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Gus Malzahn takes $550,000 pay cut to get out of Auburn

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Gus Malzahn, earning $1.3 Million as the offensive coordinator at Auburn, has reportedly taken a $550,000 pay cut to become the head coach at Arkansas State.

Remember, a year ago reports had Malzahn potentially earning $3 Million annually to become the head coach at Vanderbilt.

Malzahn’s departure comes on the heels of defensive coordinator Ted Roof’s departure to assume the same position at Central Florida.

Could it be the rats are jumping from the ship before it sinks?

A 28-point beatdown on your home turf to your most feared and hated rival can do much to rattle the foundations of a program, especially with the promise that a stable Saban regime in Tuscaloosa means more is on the way.

Through the NCAA investigations, what Alabama fans wanted to see was an explosion. But instead, they will get to enjoy an implosion.

Anyone with a non-biased orange and blue brain could see that the footsy style of football Gene Chizik has employed at Auburn from the beginning would not work in the SEC, at least not long-term.

Towel waving and playing to the crowd works for a season, as long as that season is accompanied by a freak of nature at quarterback.

But when the dust settles and the truth emerges, friends, the Auburn University football program is a mess. How big the mess really is down there…well, that’s something we’ll get to see in the days, weeks and months ahead.

But it appears the charade is over. Auburn is still just Auburn, and the average coaches on the staff apparently want out as soon as possible.

Now, expect the Phillip Marshall’s of the world to spin the next hires into oblivion, claiming that “Chiz has done it again!”

But make no mistake, the next coaching search will be for the head man in Lee County when it becomes abundantly clear next November that Auburn will never beat Alabama again.

As long as Nick Saban resides in Tuscaloosa and Gene Chizik and his band of clowns are in Auburn, the ODK Foy Sportsmanship Trophy will have a permanent home in the 35401 zip code.

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125 thoughts on “Gus Malzahn takes $550,000 pay cut to get out of Auburn”

        1. I’m just a troller who can’t get a reach around! My VOLS WILL OWN YOU BAMMERS from HERE ON OUT!!

          p.s. I’m a fag.

          1. What a child; this Bammer moron can’t even be original and have a unique name.

            How lame; just goes to prove what a classless bunch these Bammer fools are!

  1. Instead of a sinking ship, I believe AU is trying to move forward. Malzhan was good for a year only because of Cam Newton. That “shell game” offense will now be no more (Thank God!) and hopefully, the new DC will understand the concept of OL blocking and why your defense needs safeties (hint: they’re not “optional linebackers”). As an Auburn fan, I see these changes as a move in the right direction.
    For the Alabama faithful, and the Saban worshippers, all I have to say is that they really should worry about how to stop LSU…I’m not bashing your school here, just pointing out that trash-talking AU does NOTHING to help ‘Bama beat the other Tigers in the SECW.
    And in all sincerity, no sarcasm intended: Good Luck
    in the BCS championship game… will be rooting to keep
    THAT trophy in the state of Alabama!

    My two cents.

    1. Thanks JBrooks, but with the 14th title still 26 days away, Auburn is just an easy target.

      Especially after all the trash talking the fans of your program has done the last year. Unfortunately, all of that arrogance has run up a tab that you now cannot pay, and you’re gonna hear as much of this kind of smack that we want to throw your way. I would’t come here if it bothers you.

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  3. LOL- Well, CGM wife said she did not like Alabama or maybe she just does not like Lee County. And hammah you are right. Without a guy like Cam it is hard to repeat. RTR.

    1. Yea DES you’re right, Auburn didn’t have Cam, their Heisman Trophy winner, the next year and without him it was hard for them to repeat.

      But what was Alabama’s excuse (I know you have plenty of them) for not repeating since ya’ll did have Mark, your Heisman Trophy winner, the next year?

      People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

      1. So Bama skipped a year.
        Maybe you heard we do have another game to play on Jan. 9th…for all the marbles.
        Do you seriously think AU will be in the BCSNC game next year with the mess that was this season and a new OC and NC yet to be named?

        1. Hey Irrelephant Rouge, pay attention if you are going to pay along. DES’s comment was about repeating. So even if you when your game on Jan 9th, you will not be repeating, as you didn’t win it last year now did you?

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  5. LOL- I just went back and reread this. Band of clowns…..ROFLMAO..Wish I could think up stuff like this. I know that ole Flash will be on soon to help me. RTR.

  6. Hey ITK, I hear ya’… Yeah, some of the Auburn bunch (like every bunch I suppose) can be embarrassing at times. The trash talk doesn’t really bother me as long as it doesn’t get ridiculous… “never gonna’ beat Alabama again”.
    My only real counter-point is that it wasn’t that long ago that y’all were in a terrible state of disarray, much like my personal, most hated rival, Florida. See? Not all AU fans fear or hate ‘Bama.
    Anyway. I got your point, and it is correct…fans across the board can be idiots, and Auburn is no exception.


  7. A mega-douch, but worth quoting here:

    “If Chizik tanks the next two seasons while Malzahn won double digit games two seasons in a row at Arkansas State, are you really telling me Auburn people wouldn’t be clamoring to fire Chizik and bring back Malzahn?

    Better check the airport logs Gene, your university has a history of sending out planes to pick up offensive wizards.” -Clay Travis

    1. You know you are left speechless at your program’s malfeasance when you utter something totally stupid and irrelevant, such as this.

      1. I thought the premise was a coach leaving Auburn while taking a paycut. Oh..wait, you’re right, Malzahn is leaving on his own accord. Your’s were simply run off.

