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BREAKING: SEC won’t suspend Quinton Dial for hit on Aaron Murray

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The SEC Office has spoken, and Alabama’s Quinton Dial will play January 7th when the Tide faces Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship Game in Miami.

Here is the official statement from the SEC:

“The Southeastern Conference has completed its review of video from the 2012 SEC Football Championship Game. Several plays involving both teams were reviewed. After review, all subsequent action will be handled internally by the 2 institutions and the conference office is satisfied with their actions.”

This morning on Birmingham’s 97.3 Smashmouth radio, in an interview with Steve Shaw, head of SEC officiating, Shaw said they looked at the hit on Murray more than any other play this year. They ruled that Murray was not a defenseless player because he was the defender on an interception return.

This is absolutely the correct call. It’s really not hard.

Aaron Murray threw an interception. Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix intercepted it and was a shoestring tackle away from going all the way. Aaron Murray was the next tackler if Clinton-Dix breaks the tackle. Aaron Murray needed to be blocked. Quinton Dial was the man to do it.

Aaron Murray is listed at 6’1″, 210lbs. Quinton Dial is listed at 6’6″, 304lbs. It’s simple physics that the block was going to be crushing.

Tim Brando won’t be able to sleep tonight. His on air lie campaign crying that Murray was “behind the play”, at the “center of the field” and “a defenseless player, the victim of a helmet-to-helmet vicious hit.” Sorry Tim, you’re wrong (and a biased idiot).

Here ya go:

Shaw did say that a personal foul could’ve been called, but that the hit was not deemed an infraction worthy of suspension.

Interestingly, in the same interview, shaw refused to comment on the Georgia player flagrantly trying to gouge the eyes of Alabama’s Dee Milliner. (below)

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22 thoughts on “BREAKING: SEC won’t suspend Quinton Dial for hit on Aaron Murray”

    1. If a QB doesn’t want to be hit, don’t become a potential tackler. Regardless of Brando’s lies, Murray was IN the line of fire. He deserved what he got.

  1. damn good crack back block right there!!! shoulder hit first murrays head snapped forward causing the illusion of a helmet to helmet hit!

    1. Well, I have no problem with a flag for helmet to helmet. There may have been some contact. But it was not the flagrant nature that Brando and UGA have campaigned for.

      1. I agree with that. Where was the outrage and suspension for the Texas A&M guy that speared Lacy? Lacy was actually hurt BECAUSE of the helmet to helmet. I thought that was was the rule was supposed to be about. It was a more blatant cheap shot, since Lacy was already down.

        Anyone pissed off because Dial is not suspended is just another butthurt fan in agony over Bama’s success. The SEC made the right call.

    1. I would gladly take a suspension to get a hit like that on Idiot Vol! Especially if it knocked his tooth out!

  2. Fuck off vile. You got your own problems what with hiring a coach ftom a school.worse than Utah which should still be playing in FCS. The beatdowms shall continue
    Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR”

  3. Poor Greg McGarrity, UGA AD too. That hypocritical bastard who tried to call out Dial reportedly got a tongue lashing from Mal Moore and Nick Saban for his hypocrisy. Sheldon Leonard will be internally disciplined for the eye gouging, but it appears Mark Richt read from the Tuberville book on snake oil liars for coaching Leonard’s defense of the eye gouging. Read it on

    Also, why is Murray always the target of vicious hits? Could it be his smart ass, crybaby demeanor?

  4. I wish Eddie Lacy were coming back. Yeldon is great and all that, but Lacy is Bama’s type of back cut in the mold of Coffee, Ingram and Richardson. It’s Lacy who does the inside pounding of the defense into submission, the one no one wants to have to tackle in the 4th quarter. I predict we will miss him next year regardless of the explosiveness of an offense with Yeldon, Hart, Drake, Black, White and Cooper. Fluker should come back too. He’s not the greatest on pass defense that he’ll go un the 1st round. He didn’t even make a 1st team AA did he? He could use more experience and we could use him. I was on the ND Rivals board over a week ago when the came up with the idea of Catholics vs Cousins. Believe ne there wad nothing jovial or friendly about it. Their opinion is that all southerners are uneducated, ignorant inbreds and that our football players are stupid, majoring in basket weaving and have other people take their tests for them. That t-shits tells their exact opinion of us and every one south of the Mason-Dixon line should take extreme offense to it. And U feel deeply saddened by the events in Connecticut. However, those of you who embrace our constitutional right to own guns, you should brace yourselves for an immediate war against those rights by the pussy, dumbass anti-gun shitgeads. They should take away your gun because 1 out of 400,000,000 people was mentally ill. Right! Then we’ll be like Mexico where only the facist police and the criminals have guns. Well that’s not entirely true – I have lots of guns over there, albiet illegally.

  5. Someone needs to send this picture to Tim Brando and ask him what the hell the problem is. We won – who the hell cares if Aaron got knocked out?

    Now – has the SEC office said anything about not suspending A.J. for the effeminate victory dance and awkward kiss attempt?

  6. I think ee sbould produce s t-shirt that says ‘Curb Stompers vs Catholics’. Or maybe ‘Priests’ or ‘Pedophiles’.

  7. Ya’ll are pathetic. The Notre Dame boards are on fire but this damn board has had like 5 posts this week and 4 of them are mine. Pathetic.

  8. Crimsonite–

    Lacy may be leaving, but look for incoming Freshman Derrick Henry to become a MAJOR part of the RB rotation. He’s been compared to Herschel Walker. Check some of his YouTube videos. I know there will be some growing pains as a true freshman, but I’m willing to bet he’ll be second team behind Yeldon by the end of the season

  9. Why don’t ya’ll just shut this site down if you’re not going to maintain it. It’s beem over a week since you posted a new topic and that one generated lottle interest. You won’t change your format to let posters start threads. Therefor it just sits here and stagnates. What the hell do you want for subjects if you can’t fi.d something interesting right now? I mean damn, there’s the Barner coaching staff, their recruit defections, our surprising recruit commitments including Fel Rio, Saban and the NFL, a hand full of our lost stars ready to play in the BCSNCG, Notre Dame, etc’ etc, etc. We,d have to line your asses up against a fence post to. E able to detect any movement – if there is any.

  10. Two things on my mind tonight. 1: If that is how the Jets Oline plays every game then it’s no wonder Sanchez sucks. Hhalf a season getting beat up like that would kill a normal person. Worst offensive line performance I’ve ever seen in the pros. It rivals the “Honk if you’ve sacked Brady’ and JPW against Utah. I have to wonder if they did it on purpose because of GMAC dissing the team last year. But all the reports said the team loves him. I wonder???? 2: This is just my opinion since no one is talking, but I think the key behind all of our draftable juniors now saying they are going to wait until after the BCSNCG to announce their NFL intentions is that if we win the Natty every one of them will be back to try and put their names in the history books as the first and only 3 peat National Champions and the greatest team and senior class in football history. I think it all hinges on winning on Jan 7th. Otherwise Milner, Fluker and Lacy are all history and even Mosley might chage bis mind and bolt. RTR!

  11. I hope Lacy does come back. And I also hope that this young man, Derrick Henry don’t “flip” somewhere else. I just watched some of his HS clips. He is just like Lacy.RTR

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