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OFFICIAL: Alabama adds Kouandjio to 2011 class

Here is the official release from the University of Alabama with details on the 2011 recruiting class:

ALABAMA FOOTBALL RECRUITING: Nation’s Top Offensive Lineman Cyrus Kouandjio Picks Crimson Tide (courtesy of UA Media Relations)
The University of Alabama announced the addition of the nation’s top offensive lineman, Cyrus Kouandjio, to the Crimson Tide’s 2011 signing class Saturday evening.

Kouandjio brings UA’s 2011 recruiting class to 24 total student-athletes, including nine players who enrolled in January for classes at the Capstone and will participate in spring drills. The Tide’s signing class comes from 10 states – Alabama (7), Florida (4), Georgia (3), Ohio (2), Tennessee (2), Maryland (1), California (1), Louisiana (1), North Carolina (1) and Mississippi (1). The Crimson Tide also went outside the United States to land defensive lineman Jesse Williams from Brisbane, Australia.

Listed by position, UA added six defensive linemen, four offensive linemen, four wide receivers, three defensive backs, three linebackers, two running backs, one tight end and one quarterback. Below is a biography of the Crimson Tide’s latest addition.

Cyrus Kouandjio
OL, 6-6, 322, Hyattsville, Md./DeMatha
Cyrus Kouandjio is one of the elite prospect at any position in the 2011 signing class … the younger brother of 2010 Alabama freshman Arie … the consensus top offensive line prospect in the nation by, ESPNU,, SuperPrep and Tom Lemming … the No. 2 overall player nationally by and SuperPrep Magazine … No. 3 prospect in the ESPNU 150 and third nationally by Tom Lemming at MaxPreps … ranked Kouandjio as the No. 4 player in the country … an overpowering run blocker with excellent athleticism … tremendous overall speed and quickness for a player his size … started at left tackle in the Under Armour All-American Game … SuperPrep All-American and the No. 1 player in the MidAtlantic Region … SuperPrep MidAtlantic Offensive Player of the Year … a consensus first-team All-State selection in Maryland … held over 60 scholarship offers … chose the Crimson Tide over virtually every major college football program.

2011 Alabama Football Signing Class
January Enrollees
Ronald Carswell WR 6-0 180 Macon, Ga./Westside
Trey DePriest LB 6-2 232 Springfield, Ohio/Springfield
Quinton Dial DL 6-6 315 Pinson, Ala./East Mississippi CC/Clay-Chalkville
Aaron Douglas OL 6-7 285 Maryville, Tenn./Western Arizona CC/Tennessee/Maryville
Phillip Ely QB 6-1 186 Tampa, Fla./Plant
Demetrius Hart RB 5-9 185 Orlando, Fla./Dr. Phillips
Wilson Love DL 6-3 275 Mountain Brook, Ala./Mountain Brook
Vinnie Sunseri LB 6-0 215 Tuscaloosa, Ala./Northridge
Jesse Williams DL 6-4 330 Brisbane, Australia/Western Arizona CC/Cavendish Road

February Signees
Brent Calloway RB 6-2 217 Russellville, Ala./Russellville
Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix DB 6-1 203 Orlando, Fla./Dr. Phillips
Xzavier Dickson OLB 6-3 240 Griffin, Ga./Griffin
Malcolm Faciane TE 6-5 259 Picayune, Miss./Picayune Memorial
LaMichael Fanning DL 6-7 275 Hamilton, Ga./Harris County
Christion Jones DB 5-11 175 Adamsville, Ala./Minor
Ryan Kelly OL 6-5 281 West Chester, Ohio/Lakota West
Cyrus Kouandjio OL 6-6 322 Hyattsville, Md./Dematha
Isaac Luatua OL 6-2 299 La Mirada, Calif./La Mirada
Jeoffrey Pagan DL 6-4 272 Asheville, N.C./Asheville
D.J. Pettway DL 6-2 272 Pensacola, Fla./Pensacola Catholic
Marvin Shinn WR 6-3 193 Prichard, Ala./Vigor
Bradley Sylve WR 5-11 170 Port Sulphur, La./South Palquemines
Jabriel Washington DB 5-11 165 Jackson, Tenn./Trinity Christian Academy
Danny Woodson WR 6-1 205 Mobile, Ala./LeFlore

59 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: Alabama adds Kouandjio to 2011 class”





  2. Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Good for him, now his brother will not get his scholy yanked. And the faxwhore will get some more love.

  3. Nicket the Ewok Coach

    By the way your gonna need him considering how T Bell knocked out your pussy Qback this year. Your Oline was like a sponge or an Alabama whore, full of holes.