        1. What a slap at Auburn, he would rather get paid half the money to coach somewhere else than to stay at Auburn. Looks like Gus missed the bus, he should have sold high last year.

    2. Don’t know. Don’t care. We got rid of them cause they sucked. Big difference when your National Championship OC is so desperate and in such a big hurry to leave that he goes to a Sun Belt team for 700 thousand and drops over half a million a year on the floor. This the same man who last year turned down 3 million a year to coach an SEC school. Dude it spin it any way you want, but it don’t get no worse than that! RTR!

  8. I’m seriously going to miss ITK’s “dipsy-doo trickeroo” <— trademarked BTW comments on Gus Maltzliquor's high SkOoL oFfEnSe. LMAO — maybe in the future ITK? — can you bring up some Arky St. threads and see how that Sun Belt disaster will turn out? LMFAO!!!!


  9. For our new offensive coordinator, i think we need to hire another Mike. That worked out well for us in the past

  10. Hey Just A Fag. Try losing 6 All Americans, 9 to the NFL, 9 starters on defense, 2 more intended defensive starters before the season started, Hightower never 100%. All that on defense and we still finished the season with #’1 ranked defense. Lost TE and 3 OL and by the Iron Bowl Vlachos was the only OL starter left and Julio played with a broken hand. Still we slaughtered the Big 10 champ by 40. We lost 3 games to Nat Champs, Sugar Bowl Champs and SEC East Champs by a total of 18 points. You stupid bastards lost, so far, 5 games by about 150 points. ‘Aint no calling the kettle black, Shyt For Brains! Ya’ll are black. Black as in Toast. Black as in dead, buried and rotten. Just STFU! RTR!

    1. Hey shyt for brains you lost to LSU who was neither the Nat. Champs, Sugar Bowl Champs nor the SEC Champs.
      Every time you open you mouth Crimsonte you prove how stupid you are. Now that yo

    2. Talk about shyt for brains but calling the kettle black, one of Alabama loses was to LSU who was neither the National Champs,, Sugar Bowl Champs nor the SEC East Champs! Crimsonite everytime you open your mouth YOU prove YOU are the stupid bastard! So now that you have been corrected and proven to be THE stupid bastard, Just STFU! LMAO

  11. About as classless as any article I’ve ever read. Please, can you be professional at least? I remember the AU Tigers beating Bama for 6 years in a row. I remember Bama losing to LA Monroe…all times have good times, bad times. Always will be that way. Bama may not dip to the low of losing to LA Monroe and AU may not have 2 years out of 5 that they go 14-0, but both schools will have their ups and downs. Win with class, lose with class. I think that’s what is lacking in this article. Pure and simple class.

    1. Well put!

      May I add that there’s a huge difference between ribbing and being mean for the sake of being mean…and yes, that especially goes for my so-called fellow AU fans!

      Remember the ‘Bama fans who came to AU when the trees were poisoned and the AU fans who went to Tuscaloosa after the tornado.

      Heaven forbid we remember this is ONLY a football rivalry!

      2 more cents

  12. Talked to my brother today – the POS, asswipe, dick slurpin’ Barnturd motherphucker who somehow popped out of the same hole as me. He said that Dyer will not be back. That for one thing he is an asshole that all the coaches hate and because of grades he’s transferring to a Junior College. Looks like the All Ins are having a phucked up year of the same magnitude as their dream year last year. If this keeps up I might have to start feeling sorry for them ———– No Hell No!!! ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  13. Babs, you’re a first time visitor, and looks like a damn Awbie at that. This board is a War Zone. There’s nothin’ NICE goes on here ever. Well, other than Awbie getting their ass beat 42-14 and losing 5 games by 150 points. That’s pretty damn nice! Bwaa haww haww! So don’t come on here with that damn judgemental horseshyt when you have no idea what you’re talking about. Just give an opinion, flame, rant or STFU! RTR!

  14. Flash, unless you are a barner it s usually not very wise to get in the middle of a family fight. It s also pretty funny from anyone like you claiming to lecture us on class. As if lswho had any. If the class displayed on this board bothers you there is an easy way to fix that. By the way I don t lecture anyone in the who boards because I don ‘t care enough what they have to say. So if you don t like it simply don t visit. We won t miss you.

    1. It’s not wise, why not? What’s going to happen if I do? You going to beat me up with some ugly words like Crimsonite does? All anyone has to do is read this board and read an LSU board and it is easy to see that the bama fans, at least the ones on this board, are much more classless than the LSU fans.

      It’s intersting you choose the name Church, since you either have never been to one or choose to ignore the things taught in them.

      1. Where do you see ‘Church’? It must suck to be you. First, to be born a coonass, and then grow up and be an illiterate dumbass. Not to mention the psychosis brought on with the mention of the word ‘Saban’. We can almost see you turn red and spit flying out of your mouth when his name is mentioned around you. I am sure once you decide to seek help, they will find the correct medication that can help you out. But I am afraid there is nothing they can do about you living in denial.

  15. Barners it s pretty clear to most football fans outside the sec that aubarn sold their soul to catch lightning in a bottle and the reaper is here and the bill is due. Wouldn t bother most of us as much if barners weren t so sanctimonious and self righteous about family and the religious references. Thinking aubArn is God s team is offensive to almost everyone no matter their beliefs and only fuels our fires

  16. Does this mean Auburn will put up more billboards this year such as”Fearless and True” only to recruit thug QB’s or players that rob trailer parks?

