hours early. The place was packed, but surprisingly most of the people weren’t wearing Bama or ND gear (later when the place emptied we learned who most people were rooting for). It was very fun, civil, and some of the best fans I’ve met. When the anthem was sung, everyone had their hats off. When the game started, everything was fine. It actually felt great, like living history.

    But then Alabama scored. It took five plays. Notre Dame didn’t have an answer for any play. I thought on one hand five plays could be a fluke, but on the other hand they simply didn’t stop anything Alabama did aside from the opening play.

    We celebrated the touchdown. Nothing flashy, because we knew the game was far from over.

    Then we later got the ball back on a very fortunate call. Notre Dame fans were starting to get upset, but once we scored again, the room began to feel a lot more tense.

    When the first quarter ended, oh, wait, an immediate touchdown to start the second quarter. It got a lot quieter.

    Except for us Alabama fans.

    Long story short, nothing happened—-there was no fighting, and many Notre Dame fans handled it well and had fun. Both teams played straight-up—–no trickeration (I expected some from both teams and I’m so happy neither team, especially Alabama, used any trick plays), no late hits, no fighting. When you think about it, we really couldn’t have asked for a better disposition from two college football teams.

    However, when you’re up like that so quickly in a title game, you’re absolutely allowed to celebrate. I loved it. We all loved it. I can’t imagine what it felt like to be Notre Dame because, frankly, I’ve never seen Alabama lose a national title game. This was the fifth title game I’ve seen Alabama play in and win in my lifetime. For all the arguments about how many titles Alabama has or doesn’t have, I’ve seen five with my own eyes.

    Suck it. Roll Tide.

    Success doesn’t last forever. So enjoy it. But success like this never happens. It’s unprecendented. So don’t just enjoy it. Revel in it. Recognize it’s history at its best and that we are all so lucky to have anything to do with it. Go to A-Day in April. Go to more games next year. Watch signing day. Re-watch the title game a few dozen more times (I knew to take the day after the title game off for that reason, win or lose). Celebrate. Buy more Alabama gear. Don’t think it’s ever not ok to be proud. It’s one thing to be a jerk about winning, and some Alabama fans certainly can be jerks, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be outrageously excited to be a part of a football program that is winning so convincingly and so fundamentally well that nothing else compares. Fans of other programs will often take it the wrong way, but how can anyone relate? Even Alabama fans can’t relate. Alabama isn’t winning on tricks and dynamo once-in-a-lifetime quarterbacks; they’re winning on the absolute purest form of football I think you can have on both sides of the ball. To me, if you don’t like the way Alabama is playing football, you don’t like football.

    It doesn’t get better than this. For eight months, we get no more college football. That’s not something to celebrate. It sucks. I miss it already. But until then, don’t think for a second that you don’t deserve to be proud of what Alabama did this year, or the last four years, or the last hundred.

    I’m sorry Notre Dame. But not as sorry as many people seem to think I should be. What an amazing performance. ROLL TIDE.

    1. attending the game was like being at the Louvre of college football.

      the teams.

      the bands.

      the traditions and histories.

      then the Crimson elephant came in and trashed the place.

      loved it. (of course)

      critical commentary on the game:

      i wish the ncaa would move away from playing these games at cookie cutter facilities built for pro teams.

      across the board, ND and Alabama fans i spoke with agreed the fan experience at Sun Life Stadium sucked.

      they ran out of everything. programs, souvenir cups. anything the college football fan might want, they didn’t have. the programs were sold inside stadium merchandise stores without AC. no one outside selling programs like you normally see. their shirts and other swag was very generic and over-priced.

      rose bowl – good. jerry dome – good.

      sun life, U of P stadium – glendale, sucky.

      1. @finebammer

        I envy you, sir. I didn’t get to see the game in person this year. My phone was dead by the end of the game from all the texts, calls, and picutres.

        I think bowl experiences in general are hit-or-miss, but there’s also no excuse for those kinds of problems in the national title game simply because there is so much more time to prepare for it (and in particular since it’s two giants of college football history with enormous fanbases). Shirts for Alabama fans won’t be a problem, but for the stadium and organizers it sounds like an awful lot of money was just left on the table, and for anyone who argues the bowls are all about money I think they screwed up if what you’re saying is true.

        Still, it could have been a lot worse. It looked great on television, whereas the Superdome from last year always looks so artificial and synthetic.