  4. why are auburn fans on this blog? get a fucking life, go blow your cheesedick head coach or ghetto ass trooper taylor, dont be pissed this kid turned down your limos, rap songs, whores and money

  5. fuk off auburn barn turn go crawl back to your double wide, we will see if scam was worth all that trouble when the ncaa hammers that ass , enjoy your fake season, scam and thug fairly are gone along with your offensive line and and dbs, the barn will be back in the gutter again, congrats on the national title every half century MOO MOO!

  6. Bell didn’t knock out $hit you cock sucking. sister humping, inbred fággót. He grabbed Mac by the front of his jersey and Mac tripped and toppled over on his head from the weight. That’s the only reason we didn’t score right then or get in field goal range later you dumbáss prick! Should have played your ásses again instead of Michigan St. But we’re not concerned about it cause just like for the past 125 years – you’re ONE AND DONE!!! Losers! False Champions*! Cheaters! Skanks! Blow me! RTR!

  7. stay as long as you want dipshit you help this site and blog wich is run by a bama fan, keep posting comments, matter a fact go tell the whole trailer park someone dissed the thug ass family so this blog will get more traffic dipshit

  8. I’m still waiting on the “meltdown” that was coming in recruiting this year per auburn insiders!!

    Where is MANdy, 334, and 47 at??? They were on here everyday leading up to signing day and now where are they?? They were on here blabbing about all these kids that where gonna flip to auburn!!! Now they are nowhere to be found! Get used to it bama fans this is what it will be like when the season start! Lol!

  9. i cant believe this kid turned me and the family down, trooper even took him for a ride to the strip club in the limo, mcgregor let him play slots at his casino, and i promised he would get the biggest trailer on wire road along with a signing bonus

  10. Hey genecheesedick

    I love it!! YOUR post is priceless!! Some funny shit right there….ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  11. this isnt fair! how can a parent decide where a kid goes to school without getting some cash??? i dont understand this why wouldnt a parent let their kid come play for me in my system they learn how to play using prison rules, me and trooper came up with that since most of our talent leaves early and will wind up holdin up some sort of liquor or pawn shop at any given time, we are preparing these young men for the future





  14. Here’s the rest of the story.

    Coach Saban is wise to Auburn’s “lazy recruting”. You see, instead of pounding the pavement and evaluating young talent from their freshman to junior years in high school and instead of holding in depth camps, AU is deciding to buy the easy ones and romance the top Alabama recruits. They aren’t doing the work CNS and his staff are doing. Rather, Cheesedick and the Thugs, trooper and looper, are trying to target Bama’s top recruits.

    They offered Calloway a car, $30k for each year he starts and a job for him in Tigers Unlimited if he didn’t go pro. Kouandjio was offered $300k plus he got lots of female attention during his official visit. That’s why both committed to Auburn.

    There was only one problem.

    Coach Saban had Calloway and Kouandjio VERBALLY commit to AU, while they remained silent commits to BAMA. I just found out all this tonight from a friend. Apparently, this was done to send a message to Cheezedick that he’d better figure out a better recruiting plan than to attempt
    to steal UA recruits.

    All teams, even the Barn, have backup plans in case the last few guys they are waiting on commit and go to a different school. The thing is, Trooper Taylor told those back up plans to sign elsewhere last Sunday night because he was sure that Calloway and Koundjio were locks to AU.

    Saban told Calloway and Kouandjio to commit to AU for that very reason and now AUs class is two short when they should have oversigned. Unfortunately for the Barn, they were lied to and their efforts to sway long time UA commits were for naught. And to top it all off, they didn’t even have thier backup plans available to sign with AU because Trooper had told them there was no room. That’s why Koundjio waited several days past signing day to send in the letter and why he committed on TV to AU.

    I suppose that’s like having a 24 point lead evaporate. And it couldn’t happen to more deserving bunch of scumbags than Trooper, Looper, & Cheezedick.

  15. The FBI had Cyrus and Calloway wear wires as well. They have more than enough dirt on Barntard U. to proceed with BARNERGEDDON.

  16. poor ol nicket … talked all that smack, and bama still outrecruited auburn in the end. guess that national championship could only take you do far. isn’t it amazing that Saban can recruit year after year even though the competition for playing time gets better and better? hell, Auburn had practically every spot open and still couldn’t match.

  17. I dunno guys. It’s a hell of a story if it’s true. Hamilton is our resident Taxi Chaser. Could be he has some inside information. Or could be he’s just another lyin’ áss scumbag lawyer. You just don’t know for sure do ya $hitheads? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  18. Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Hey Alex Butt Plug,
    Nice investigative journalism. Maybe these guys prefer gay midget wrestling between you and Saban. You guys won a battle in the war. You needed a lineman congrats pecker.

    We will go after other lineman maybe a standout JUCO for next year. The war is far from over.