  17. It looks like The Gus Bus just blew a tire.oh well, he sucked this year anyway without Scam. Maybe now we’ll get a good coach who’s worthy of the Aubhrn mystique

  18. Hey twin asswipe pieces of shyt, I don’t phucking care if it was the Sugar Bowl, the Cotton Bowl or the Toilet Bowl. I don’t keep up with what Bowl Louisiana Shithole U plays in. Oh that’s right. After Arky handed you your ass you didn’t get a BCS Bowl did you? You played who? Oh yeah, was it worthless aTm? Another team Arky stomped. If you can’t figure it out, well we understand. Syphilis of the brain tends to be that way. This thread doesn’t concern you. Don’t ya’ll have sisters you need to be impregnating? I hear your daddy calling you – he needs a blow job. RTR!

    1. Sounds like sombody’s ass hurts because LSU has not only beaten your bama team two years in a row, but has has had better overall records and SEC records than bama also. Yea we may have lost to Arkansas last year but we beat your asses dodn’t we Crimsonite. And we’re favored to beat you again this year, in the National Championship game, to make it three in a row. And then you have to come to our house next year after losing most of your better players, where LSU will make it four in a row over Bama. LSU willl own the Irrelaphants!

      1. Just for the record JBrooks, that was posted by some bammer fan who likes hijacking other peoples screen names because he is not intelligent to counter my comments under his own name.

        I do get that it was/is not about trees. But many, not most or all, but many of the bammer fans are just like Updyke and Crimsonite.

        I’m just glad I don’t have to live with them in the state of Alabama 365 days a year.

  19. You’re jumping the gun a little bit asshole. You had a 1 game better record last year. This year ‘aint over yet and I don’t care if you have an extra win because of the SECCG, cause we’ll have the Crystal Football. So in 2 years you will have a 1-1/2 game lead on us. But the 2 previous years we out did you by 7 wins and beat your asses worse than you’ve beat us the last 2 times. And in the 4 years we will have 2 Crystal Footballs and you’ll have none. And don’t count on next year asshole. We lose enough talent to stock an NFL team (note that in every All American publication we have the most players in the nation and 2 to 3 times as many as LSWho) but we are 2 and 3 deep everywhere with equal talent. We’re thinking of moving to the NFC South. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    1. Thanks for agreeing with my FACTS Crimsonite and proving an earlier point that I made about Miles being a better coach than Saban.

      FACTS are that Miles and LSU has a better overall and SEC record than Saban and Alabama in each of the last two years. FACTS, as comfirmed by your comment “We lose enough talent to stock an NFL team (note that in every All American publication we have the most players in the nation and 2 to 3 times as many as LSWho), that Alabama had more talent than LSU.

      So Crimsonite if Alabama had that much talent, and Saban is the better coach, no way LSU beats them two years in a row right? Wrong! So either your players are not as good as you think or Saban is not as good of a coach as Miles.

      You tell me I can’t count next year, yet you are already counting on winning the next game and “having the Crystal Football”. But then again you did guarantee Alabama was going to win the first game this year 31-6!

      You’re thinking of moving to the NFC South!?! LMAO
      You have even won the SEC West the last two years!

      The SEC Champs, LSU Tigers, own Bama, Crimsonite! Get used to it!

      1. YOU knew Crimsonite wasn’t going to show up to answer this. He likes to through a lot of bullshyt out there but when you counter him with FACTS he never shows back up to answer, because thats the type of person he is! LMAO

  20. Speaking of the NFC South. Julio just whupped Cam for the second time this year. In spite of injuries my man is tearing NFL defenses new assholes. Since Atlanta already had a ‘Who’s Who’ lineup of recievers Julio isn’t getting as many receptions as some of the others, and once again he is being used as a decoy. But damn, what he does with the ones he gets is making a mockery out of NFL defensive backs. 2, 3 or 4 receptions in a game and half of them go for 50, 60, 70 or 80 yard TD’s. Do you realize how unheard of that is in the NFL. He is just smokin’ the whole defense and out running them the length of the field. And he’s doing it with them looking for it to happen. Whatever we paid for that boy it was worth it! Cadillac Escalade wasn’t it? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    1. Yea but does Julio have anything of his in the NFL Hall of Fame yet?

      Patrick Peterson does! The shoes he wore on his NFL record breaking punt returns he’s made this year as a rookie!

      Come back when Julio can top that. Biatch!

  21. Flash since you cannot read I feel very confidant in offering you an opportunity to discuss theology. Please point out which statements that I have made would indicate that I have not been in a church (not a chuch). Also there is a simple answer to the problems that you have with this board which is the same thing I do with the barn and who boards , ignore them. We ll be happy to ignore you if you stay away. Just don t be a super troll and not show up after January 9

    1. Hey Chuch, you are correct I did misread your screen name this morning. Could have had something to do with the Christmas Party I attended last night, or it could be that you can’t spell church correctly. LOL

  22. Who gives a rat shyt about Patrick Dickinthe mouth. Punt returns come against the offense. Let him try it against a defense that knows how to tackle and loves to kill Jackrabbits. On the other hand you are talking about the same POS who’s ass Julio had his foot in everytime we played you cocksuckers, including last years loss. Man, or in your case transexual, it is so phucking tiring beating my head against a stone wall. You diseased motherphuckers just keep coming back and spouting off retarded shyt so I can curb stomp your slutty asses. No-phucking-body wins them all. Not the Packers or the Patriots or the Celtics or the Yankees. But they win more than anybody else when it’s all said and done; and Bama is college footballs representative in that class with those guys. LSPhuckingWho IS NOT!!! I don’t need to argue with your retarded ass over this stupid shyt you keep repeating about Bama’s quality of athlete and Saban. The overall record speaks for itself, if you have enough education to read. POS Corndogs.