        I’m still not sure I’ve comprehended everything we did yet. It’s still sinking in. I mean, think about it——–Shelly didn’t even get to kick a single field goal. He deserves a medal coated in crimson history, and yet he didn’t get to participate (directly) in the game at all. I almost feel bad for him.


        After all, it’s hard to feel bad about not needing to kick a single field goal, especially in a national title game.

        The BCS era, however, is almost over. And it will always show the SEC, particularly in Alabama, dominated the era like no other conference before. Most every fan of college football can name ten players from the title-winning Alabama teams and it sounds more like The Avengers than 20-year-old boys. It feels so good to be a Tide fan right now. ROLL TIDE.

        1. “I envy you, sir. I didn’t get to see the game in person this year.”

          a friend’s wife checked up ill and he couldn’t attend. only reason i got a shot at the ticket. i felt like a nascar driver that won because another crashed. wasn’t leading a parade about the situation but wasn’t turning it down also.

          “The BCS era, however, is almost over. And it will always show the SEC, particularly in Alabama, dominated the era like no other conference before.”

          i was a young man in the seventies. i recall the EXPECTATION of winning. a loss made sunday a dark, cold, miserable, foreign place.

          this time is much like that.

          pre-game looked and felt like the michigan game.

          both have VERY good bands.

          both warmed up basically the same with michigan and ND doing this team huddle jumping up and down thing. bama warms up and hits the locker room. all business.

          we lost the toss in both.

          you could see it coming. i almost felt sorry for their fans.

          my experience was mostly good. went with another friend who took his rv. partied next to Bob Cayavec. very cool guy. lots of former Bryant players around.

          i liked the Rose Bowl in ’09 much better though. two blue-blood programs in a tradition-steeped facility.

          i like stuff like that.


      2. I agree with you, finebammer. I also attended the game with my Dad. He loves to get to games early to soak up the atmosphere and check everything out. If we hadn’t shelled out the extra money to attend the Fan Zone festivities, there would’ve been nothing to do. Like you said, they ran out of programs and cups. I was one of the lucky ones to get my programs before they completely ran out, but had to sustain a mob scene in one of the team stores after waiting in line for 35 minutes. I liked being in the stadium and everything during the game, but thought they majorly missed the mark with the souvenirs they provided (or didn’t provide enough of). They missed out on a lot of money.

  11. I did not get the memo, when was the Fighting Irish replaced by the Crichton Leprechauns?????
    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!

  12. I knew if ND was 12_0 the media would do everything in its power to put them in the BCS game. Like momma said you want it bad, you get it bad… I’m watching it again tonight rtr

  13. Congrats on your destruction of the Irish Gimps. Maybe next year you actually play a real team like Stanford or someone else not talked up by ESPN into a team they are not. It was truly like watching a high school team play a little league team.

    Anyways props to the champs. But one thing J Manziel is no fluke, get used to being beaten again cause next year he has a 6’7 and 6’4 receiver core to throw too.

    1. HSC, thank you for reminding me how sad it is to be a barner. Since domination of little brother has become so commonplace (what has it been, three years since your team’s offense scored on Bama?), I had forgotten how petty and envious your kind is.

      But jealousy will make a person say stupid things: like saying a team Notre Dame defeated (Stanford) would “be a real team” had Bama played them.

      You really are an idiot. But then, you’re an Auburn fan. It comes honest.

      Crystal, my friend (x3)

    2. Nobody said Manziel is a fluke, but getting used to being beaten by him?

      Alabama lost to Texas A&Manziel this year.

      Trivia time———-what team has beaten Alabama two years in a row since Nick Saban was hired?

      This TAMU will do it?

      This year Alabama had a brutal road schedule including 3 rivals leading up to TAMU, plus nobody knew how to prepare for Manziel.

      But not only did Alabama show everyone else how to prepare for Manziel by the end of the game, they also made more mistakes than the rest of the year combined. They had more turnovers in that game than every other game in the season.

      But give Saban a few weeks to prepare, and he beats you 21-0.

      Or he beats you by four touchdowns in the first half and gets to put in the children and backups. I think the only player who didn’t get to play against Notre Dame was our field goal kicker. Poor guy.

