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As Alabama celebrates SEC Championship, CBS’ Tim Brando and Tony Barnhart sulk

There is something rotten at CBS Sports.

It is the stench of bias and it comes not from the superb play-by-play man Verne Lundquist, who is a legend or color commentator Gary Danielson. Both are professionals that make mistakes or give opinions that might irritate, but at least they try to do their jobs without showing bias. Are they always successful? No. But who is? If you like a player like Tim Tebow, it is hard not to pull for the guy and that doesn’t mean you are pulling for his team.

However, there are two people employed by CBS Sports that are clearly biased—Tim Brando and Tony Barnhart.

Both are heartbroken that Alabama won the 2012 SEC Championship Game and instead of allowing Alabama to celebrate the win, both are trying to tarnish the title with complaints about a hard hit on UGA quarterback Aaron Murray.

Brando and Barnhart cried on Brando’s radio show over the hit. Barnhart admitted to texting SEC Supervisor Steve Shaw during the game about the play.

Was the hit hard? Yes. Was it against the rules? Perhaps. There were no flags, but Danielson believed it was a helmet-to-helmet hit. (For a take on why the hit was legal check out BamaHammer.)

If we defer to Danielson’s opinion, then the hit should have drawn a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.

However, it wasn’t called.

Not content to let it go, Brando and Barnhart want Dial suspended.

They want Dial suspended for the BCS Championship Game.

Where were these tools when an Alabama football player’s eye was gouged by a Georgia player during the same game? Watch this YouTube video as University of Alabama DB Dee Milliner gets poked in the eye by Georgia CB Sheldon Dawson during the 2012 SEC Championship. Milliner was given an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for retaliating.

Yeah, the silence is deafening.

Any doubt about the journalistic integrity of these two guys is gone.

Barnhart lost considerable credibility when a Q&A on the addition of Missouri to the SEC was posted online at the SEC website before the actual admission of Missouri to the SEC. Of course, Mr. Journalistic Integrity, err Mr. College Football said he was only answering a hypothetical.


This is the same guy who urged Mike Slive to stop people in the SEC from saying negative things about Cam Newton. See here for that story.

An Alabama football player’s eye gouged?


A piece of crap Cam Newton having negative things said about him?


A potentially unnecessary roughness not-called?



All gone.

As for evidence against Brando, just listen to the LSU homer during every visit on the Paul Finebaum radio network.

Brando is rude. He talks down to callers who dare to question his opinion.

However, most Alabama fans remember his open campaign to keep Alabama out of last year’s BCS National Championship Game against LSU. Brando knew a rematch was bad for his LSU. His homer bias was showing on every CBS broadcast following the Alabama-LSU Game of the Century.

Brando is pushing an agenda. That agenda is uniquely the opposite of whatever is good for Alabama.

Every time.

Interesting isn’t it?

And of course, Brando said nothing about the eye gouge.

The SEC should reexamine its partnership with CBS and ponder a full move to another platform (either ABC/ESPN or Fox) at the earliest possible time, if these biased, commentators are allowed to continue their roles as on-air talent for SEC football or any SEC event. If CBS continues to allow these men on the air, it is a clear indication CBS is not interested in presenting a fair journalistic product.

30 thoughts on “As Alabama celebrates SEC Championship, CBS’ Tim Brando and Tony Barnhart sulk”

  1. I don’t know as much about Barnhart, but Brando’s hatred of Bama especially irks me. I swear he gets plum giddy at the thought of Bama losing. Last week on Finebaum, Brando was called out as being “anti-Bama”. The caller said that he mentions what Manziel did to Bama every single day on his program.

    1. Thanks for sharing that tidbit. It is an excellent point regarding Brando.

      All the more reason to listen to Colin Cowherd instead of Brando for the national sports talk.

  2. Not sure you’re being fair about Barnhart, but any idiot not wearing Crimson colored glasses can see that Tim Brando is biased. In most cases they cheer him on though because they hate Bama too.

  3. Well instead of complaining about on a blog that will get you nowhere, why don’t you shoot the video of Milner off to Slive and Shaw? Use your journalistic advantages for something worthwhile to counter Brando. Send a video of of the Dial hit and pinpoint how it was initiated with the shouldee and the helmet was nothing more than the carrythrough of momentum. Give them something to consider besides Brando’s bullshit. Do something worthwhile for a change besides complaining. By God if I was privy to phone numbers, addresses, contacts and other information available to journalists and media I’d damn sure be on it like a duck on a Junebug. RTR!

    1. I agree with you Crimsonite!! I hate ol timmy as much as the next guy, but I’m not too sharp on this computer thing, I’d love to send the ‘powers that be’ some of my two cents worth. I’m rite now listening to ol Fineblum berate a caller and is doing everything he can to show him up. Fineblum is a Brandie lover if I ever saw one. I use to try and listen to Fineblum but his bias and lack of character was sorely lacking and still is, and the only way I can get any relief is to ‘turn that dial’…. warm up the coffee! honey bun…. RTR. I too would like phone numbrs, addresses etc. I;ll use them…..

  4. It’s funny. This is what is currently being discussed on Finebaum as I write, with Brando joining in a moment.

  5. Brando spoke at Tuscaloosa Quarterback club several years ago when he was with ESPN and when he arrived he was egged because of his negativity towards Bama!!!!
    It was well deverved then and foot up his rear is needed now!!!!!