    1. Woh gvies a siht abuot dikcnteh muoth Crmisnotie! He cna wrtie mroe cruse wrods tahn ayn otehr bama fna or ayn oterh fna on eathr! Wha Whoo! Adn he’s aslo a cokcsckuer taht hwo he konws so mcuh abuot thme!

  23. Ok, I’m through Crimsonite! I understand that the more I talk, the more I’m showing my fear. Miles & Saban will be 3-3 against each other after Jan 9. Saban’s ass better have guards around him when hecreturns to Baton Rouge next year. It’s not fair we can’t have an easy opponent in the BCS game. I’ll shut up and stop showing my fear

    1. You prove your fear by trying to pretend your me. Just like your football is pretenders also. Beating only three division 1 teams with winning records this year. I’ll keep talking because I’m not scared of a team that ran up stats and numbers against a schedule like that and then have the nerve to talk shyt. LMAO

      Hell even the one good team you beat, Arkansas, was even worse, they only be

  24. Finally the dumbass said something more or less true. It’s a fact everybody needs a bodyguard around those drunken dumbasses in Baton rouge, and I’m sure he has a boner for old men, young men, mangy dogs, etc. Bwaa haww haww! Now can we get back to fighting with our Red Headed Step Children? RTR!

    1. Crimsonite you are probably dumb enough to believe I posted that!

      Hey fat ass I received my BCS Championship tickets today, you got yours? Or are you going to lay on the couch with your mama and watch it on your 13″ Black and White in your double wide? LMAO

  25. Julio’s at it again. At halftime he only has 1 catch, but it was a 30 yard TD and the longest reception of the game for anybody. RTR!

  26. TALLAHASSEE, Florida — LSU will have a tough time beating Alabama twice in the same season, former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said Tuesday night during his first visit to campus since his departure two years ago.

    Bowden knows something about rematches of top teams. His 1996 club lost the national championship to rival Florida in a rematch at the Sugar Bowl just five weeks after the Seminoles had won the regular-season game.

    “We got beat pretty doggoned good that second game,” Bowden said during his talk to the Tallahassee Quarterback Club.

    “It wouldn’t surprise me for LSU to win — they are good as you’ve seen — but to me Alabama has the same advantage that Florida had on us. They got beat and they’re mad as you know what. They’re as mad as a wet hen. And if you’re not careful, your guys are satisfied.”

    Bowden attended the game Nov. 5 in Tuscaloosa, where LSU defeated the host Crimson Tide 9-6 in overtime. He said they were the two best teams he saw this year and are deserving of a rematch for the national title on Jan. 9.

    “Defense wins championships,” Bowden said. “Alabama and LSU this year are kind of a different breed. Their defenses are devastating.”

      1. Wow! Over here at 10:30 on a Thursday Night commenting on Julio! Obssessed much? Did your wife cut you off, or do you just leave her growing cobwebs on her snatch while you kill the hours on an Alabama blog? Nah. If MVP is given on stats alone then Cam is a shoe in. Even though Carolina can’t buy a win, he’s broken about a million rookie QB records. Anyway Julio has missed about 5 games with injuries. Now if he was catching for Drew Brees it might be a different story, plus he’s sharing time with All Pro Roddy White, who by the way is also from Bama, UA-Birmingham.

        1. I wasn’t commenting on Julio dumbass, I was commenting on your stupid post!

          And what about commenting on this site during the game. Must mean you’re watching the game with your computer because you have no friends to watch the game with because of you crass personality.

          And don’t be so certain if Julio was on the Saints team that he would be doing any better than he is at Atlanta. The Saints are more loaded at receiver than they are at running back and your Heisman Trophy winning running back is 3rd on the depth chart.

  27. I’m sorry, Crimsonite, my mom was still giving me baths into my 20’s. I really do fear Bama and that fact shows everytime I write a term paper on here trying to instill fear on a rival website like the big dumb ass I am. LSU has no other real rivals besides Bama, while at least the whole SEC and several out-of conference schools consider Alabama their main rival. I just took my meds an hr ago, so please forgive me for my fear when I continuously post my useless drivel on here. I have no life otherwise. I’ve jerked off so much that I’ve chafed my penis. Have a good night, Crimsmnite. Wow, that rhymed! I’m a poet that didn’t know it. Damn this meth, I mean meds work!

  28. You illigitimate bastard. We played 6 of the same SEC teams as you. The scores were almost identical and we always had better stats. In the other two SEC games we curb stomped Vandy who whipped your opponent Kentucky. And in our game against you we also had much better stats. Penn State would have whipped everybody on your schedule except us, Oregon and maybe Arky. I’d put them even with West Va. San jose and North Texas would beat hell out of your Northeastern State, and Georgia Southern is one game away from winning their 2nd Nat Championship in a row and 7th overall. So phuck your schedule. Why didn’t you beat all the SEC teams worse and have better stats than us? Since I saw Miles run up the score in at least 3 of those games then your all powerful phucking team should have done much better than our weaklings. Why not flagelator? What happened? You phucking dumbass!

    1. Crimsonite I know even you’re not stupid enough to believe the crap that comes out of your mouth. So based on your comments you think Penn State could have finished as the 3rd best team in the SEC! LMAO

      Oregon is better than any team on your schedule except LSU and is vastly superior to your best OCC game against Penn State. According to the same voters and computers that you think got things right, has West Va only one spot below your best OCC team Penn State. West Va. at least finished tied for its conference championship whereas Penn State finished tied for fourth in a weak Big 10 conference this year.

