As Alabama celebrates SEC Championship, CBS’ Tim Brando and Tony Barnhart sulk

There is something rotten at CBS Sports.

It is the stench of bias and it comes not from the superb play-by-play man Verne Lundquist, who is a legend or color commentator Gary Danielson. Both are professionals that make mistakes or give opinions that might irritate, but at least they try to do their jobs without showing bias. Are they always successful? No. But who is? If you like a player like Tim Tebow, it is hard not to pull for the guy and that doesn’t mean you are pulling for his team.

However, there are two people employed by CBS Sports that are clearly biased—Tim Brando and Tony Barnhart.

Both are heartbroken that Alabama won the 2012 SEC Championship Game and instead of allowing Alabama to celebrate the win, both are trying to tarnish the title with complaints about a hard hit on UGA quarterback Aaron Murray.

Brando and Barnhart cried on Brando’s radio show over the hit. Barnhart admitted to texting SEC Supervisor Steve Shaw during the game about the play.

Was the hit hard? Yes. Was it against the rules? Perhaps. There were no flags, but Danielson believed it was a helmet-to-helmet hit. (For a take on why the hit was legal check out BamaHammer.)

If we defer to Danielson’s opinion, then the hit should have drawn a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.

However, it wasn’t called.

Not content to let it go, Brando and Barnhart want Dial suspended.

They want Dial suspended for the BCS Championship Game.

Where were these tools when an Alabama football player’s eye was gouged by a Georgia player during the same game? Watch this YouTube video as University of Alabama DB Dee Milliner gets poked in the eye by Georgia CB Sheldon Dawson during the 2012 SEC Championship. Milliner was given an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for retaliating.

Yeah, the silence is deafening.

Any doubt about the journalistic integrity of these two guys is gone.

Barnhart lost considerable credibility when a Q&A on the addition of Missouri to the SEC was posted online at the SEC website before the actual admission of Missouri to the SEC. Of course, Mr. Journalistic Integrity, err Mr. College Football said he was only answering a hypothetical.


This is the same guy who urged Mike Slive to stop people in the SEC from saying negative things about Cam Newton. See here for that story.

An Alabama football player’s eye gouged?


A piece of crap Cam Newton having negative things said about him?


A potentially unnecessary roughness not-called?



All gone.

As for evidence against Brando, just listen to the LSU homer during every visit on the Paul Finebaum radio network.

Brando is rude. He talks down to callers who dare to question his opinion.

However, most Alabama fans remember his open campaign to keep Alabama out of last year’s BCS National Championship Game against LSU. Brando knew a rematch was bad for his LSU. His homer bias was showing on every CBS broadcast following the Alabama-LSU Game of the Century.

Brando is pushing an agenda. That agenda is uniquely the opposite of whatever is good for Alabama.

Every time.

Interesting isn’t it?

And of course, Brando said nothing about the eye gouge.

The SEC should reexamine its partnership with CBS and ponder a full move to another platform (either ABC/ESPN or Fox) at the earliest possible time, if these biased, commentators are allowed to continue their roles as on-air talent for SEC football or any SEC event. If CBS continues to allow these men on the air, it is a clear indication CBS is not interested in presenting a fair journalistic product.