      And next season Alabama gets a bye-week before TAMU. Not only that, but if Manziel has any injuries, TAMU has a nightmare to deal with. If Manziel even has a hangnail on his left pinky, TAMU has a huge concern. Trick plays worked, our play-calling didn’t, busted coverages, missed tackles, that game was a gift for TAMU because those kinds of mistakes don’t define Alabama in 2012, but instead were incredibly uncharacteristic.

      If there’s one thing everyone should already recognize with Saban’s teams it’s that when they have time to prepare they don’t lose. Hell, they usually don’t lose when they don’t have time to prepare. But an extra week to prepare against a team that beat Alabama, what do you think is going to happen? Really? It’s got nothing to do with Manziel being a fluke (who said that besides you anyway?). It’s got everything to do with being prepared.

      I’ll say this. All week we’ve heard Saban have to defend that he only took two days to celebrate the win. Two days might not seem like a lot (it isn’t), but here’s my thing——knowing how hard it is to win a title is one thing, knowing how hard it is to repeat is another thing, but Saban won last year and guess what? He only took two days off. Then he began to prepare to win this year after just that two day break and guess what?

      He won. Think that kind of preparation doesn’t make a difference?

      I think it makes all the difference. I don’t understand why after doing the same routine after all three titles people are still surprised that he does it and that he wins championships so frequently. Does “Never Again” ring any bells? Because if you go back to that statement, he was right, it’s never happened since, and Alabama prepares better than anyone expects. Roll Tide.

    3. At least Smurf is conceding that Bama will be playing for another National Championship next season. Baby steps, but at least he is making progress as the reality is finally setting in…

    4. And are we supposed to give a shit about his 6′-7 and 6′-4 tight ends. We have two 6′-6 TE’s and the #1 TE in the country coming in. We have Cooper, Black, Bell and White making up the best WR corps in thr nation. We have Yeldon, Hart, Fowler and Drake coming back and are adding Tenpenny and Henry who is 6′-3 and 245lbs and only ran for 4600 yards and 55 TD’s thus past season, all making in to make up the most fearsome RB corps in the nation. And of course we have AJ who IS the best QB in the nation and in history. So fuk A&M and Johnny Football. That skunny little shit is gonna look funny with a football sticking out his ass. Bama just may have the greatest offense of all time next year. Screw A&M and Oregon. And Bama will have something else that they don’t have – a defense that will probably be #1 again or damn close to it. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  14. So I hear the Browns are hiring Chudzinski. That’s weird. I thought Saban was interviewing assistants so he could take the Browns job?

    You barners are the most pathetic low-lifes on the face of the earth. Keep wishing.

    Too bad none of you took my bet. You are all talk. None of you have the cajones to back up the BS you spew.

    1. @Hoopie

      Well, I’m 34 years old. I don’t know how many titles Alabama should have.

      However, I’ve seen Alabama win five national titles with my own eyes.

      So, you know, if you want to say Alabama has only won five titles, I’m fine with that, I guess. Let’s go with five.

      I suppose it depends on your age.

      If you’re a toddler, you can say Alabama has three national titles. If you’re an infant, you can only say Alabama has one title. And if you’re in your seventies you could probably say Alabama also only has five titles because, after all, that’s all I can confirm as well.

      ROLL TIDE.

    2. Here we go with the Barner “you didn’t win all those NC’s” whine.

      To all Barners… Whatever number helps you sleep at night, just go with that, we don’t care.

      1. Barntard logic: Bama beats ND by 28, Bama beats barntards by 49 pulling starters after one series in 3rd quarter. Barners are not as pathetic as Notre Dame.

        The stupidity is mind boggling.

    3. I can’t believe this dumbass actually linked deadspin to back up his bullshit. I didn’t even go there. No sense to go there. Deaddpin is the mos5 worthless website on the web. Valueless. They dig up the most outrageous, controversial rumores that they can find on their subjects. They don’t even care if it’s the truth or not. The more outrageous the bullshit is, the more hits from retarded homers they get. Deadspin – Bwaa Haww Haww! Take Natty’s for instance. Who really gives a shite if we have 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15? It was done solely for public relations and to give the fan base something they could sink their teeth into and be proud of. As of Jan 7th we don’t even need to claim a controversial 15 to have the most anymore. Since the AP came into existsnce and official polls began use to name an official National Champion, Bama is now officially #1 with one more AP Natty thañ #2 Notre Dame. And since UPI polls were also official, we also have a UPI Natty which gives us two more than Notre Dame. So from here on out I don’t give a shit who disses our 15. It is irrelevant since our official total is #1. So fuk off Bama haters, cause you are SOL! RTR!