      And even you said before we played Arkansas that they were much better when we played them at the end of the year compared to when you played them. I beleive you even thougt they had improved enough to beat us. I believe you predicted they would. Your not too good at predictions are you Crimsonite. LOL

      And you conviently forgot to mention a top 20 ranked Georgia team which we put a beat down on after spoting them a 14 point lead. That is a Georgia team that is still currently ranked six spots higher than Penn State, your best win of the year.

      You talk a lot of bullshyt Crimsonite but you never refuted the fact that Bama only beat three division 1 teams with a winning record! But go ahead an brag on your tough division two win! LMAO Maybe bama should schedule more division 2 teams next year. There are several good ones in Louisiana. Or you could just schedule tougher div 1 OCC games like maybe UL-Monroe.

      Now who looks like the “phucking dumbass”

      1. I’m such a fag. I’m just mad that we didn’t get an easy team with no defense like Oklahoma State.

        Now we (LSU) actually have to WORK for our championship now.

        p.s. I’m a fag. LSU rocks!!!!!!!!

        1. Crimsonite posing again because he can’t refute my comments with facts! Everytime he gets a beatdown by me he has to take my screen name and pretend he’s me. But everyone knows you vulgarity Crimsonite, so you are not hard to figure out.


    1. And there folks is your typical delusional thinking of a bama fan. They actually think they could beat the Green Bay Packers.

      One problem with your theory Hannah, you didn’t beat LSU last year nor this year, and as an LSU fan I’m here to tell you they are not as good as the Green Bay Packers.

      It is precisely comments like yours Hannah that I hang around this board! LMAO

        1. Brando I used the word delusional not denial, but if you will really look you will notice I have only posted two post in the entire time I have been at this site that were not reponses to a previous post. All of my other post have been in response to delusional, non factual or just plain lies or ignorant post by the bamers on this site.

          But it did not start out like that, it turned into that because, just like the reponse to BabsUsa’s first post earlier here, I was personally attacked and cursed by that asswipe Crimsonite, and several others on the board after my first post. But their hollow attempts at intimidation did not scare me away like they and maybe you had hoped.

          All of the stupid crap that was posted here before the first match between LSU and Alabama, like Crimsonite’s guarntee that Bama would win 31-6, or ITK saying always bet on Saban in a big revenge game with everything on the line like the first game and even some of your comments about Miles Brando, is why I continue to post here. To give you bamers some perspective and facts.

          I’m glad you noticed and enjoy.

          And I hate to correct you again Brando but NOBODY post more here than the inbred ingnorant redneck Crimsonite.

    1. See what I mean Brando, Crimsonite thinks he can intimidate me by making comments like that to you while using my screen name. But even I know you’re not dumb enough to believe it is me posting crap like that.

  29. Oh the shame of it! Flash go hide your head in a corner and flagellate! Poor ol’ Bama and their pussy schedule all topped off with FCS Georgia Southern. We should be ashamed to play a high school like that! BUT WAIT!!! Just found out that Steve Kragthorp went to Georgia Southern to study their triple option offense for the BCSNCG. Bwaa haww haww!!! Scared much Corndogs??? I hope they are stupid enough to try GS shyt against us. Talk about assassination. Georgia Southern’s QB and RB’s are like little rocket ships with afterburners. Can you just see LSWho’s big ol’ clodhopper RB’s doing enough damage on the corners to open up the inside running. Bwaa haww haww!!!! It would be an African Headhunt for Barron, Lester, Kirkpatrick, Milner, Hightower, Johnson, Harris and Upshaw. It would be a good idea if #1, LSWho had the personnel to run it properly and #2, surely Kragthorp doesn’t think Bama would play it the same way we did against Ga Sou the week before the Iron Bowl. Hell, we didn’t even practice against it in pads. Bring it Corndogs! RTR!

    1. “Can you just see LSWho’s big ol’ clodhopper RB’s doing enough damage on the corners to open up the inside running.”

      Well actually Crimsonite if I want to see that all I have to do is go watch a replay of the first game and watch Ford get almost double the yards per carry as trent by getting around the corners on that bama defense. So Bwaa Waww Waww to you. You either have a short memory or you didn’t even watch the first game.

      And Crimsonite I actually think Georgia Southern was Bama’s best win of the season. Seriously! I think they would have beaten Penn State and would have given Arkansas a good game if not beaten them.

  30. The “Flash” must have a split personality. He is definitely posting all this drivel, then comes back with “somebody’s trying to mock me due to my intelligence.” HAHAHAHA. Little psychology for you, dumb ass: if you’re not scared, you wouldn’t be on a rival forum. Alabama will be unanimously crowned National Champion approximately 11:05 PM, Monday evening, January 9, 2012. This isn’t Little League. Second-Ninth place isn’t rewarded with trophies and juice boxes. LSU didn’t win the Title in November. It’s the WHOLE SEASON including the bowl games that get rewarded, you fucking crybaby, inbred, hayseed Cajun. You challenge BamaBrando to a fight?! LOL, guess what dickhead, you name a time, place, and location the eve of the game in the French Quarter. I’ll be there!

    1. LMAO RC, go back and look at some of the National Championships you and some of your bamers claim and then reread your own words that “It’s the WHOLE SEASON including the bowl games that get rewarded, you fucking crybaby”!

      And your statement, no prediction, that “Alabama will be unanimously crowned National Champion approximately 11:05 PM, Monday evening, January 9, 2012” sounds a lot like Crimsonites guarantee that bama would win 31-6 in the first game. You idots just don’t learn.

      And your comment that “This isn’t Little League”, is that why ya’ll didn’t win the first game at home?

      No we didn’t win the title in November but we planted the seed.

      And you believing that was actually me challenging Brando to a fight shows and proves just how stupid you are. Both me and asshole that has been posting using my screen name are laughing our asses off at you for taking that one hook line and sinker! What an idiot you are!