  19. Nicket, Bama has already got a very good, experienced and veteran line. We are just adding to the stock. Unlike Auburn, who lost all their linemen this year. Oh yeah, Bama won the battle and is winning the war too. Just compare the size of the trophy cases. Your success has always be short-term. Bama is well-known throughout the decades for being successful. And they live up to it more than Auburn does. Bama will be motivated and hungry for some War Tiger ass this year. Don’t worry, your war is coming…

  20. It’s pretty simple – Cyrus figured why go to a program who’s under scrutiny from the FBI? Why go to Opey(lika) and hang out at the Wal-Mart? Why go to an offensive system that is DEAD in the NFL? There is a reason why Muschamp is instilling a pro style offense at Floridumb. Great talent wants to make it to the next level and playing in the spread will knock your draft status down – see Tebow unable to take the snap instead of the shotgun – I can go on and on why someone would not want to go to the beta program despite the “controversial” NC that will be stripped in the future –

    I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers to th barner’s – this is just another one ablazed to you orange and puke in Opey(lika). RTR.

  21. Yeah its in the gutter. All this trash talk about bullshit gets old after awhile. Auburn is still National champs, both schools had great recruiting classes, and pay attention to that word “recruiting” because many of you seem to have a hard time spelling it, and every other word you type. I have said before the reasons I come in here, because at times it is fun, so with that said, I sleep well at night. I dont sweat and shake, I dont have nervous breakdowns about what other schools are doing and who they signed. Cyrus is a great player and more power to you for getting him, and for the record, I could care less about a girl in a dress standing by a fax machine. I think that is creative, and anybody that has a damn fit over it needs to check themselves and let the stupid shit go. Thank you.

  22. Congrats to Bama for getting CK.

    Now you guys need to re-think your accusations. If Chiz/Jean-Claude were discussing a pay for play as many of you “classy” folks claim, then that make J-C guilty like Cecil and the NCAA has closed the loophole.

    I love it when your stoopid cynical accusations fall back on you.

    Hey ..ITK …still waiting on you to take me up on that $2k bet that Auburn never suffers NCAA penalties due to Cam taking money from Auburn.

    The REC puts out anti-Auburn rumors on Bama boards and you folks just blindly believe.

  23. Hammah,

    Apparently you do not understand what the word “proof means.”

    Watch this:

    Tim ****
    Naw, Karl. Cyrus ain’t goin’ to Auburn. From what I hear, Bama spent around $200,000 to get Cyrus. His father is set for life!!!
    January 5 at 1:35am

    Bama straight up made it rain on Cyrus – an his father is already scoping out a new ride!!!!
    January 5 at 1:39am

    See how easy that was? Does that prove anything? Guess what, someone else could visit this site, see what I just typed, and provide a link to it as proof that Bama paid Cyrus. Would that be proof? Come on man, surely you’re smarter than that, right???

    I second the comments by Finebaum Junkie. Good night.

  24. Naw, all that does is show what a phucking idiot you and the rest of your Barnturd buddies are, thinking the only evidence there is or that we quote comes from stupid $hit like that. Go ahead $hit-for-brains, keep your heads stuck in the sand like a dumbáss Osterich. I’m gonna be laughing my áss off when the COI sneaks up behind you with a PLOI and rips YOUR áss off, leaving your head bleeding in the sand screamig – “It ‘aint never gonna happen!”. HOWEVER, that is exactly the way you rat turds come up with your accusations and evidence against Bama. And that’s not supposition, it is documented. Phucking ITAT conspired to destroy Bama by fabricating bull$hit just like that including the Escalades and Chargers and broadcasting it all over the internet. So pot don’t be calling the kettle black! Your program is $hit dude. You are the Skanks and the conspirators, not us. RTR!

  25. Barntards are right. In those thousands of hours of tape the FBI has on Lowder and Uncle Milty, rest assured they stopped recording every time Lowder-ball was mentioned. All you tards can be on your merrytard ways once again.

  26. Nicket The Ewok Coach

    It has been a dream of mine to be actually accepted into society and into Bama social groups. Ever since I moved onto
    Wire road into my very first panel clad double wide I have longed to be a part of an honest class program like Bama. This is why I lash out with such bullshite comments and negativaty towards my Bama bretheren. Please accept my apologies for my comments and accept me for what I am. Chizik made me do it, he told me there would be lashings with the cat of nine tails if I didn’t. I could go on making excuses but we all know the truth, I will hold one in my mouth till the swelling stops and I do like a hard lubed one from time to time just ask 24 , he is my roommate. I will go ahead and jump on thex for hear band wagon and say RTR! Cause its all coming to an end and we all want to be winners. So congrats Tide are in order cause you got them coming to you. Cam is still innocent his daddy made him do it. Thanks for hearing me out.



  28. Nicket The Ewok Coach

    @AU Tiger47, you ignorant cock munch! Its guys like you that make auburn look like shite. Its bad enough that we can’t look classy in a classless enviornment such as the plains, but you make us look worser. You are not invited to any more of our shin digs at the trailer pawrk. Too bad for you cause friday was high school night. . And you already know what that means! Oh yea underage goodness! So suck it sucka. We are class and you arent invited!