  6. So Murray gets hit nothing gets called. He plays the rest of the game just fine Ga loses. Now this? I don’t understand.

  7. And I suppose Steve Smith is a UGA homer also, right? That’s why he said the refs missed the call, and that it was in fact an illegal hit.

  8. Never did like Brando. Don’t know who BARNhart is. I know this, I thought they were never going to stop harping on Dials hit on Murry. I saw shoulder contact before the helmets hit. What a bunch of haters. RTR

  9. On Dawgchat the posts are running 3 or 4 to 1 in favor of Dial. If it doesn’t bother the Leg Humpers, then everybody else needs to leave it the fuk alone. I didn’t want the guy hurt. But at the moment it happened I thought it was funny as hell because I was incredulous that the dumbass QB knowing he’s a target when the offense becomes defensr, was just lollygagging around like he was at a church social. I’ll never forget the look on his face. It was like total disbelief kind of like when John Carter got translocated to Mars – uhh Barsoom. Bwaa Haww Haww!I’ll guarantee that’s the worst hit he’s ever taken.

    1. Cam beat your butts

      It would have been “funny as hell” if AJ McFaggin were in Murray’s shoes, wouldn’t it. You Bammer in-breds win the SEC and all you do is complain about a call in the game that wasn’t even called- and should have been or whine about CBS bias. Give it a freaking rest. No wonder the rest of the SEC and the country hates you. Go Irish!

  10. You bammers are hilarious! Y’all can’t take it when anybody talks negative about your pachyderms. Or their thuggery.

    And of course you like Verne & Gary. They’re both incompetent. It makes sense that incompetence would like incompetence. I thought Gary was creaming himself over the bammers in that game.

    Anyway, Dial will be suspended. As he should be. SEC officials said they missed it.

    Glad not to have to wake up as a bammer.

    1. I can understand why. The giddiness of winning three national championships in four years makes it hard to sleep.

      Good thing you don’t ever have to worry about that, Gatuh. We own you.

  11. Nick Saban’s next media target should be CBS on-air personalities like Brando and Danielson who seek to create stories that aren’t there.

    CBS’ presentation of college football is so bush league compared to ESPN, I don’t know why the SEC even bothers.

    1. RC- Don’t you think Gator and Butt go good with each other? Just give them a few days and they will have new names.And will be just as dumb. RTR

  12. brando’s butthurt goes back to 2000 when picked bama to win nc title and we stunk it up-fans blamed him he blamed bama

  13. Anybody heard anything about Williams Knee? I hope Black plays against the Drunken Lepracans. Can you imagine the hell of a play action pass play with noth him and Coop in the game.

  14. It makes no difference because Alabama got the penalty.

    They didn’t get the 15-yard penalty here against Murray…but Alabama did get the 15-yard penalty for a Georgia player’s personal foul. See below.

    Anyone who thinks the “no call” resulted in anything just needs to watch the video. Then, at best, we’re even. Frankly, I thought the only team that didn’t benefit from the refs in the game was Alabama, but the hit on Murray wouldn’t have given the ball back to Georgia under any circumstances regardless.

    Good grief. Roll Tide.

  15. I can agree with most of what you said except for the part about Verne and Gary. Neither of them should be calling SEC games. I thought it was just Alabama that they disliked but after talking to people from other SEC schools, I’ve discovered that they don’t seem to like any SEC schools. Atleast according to the fans that watch week in and week out. Also, you would think that for someone that watches the same 14 teams play every week, they could get the players names right -for goodness sake, all they have to do is look at a roster before they call a player’s name! I would LOVE for the SEC to cut ties with CBS and go somewhere else.

  16. Tim Brando repeatedly says ‘with all due respect’ – means he gets to say whatever he wants – that’s in the Geneva convention – look it up!

  17. Cam eats Butt,

    Cam didn’t beat our ass. Go back and watch the film. We didn’t make the proper halftime adjustments, cam was DESTROYED running the ball and only threw for 250 yds. We had a young defense that year, & AUB only won the game BY ONE MEASLY POINT. I think you need to get your head out of Cam’s LOSER ASS!!


    Gator and Butt Munch are 2 of a Kind Working on a Full House

  18. Barnhart and Brando are two of the worst crybabies I have ever seen. Laural & Hardy could do a better job. And on Gary Danielson commenting on how Barret Jones couldn’t handle the nose tackle for Georgia, he should try playing almost an entire game on one good leg. jones hurt his leg early in the game and never missed a beat. They need to get all the facts before opening their mouths. RTR

  19. It was a tough game.the hit on murray was intentional.he only had one thing on his mind to hurt murray. Uga has a very good year .

    1. Sure it was intentional. He was blocking, and Murray was less than 10 yard from the interception returner, heading towards the play.

      They could have called a helmet-to-helmet penalty. The missed it, liked they missed several other calls. The ‘phantom’ tipped-pass and blatant pass interference wasn’t called, several holds and blocks in the back were not called on both sides. Just a poorly officiated game overall.

      But if the Bama player is suspended, a couple of GA players should be as well, upon reviewing the game.

  20. He won’t be suspended. It would have already happened if ut was going to. Lots of butt hurt Gayturds and Barnturds out there. Suck it Gator. Mahlzan?????? Bwaa Haww Haww! The Barn goes from a coach with a losing record to a coach with no record. But then again that’s the only kind they can control. RTR!

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