  31. Flash, the Dumb ASS, the fuckin polls did not reflect the bowls until 1965. The ONLY 2 times of our 8 recognized National Titles where we lost a bowl game AFTER he polls took them into account was the 1973 Sugar Bowl 24-23 loss to Notre Dame. The UPI recognized the season AT THE TIME before the bowls which is also reflected in Texas’ 1970 UPI crown when they lost to Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl 24-11. Alabama lost the ’64 Orange Bowl to Texas, but catch this dumb ass, THE POLLS AWARDED THE CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE THE BOWL GAMES. In 1961, 1965, 1978, 1979, 1992, and 2009 Alabama won the National Championship AND WON THE BOWL GAME.

    Now, when you can come back and argue actual facts without posting insults and drivel under same/multiple names, I will hold an educated debate with you. Absent that, I will continue to call you out for the dumb ass hillbilly you are

    1. RC, if you think words from someone like you who doesn’t even know me will bother me then you truly are ……well I’ll save that for later.

      The FACTS are, in that in 1973 there were only two undefeated untied teams at the end of the year and those two teams, Notre Dame and bama, played each other in a bowl game in New Orleans, and Notre Dame won.

      And yes I know the UPI poll, which was secondary to the AP poll back then, awarded its National Championship before the bowls, which was asinine, wouldn’t you agree RC? But the AP, the major poll at the time, awarded its National Championship after the bowl games. So after the bowl game where the two best teams in the Nation played each other and where Notre Dame beat Alabama, the AP awarded the National Championship to Notre Dame. And the UPI had, before the game considered Alabama the National Championship to Alabama.

      Now RC I ask you, who do you think bama was the deserving and real National Champion in 1973?

      And IF Alabama was to beat LSU on January 9th, but the AP awarded its National Championship to LSU based on having more wins, a better winning percentage and having done both of those over a tougher schedule and better competition than Alabama, would you not have a problem with LSU fans and many people recognizing LSU as the real National Champions for this Year?

      There RC I have now come back and argued actual facts without posting insults, now lets hear your “educated” debate.

      1. My guess is RC will not come back with an “educated” reply, if he even comes back at all as Crimsonite usually fails to show back up when given reasoned intelligent facts to counter his dribble, but with a reply that can only be understood if read through crimson glasses.

  32. Spin it anyway you want it stupid motherphucker. You think we’re going to give the trophy back? Since you love the AP so much then why don’t you give back the ’03 trophy since USC won the AP National Championship? And you are phucking retarded out of your mind taking it on yourself to assume the AP was more important than the UPI. The UPI – asshole, were coaches and was essentially what became the BCS coaches poll. Championships were awarded before Bowl games for 2 very good reasons. #1. The bowls originally were considered reward for a great season. They were recreation, fun, not intended to be for championships. #2. Teams may nor may not have taken the game seriously and played the same as during the regular season. #3. After taking a more than a month off since there was only 10 games back then, many teams could not carry the same intensity or level of perfection all the way to Jan 1st and therefore the same team might not win in the bowl as would have won in November. Because the intensity and fan interest and money was changing in college football it became more accepted that the Bowls could determine the National Champion. The AP embraced this idea first. Just because they had an idea does not mean it was the word of God. There was no 100% university approved BCS back then. The polls were just simply – the polls. Neither was more significant than the other. If they differed on the National Champion, then that’s just the phucking way it was. Alabama got phucked out of two National Championships by the Gaddamn polls, so we’re Gaddamn sure gonna claim any that they gave us. as for this year – well fool, if we win Nov. 9th and you get the AP, I guess we’ll just say the same damn thing you all said about USC in ’03. Except that USC didn’t beat you in ’03. So I guess that would make us a more legitimate Champion than you were. Now if we only win by three points – then say what you want. We’ll still have the crystal football in Tuscaloosa and that’s all that matters. But if we stomp your asses, then shove it up your ass cause the regular season is separate from the BCSNCG. RTR!

    1. Motherphucking, phucking retarded, asshole, phucking, phucked, Gaddamn, asses, flagellate, pussy, shyt.

      Those are a few of Crimsonites favorite words and that just in his last couple of postings. He’s like a teenage kid who thinks cursing makes him cool.

      And you are the retarded inbred Crimsonite, I don’t care who voted in the UPI poll, in 1973 the AP poll was considered the more relevant and important poll back then, regardless of what you say in your 1, 2, 3 excuses. And it was still one of the most important until it removed itself from being used in the BCS calculation.

      It is funny though that your number 3 excuse is something you are already warming up for this year if you lose.

      I also notice you said “IF” we stomp your asses. Does that mean you are not so sure now that you are going to stomp our asses like you have previously posted?

  33. Once again, FLASH, you bring NOTHING new to the table except verifying the 1973 UPI voting process but FAILING to mention the AP process went on to post drivel of why we should be proud of 1973 UPI championship but LSU should embrace an undeserved AP crown this year if they lose, now catch this, THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME???! EPIC FAIL on your hypocritical hypothesis! Try again!

    BTW, you do cherish what I say cause you keep replying:)

    1. Once again you bammers read and hear what you want to read and hear and not what is actually said or written. I never once said we would enbrace the AP Crown if it was awarded to us, I asked you if you thought we should? And its interesting that you used the words an undeserved AP crown. So you are a hypocrit, you think your prebowl UPI is deserved but an AP crown this year would be undeserved. EPIC FAIL on you hypocritical thinking.

      And the AP process pre-1965 has nothing to do with what happened in 1973.