  15. Hey ButtTK,
    I was trying to be respectful here and give your team props, but it hard with an arrogant and retarded fan base(mostly people like you) to do so. Please go light yourself on fire.

    Mark my words, you will lose to T A&M again, because the game is at Kyle field and because T A&M will probably win the west. I don’t see any team touching them.

    Anyways congrats again even if you have a hard time accepting it from a Bama hater, still want the SEC to win over NASTY Dame. Yuck!

    1. Smurf – Address us all when you want to be a dumbass. We all think you are retarded when you make stupidass statements like you did in both your posts, and especially when there is NO evidence to back up any of your dreams. aTm’s win this year was a fluke that was built on the work of LSU the previous week. If Bama has so much as a bye week before it (which they do next season), then aTm is slaughtered. No disrespect to JFF – he’s a gamer – but he’s also got a perfect storm of a season behind him. Not even Tebow got by the good teams his following year (and by “good”, I mean “Bama”). You give Alabama’s coaching staff a whole year to get ready for you, you don’t have a chance. Look at LSU this season. They had a bye week to prepare to play Bama in their own stadium, Mett played out of his mind, and they still lost. And now half their starters are leaving for the NFL to get away from that sinking program. And, oh yeah – bring on the “GUS BUS” – I can’t wait to see what trickerrooski plays he’s got up his sleeve to spring on the rest of the league next season.

    2. HSC, all you got is some hate, and a lot of hope. I will ‘mark your words’ as you hold out hope that SOMEBODY will stop Bama soon. You have no idea just like anyone else about that game. I like Bama’s chances. So what if it is at Kyle Field? Bama plays better on the road under Saban. That is a fact, if you want to look it up. But being an Auburn fan, things like facts and common sense give you a hard time. But hey, good luck on starting over again! But tell me, how many tries does Malzahn get against Saban before he is fired? My guess is 2.

  16. Hate Smurf:

    Hey dumb fuck, where have you been? Alabama plays better on the road. A&M will be destroyed. Oklahoma was WEAK. Even Notre Dame beat that 3 loss team 30-13!!! Dumb ass

  17. This budding relationship AJ has going with Katherin Webb has me concerned. God, have you seen the bikini photo that is circulating the internet. I’ve had my share of women who look thàt good. Even used a photo of one for my svatar here once. Women like that can really fuk with your head. This girl has become too popular too fast. Sh3 now has the worlds millionare playboys chasing her. If AJ isn’t real careful, doubt, jealousy and worry will creep into his head and affect negatively his entire life – especially his performance on the field. 2013 and an opportunity to become immortal in college football is a horrible time for him to get involved with her. Hope he can handle it. Wonder if this is an Aubie conspiracy? RTR!

  18. Has anyone heard any more about Burton Burns añd Fla St? That man is underpaid. Our RB’s are why we have 3 Natty’s. He needs to be paid whatever is necessary to keep him. RTR! P.S. I’ll be in South Bend, In 2 hours. Àny messàges ya’ll want me to pass oñ? Bwaa Haww Haww?

  19. BamaBrando,

    I’m betting Gus gets 4 tries at Saban. The first 2 losses will be due to “rebuilding” the 3rd will be the refs fault. The divided Fambly at AU will finally acknowledge the 4th loss is due to just sucking ass & will forget about the previous 3 excuses mentioned

  20. One thread in 12 days is pretty damn pathetic. Especially considering that was the biggest game and most important accomplishment in Bama football history. Not only have you not posted any of your normal info such as post game stats, pressers, etc, but you haven’t followed up on players leaving, recruiting or Aubies problems. All of these topics are exploding out into huge storylines. This site is deader than Mrs Oleary’s fuking cow. What’s more you neglected the site leading up to the game also. What the hell is the matter with you? If you aren’t going to maintain it then change the format so we can communicate among.ourselves like most normal sites. It’s a damn good thing the players don’t get as complacent with their success as you do or we’d never win any kind of championship. Pathetic! 3 in 4 going on 3 peat and 4 in 5. RTR!

    1. True Crimsonite, I don’t disagree. Cappy and I have had a couple of things going on in our personal lives, but we’ll do better. Thanks for your feedback.

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