  29. Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Last I checked we robbed Bama of their womanhood in JH West, tire smell U. Sounds like you’ve been raped orally in a trailer before. I think they have focus groups now for that at the Capstone. It’s a twelve step plan:
    1. Watching your dynasty team fall at your own stadium – accept the truth and don’t keep cutting yourself
    2. Whiskey doesn’t wash away the pain
    3. Out coach is not Tattoo from Fantasy Island or the Little Debbie Girl
    4. Spanking a player is really an invite to naked Twister after the game
    5. Growing out a mullet will make you ascend in Redneck society and let others know of your sidewalk status
    6. Slinging crack rock around BD stadium is normal, what?
    7. Cam Newton didn’t play for Bama, however after 50 years, we’ll claim he did and have 14 NC
    8. Mama said, SEC Commissioner Slive is the devil.
    9. Kevin Scarbinsky is the devil
    10. We actually won 13 NC and should claim more. Give me my dip cup.
    11. My Tatoo to Tooth ratio is 13:2
    12. I pledge allegiance to Finebaum and all the mullet nation, for whom it stands, one tire smell stadium, in the arm pit of the South, indivisible, from the rest of the SEC with no justice or insight at all. Amen.

  30. Nicket the Ewok Coach

    You got no game, just ranting, cussing, UFO sightings, and conspiracy theories. Have you been waterboarded before in Cuba?

  31. Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Crimsonturd is a 11 year old kid with a dictionary looking up curse words to post on Crapstone. What a life. Do you know what a naked female looks like outside the Internet? Sorry, naked man since you are a pillowbitter.

    You seen the stuff Scarbinsky is posting about Bama’s primadonna coach? Nice…

  32. I guess Bama is really getting to Nicket. Looks like he was up all night posting. Did anyone notice no one was responding to his rant?

    Sad…but he is your typical Auburn fan.

  33. Isn’t it funny that in 100+ years, Auburn has won 2 NC* and Saban has won 2 in just within 7 years?

    Let’s see…
    Wallace Wade -> 3 NC
    Frank Thomas -> 2 NC
    Bryant -> 6 NC
    Stallings -> 1 NC
    Saban -> 1 NC (1 NC at LSU)

    Jordan -> 1 NC*
    Chizik -> 1 NC*
    *-On or will be put on probation for cheating.

    You think with all that cheating, they could win more?

  34. History proves that if Barntard U. is undefeated, they cheated.

    1957-On probation for paying players and not bowl eligible.

    1993-on probation for paying players and not bowl eligible.

    2004- On even far more serious academic probation using numerous ineligible players with worthless Sociology degrees.


    4 for 4 Ain’t bad.

  35. When Bama is all-in, they’re holding pocket Aces. Barntard U. went all-in holding deuce 7 offsuit and the FBI called their bluff.

  36. Hey Ewok dumbarse, guess you’re still using no leak Pampers and are too you young to remember Awbies Smurf, Terry Bowden. Now there was a real Ewok, stomach and all, and not worth a $hit either. Bama always does you tards one better. ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  37. Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Yeah you have a midget coach with a bad attitude.

    Crimsonite you are a joke dude. I like your fighting spirit, but when your guns are raising mine are blazing.

  38. Wrong! He’s being paid a lot of money to do exactly what he’s doing, and teenagers now days in the majority are ássholes. About the only thing they give a 100% at without encouragement is drinking, sex and video games. He is not coaching a team of 2 and 3 stars who need to grossly over acheive. He has a full team of superior athletes who only need to perform at their potential to be succesfull. That simply requires them to give 100% at practice and 100 to 105% for 60 minutes during a game. But they are modern teenagers and many times “pretty please” just don’t phucking work. McCarron might have been in on mopup duty that game when he phucked up and got paddled, but the next time might be critical such as the Iron Bowl. He needed to learn to do what he was told. Saban does not have a bad attitude. He is a professional task master. For lazy motherphuckers and Barntards that would be translated to “ásshole”. ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  39. Yeah, and Chizik doesn’t cuss, and Auburn people don’t worship statues. That Saban is the devil. He lies, oversigns, and plus he said he hated Auburn. But ol Chiznik sure put all the bammers in their place. Saban aint got no chance now, because you see, Chiznik, by winning the SEC championship, is no longer a sub .500 coach. And the NC game made his record 2 games over .500. and he is 1-1 versus Saban and every Auburn fan knows 1>1. Just like 2>13.

  40. lsu tigerbait owner – bama 1 au 2 if everybody knows for au to do anything against bama they have to cheat

    espn radio – by oct au and cheezik will have an asterisk as big a starship

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