      So what did you bring RC except your biased opinion and your unwillingness to answer the question asked.
      So I will ask it again to see if you really are scared to answer it or to tell the truth.

      Do you think bama was the deserving and real National Champion in 1973?

      And by the way you replied to one of my post first and every one since you dumb ass, so by your thinking you must cherish what I have to say. LMAO you can’t even get that simple fact right.

  34. Once again Flash repeats the same damn question but can’t infer an answer. Flash obviously has never taken a standardized test or engaged in critical analysis or thinking.

    To answer your question directly since you are too damn stupid to infer, YES, Bama should be proud of the 1973 UPI crown awarded BEFORE the bowl season, whereas LSU has no right to be proud of the 2011 AP vote if it is flimsly given to them to soothe their hurt feelings AFTER THE BOWL LOSS. PERIOD. THE WHOLE SEASON CoUNTS. NOT JUST NOV 5

  35. Flash,

    just to clarify for you one LAST time, the UPI post ’74 took into account the regular season, not the bowls. THE MODERN DAY polls take THE WHOLE SEASON into account (INCLUDING BOWLS)

    1. And Slavery used to be legal but that didn’t make it right.

      Considering your team the best team in 1973 by calling yourselves National Champions for that year is as “right” as slavery was when it was legal.

      But hey small minded people like you and crimsonite probably still wish slavery was legal.

      1. And just to claify for you one last time, using your own argument against you, if Alabama was to beat LSU by only 1 point in overtime, and “THE MODERN DAY” AP poll took “THE WHOLE SEASON” into account INCLUDING THE BOWLS, and awarded LSU the NC based on “THE WHOLE SEASON” and not just January 9th, seeing how LSU played a tougher schedule than Alabama, beat two conference champions and beat Alabama on it own home field in front of its own home crowd, then didn’t you just argue that it would be deserved since the AP would have awarded it based on “THE WHOLE SEASON” AND they are not tied to the BCS faux Championship Game?

        Sorry to have to use your own argument against you there RC.

  36. Vol,

    that was WEAK.


    you haven’t used any argument against me you fukin hypocrite. So, if you use the argument LSU Warrants a trophy it does not deserve based on the pre-bowl season, Alabama deserved its ’73 UPI crown for obliterating everyone and scoring 477 points all season long and losing by ONE POINT to Notre Dame. Bama fans can use the same argument, idiot! Stop being a short sighted hypocrite.

    1. And Bama fans DO use that argument, as you did, and Claim that they were the true National Champions of that year, YOU IDIOT! LSU fans haven’t claimed anything with reguards to the AP Championship yet, because it hasn’t been awarded yet you FOOL. And besides LSU has just as good if not better chance of winning the next game and this not being an issue because they will be both the BCS and AP champions. YOU act like you’ve already one the damn game!

      SO the argument that you can’t seem to comprehend is, if Bama fans are ALREADY claiming 1973 as the real National Champions, doesn’t that set the precedent for LSU fans to do the same if things fall that way, based on “the whole season”?

  37. NEVER SAID THEY DIDN’T FLAAAAASH! What I was inferring is how funny it is to see you guys already are clamoring for one poll when the damn game hasn’t even been played yet. Why is that? Personally, I wouldn’t be stunned if LSU won yet again, but watching you fools screaming and politicking for a share of the Title before the game is played amusing. Especially amusing since you are stooping to little brother Auburn status and discrediting our tradition

    1. What tradition of yours have I discredited? You throw stupid shyt out there that is baseless like Crimsonite. Unless you’re calling the claiming of nationla championship titles that you really don’t deserve a tradition, tell me exactly what traditions of Alabama that I am discrediting? You Cant’

      And it is not LSU fans clamoring for ONE poll or a share of the title you idiot, LSU fans believe we are going to win the whole thing! It is the idiot bama fans that are up in arms because of media types like Gary Danielson and Tim Brando saying that because of what LSU has already accomplished on the field this year, compared to Alabama, that even if they do lose the second game to Alabama, they, LSU, deserve a share of the national title, ie that AP title. That is not LSU fans sayin that. And before you have a Crimsonite moment and say that I did, all I did was ask you a hypothetical question, because I am like all oterr LSU fans and believe we will win both the AP and BCS titles.

  38. BTW, there is not one Alabama fan who claims they are the “true” 1973 National Champion. Now, pay attention, THE UPI AWARDED THE NATIONAL TITLE PRIOR TO THE BOWLS PRE-1974. The UPI was an acknowleged poll until the USA/CNN poll took over in ’91. Texas was awarded the UPI title in 1970 PRIOR to losing 24-11 to Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl. Guess What?! TEXAS CLAIMS IT TOO! As does Southern Californi in ’74 before losing in the Rose Bowl. Southern Cal claims the 2003 AP Title while LSU claims the CNN and BCS titles. GUESS WHAT?! USC lost to a 6-6 California team that year and LSU got the nod ahead of them in the BCS. SOUND FAMILIAR??!!

    1. Why are you screaming (caps lock on) RC you trying to convince yourself.

      Just because someone else does somethng wrong/stupid (Texas) does not make what you do correct, so that is a weak ass argument.

      And if you think that is not ONE Alabama fan who claims they are the true 1973 National Champions, the you my friend do not live in Alabama, have not been a bama fan very long, or you do not know many bama fans. Have you met Crimsonite before? LMAO

      1. No one in the country doubts Alabama’s superior National Championship record when compared to LSU. Just another thing that bothers you so much, along with your Saban obsession. Saban is going to beat Miles again, and LSU will lose a game. And it is going to hurt you so much. In the end, Bama has the winning record over LSU, more SEC championships, national championships, first round draft picks, and overall better coaches, facilities, recruiting, etc. It is just a matter of time before LSU nose dives back to mediocrity, where the majority of their existence has always been, and Bama wins yet another National Championship. It is what Bama DOES more often than any other SEC school by a large margin. And that won’t be changing in our lifetime. And yes, you are a f*cking douchebag.

  39. FLASH, the dumb ASS, Alabama’s tradition is VASTLY SUPERIOR to LSWHO’s. First, what tradition did you guys have pre-1958 and from 1960-2000? TWO SEC Championships from 1960-2001 and ZERO National Titles. Alabama had 6 RECOGNIZED (AP & UPI) NATIONAL TITLES and 14 SEC TITLES from 1958-82. Since ’82, we’ve had 4 SEC titles and 2 National Titles. So, excuse me if LSU doesn’t impress me.

    I use ALL CAPS because you’re a dumb ass. Your argumentative nature indicates you’re a lonely weezle. All you’re trying to do now is get the last word on a rival website (hence, dumb ass), and that ain’t happening. I’m through arguing with a mental patient who just wants to stir the pot out of boredom. When you have a topic worth arguing over again, I’ll join in. Until then Roll Tide lil brother, seek some help, Merry Christmas, get laid, and get a life (not necessarily in that order!) IDIOT. One more thing: Alabama 24, LSU 14

    1. Man you bama fans make no sense! It was you RC who accused me of “discrediting your traditions”, when I had said nothing about your traditions. I then challange you to tell me exactly what “traditions I was discrediting” and you come back with “Alabama’s tradition is VASTLY SUPERIOR to LSWHO’s”. And you call me the dumb ass? LOL The fact that you think Alabama’s tradition is VASTLY SUPERIOR to LSU’s doesn’t even address the question of what Alabama tradition I was discrediting. So maybe you better off not arguing with a mental patient because, based on this response you would lose a argument with that mental patient.

      If the only “tradition” you are talking about is wins and losses, let take a look at that and see if your comment about Alabama being “VASTLY SUPERIOR” to LSU is accurate or not.

      Through the end of the 2009 season, Alabama was the 7th winningest program of all time. LSU was 13th. Superior yes, “VASTLY SUPERIOR”? I don’t think so. Just another exageration by a bama fan. And we know LSU had a better record in 2010 and to date in 2011 than Alabama.

      In fact for the decade 2000-2009 LSU is ranked 8th, Alabama is not in the top 10. And again we know for the two years since then LSU’s record has been better than Alabama’s. So should we conclude from the facts of the last 12 years that LSU’s “traditions” are on the rise, while Alabama’s are on the decline?

      You willing to guarantee that 24-14 prediction like Crimsonite was his 31-6 prediction for the first game? OR are you not really that confident?

  40. Oooh, Flaash, just who is responsible for LSU’s wonderful 2000-09 decade? NICK SABAN, the CURRENT ALABAMA coach gunning for his second National Title in 5 years. I answered all your questions on how Alabama’s traditions are VASTLY superior to LSWHO’s in my last post. 8 RECOGNIZED National Titles (going on 9) to LSWHO’s 1 and tainted 2 (2003, 2007). Yes, Sabear was coach of the tainted 2003 title, but LSU did not deserve the 2007 title when they backed into the game with 2 losses.

    You are a worthless human being. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. Stop your little alpha dick male competition with me, and move on to another topic. Nobody thinks LSU is even close to us in tradition except your dimwitted fanbase along with our little bros at Auburn.

    1. “I’m through arguing with a mental patient who just wants to stir the pot out of boredom. When you have a topic worth arguing over again, I’ll join in.” – RC December 21, 2011 at 2:28 pm


      I guess you changed your mind RC or you are just full of shyt.

      YOU going to guarantee that score you predicted or not?

    2. “Oooh, Flaash, just who is responsible for LSU’s wonderful 2000-09 decade? NICK SABAN” – RC
      December 21, 2011 at 10:17 pm

      A typical bammer answer who thinks Nick Saban invented football.

      The facts are Nick Saba and Les Miles are responsible for LSU’s wonderful 2000-2009 decade, with Miles haveing just a slight advantage, but I do give them both equal credit.

      The FACTS are RC, that both men coached five years each at LSU duing that decade, Saban’s record from 2000-2004 was 48-16. Miles record from 2005-2009 was 51-15.

      Facts=truth, and the truth will set you free RC. LMAO

      But hey when have bammers ever let facts get in the way of their delusions.

  41. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. There is no other way to respond to The Flash’s stupidity. If this character is over 20 and has a job and family, I feel sorry for all of them. All he’s trying to do is get the last word. Blah blah blah blah blah

    1. There’s no other way for YOU to respond to The Flash’s FACTS which prove your post is wrong, so you do what most immature bammers do and resort to personal attacks.

      I wasn’t trying to get in the last word I was just presenting the facts that you bammers seem to want to ignore or are too ignorant to look up before you make your inaccurate comments like you did RC.

      And then when you have been proven wrong by the facts, you can only show your immaturity by saying something intelligent like Blah Blah Blah. As childish as you are I’m surprised you didn’t say Nanny Nanny Boo Boo.

      You just keep posting your personal attacks and I’ll just keep posting the facts, because the mature intelligent people who read this site can confirm the facts for them selves, and know for themselves that you are full of shyt and I know what I am talking about.

  42. It’s a shame to see Malzahn go to Arkansas State. He’s a good coach, but apparently he and Chizik have been at each other’s throats since before the first game this year. Chizik is a fraud, Malzahn is the real deal. Auburn made a big mistake and kept the wrong guy around.

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