Knox situation one more reason to close UAB sports

UAB is a beacon of achievement in Birmingham. It is a place where students go to get an education. It isn’t a party school. It isn’t a football powerhouse. A strong majority of students do not care about UAB athletics—you couldn’t pay them to attend football or basketball games.

So why does UAB have athletics?

It shouldn’t.

In UAB’s urban setting athletics distracts from rather than enhances UAB’s core mission. UAB’s urban setting provides it with a unique chance to reach a diversity of students. Alabama, Auburn and even Samford and Birmingham Southern reach different students interested in a different college experience. UAB shouldn’t try to be the University of Alabama—it won’t ever achieve that. However, UAB can achieve tremendous success in the classroom and in research. Why copy Alabama and Auburn? Why be RC Cola in a marketplace dominated by Coca-Cola and Pepsi?

UAB is throwing millions of dollars down the drain by attempting to play major college sports. Football is a gigantic waste of money. The Blazer football program becomes less relevant every season. That isn’t an insult to the fine players who attend school there, but it is a reflection on the sports community of Birmingham. There isn’t any support for Blazer football. Ask a UAB alum about football and you are going to hear talk about Alabama or perhaps Auburn. Ask a UAB alum about basketball and you are more likely to hear him change the subject to Alabama or Auburn football.

You can’t change it. So why waste millions on it?

Every dollar spent on UAB sports should be diverted to academic programs. In the past basketball was a good thing for the University, but it is now a source of distraction.

The Justin Knox situation highlights the problems with UAB (link to; having any type of athletics at UAB is a negative for the University of Alabama System. State legislators should immediately introduce legislation to prohibit UAB from having any Division 1 programs. Or else.

UAB athletics is a waste of money. UAB athletics is a waste of time. UAB athletics is bad for the University of Alabama System.

There is no reason to continue it. It is time for state legislators to do the right thing. While it might be hard to stop talking about Bingo bills, the legislature owes it to the state of Alabama to fix this lingering problem.

Alternatively, if the legislature won’t act, then the University of Alabama trustees should hire a new president for UAB—a president committed to academics and financial responsibility. Such a president would be committed to ending athletics at UAB. The tough economy makes it more important than ever for UAB to be fiscally responsible.

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  1. I don’t? Hmm. I guess holding a degree from UAB isn’t enough to have an opinion about the school.

  2. If you think there is any chance UAB will shut down any sports program you truly do not know anything.

  3. UAB can be forced to shut the programs.

    A new president could easily do that. Provided the trustees hire the right person.

    If you think losing money is good for academics then you truly do not know anything about higher education.


  5. Oh wow.

    So you would settle for acting like a fool just because the other guy is acting like a fool?

    What a bad argument!

    UAB has so much potential. It shouldn’t settle for anything less than excellence in academics despite what someone else is doing (or what you think someone else is doing.) Football and basketball are only holding UAB back.

  6. Athletics do not distract from a University’s mission. Funds are not being diverted from academics to athletics.

    UAB is an autonomous university within the UA system, if we choose to have D1 Athletics, that is our right. Our athletics programs aren’t hurting anybody, and the money donated for those purposes would not suddenly show up in the coffers of the academic side.

    UAB Athletics have afforded hundreds, if not thousands, of athletes the opportunity of higher education and a bachelor’s degree. That is not a waste of time or money, it is doing exactly what the university should be doing: producing contributing members of society.

    I’m not sure why some people feel the need to say “shut it down” any time there is a disagreement like this between UAT and UAB. Several other states have multiple schools in one system at the D1 level. California, Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Tennessee, to mention a few.

    UAB should be allowed to do what every other autonomous university is allowed to do. Make it’s own decisions.

  7. OK over reaction im sorry but this is stupid knox should be at UAB and we all no it

  8. UAB provides many opportunities for student athletes to play sports and get a great education.

    FYI Avis – I just cancelled my rental car for next week and chose National. Price was about the same but if you advertise on this silly site, I will not rent my car from you.

  9. One of the best-kept secrets about intercollegiate athletics-well guarded because athletic departments are extremely reluctant to open their financial books-is that most college sports programs lose money. If profit and loss is defined according to ordinary business practices, of the 802 members of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), the 493 of the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes), and the 1,050 nonaffiliated junior colleges, only 10 to 20 athletic programs make a consistent albeit small profit, and in any given year another 20 to 30 break even or do better. The rest-over 2,300 institutions-lose anywhere from a few dollars to millions annually. Do you propose that the “other” 2,300 schools drop their athletic departments? Not only would this be ludicrous for intercollegiate athletics, but you better be prepared to quit watching professional sports as well (that is if we followed your reasoning). Do you think only allowing the 20-30 schools to have athletic programs would not affect professional sports as well?
    Your argument is weak and devoid of objectivity. But, I’m not surprised.
    Further, the fact that you hold a degree from UAB doesn’t mean that your opinion isn’t skewed, as obviated by your history as a long time UAT fan.
    What I find sad is the fact that this is the same degree of mentality that has led to some of the worst atrocities in human history: You don’t look like me? Well, why don’t I own you and make you spend your life rotting in slavery. You don’t practice my religion, why don’t I exterminate you. You aren’t from my tribe, why don’t we hack you to pieces with machetes. You aren’t THE UAT, well why don’t you just spend your free time playing intramurals.
    Lack of tolerance is probably the biggest weakness of humankind. And, yours fits well with the mindset of George Wallace as he stood in front your oh-so-proud institution of “higher” learning to bar the way for the education of African-American students.
    Yep, that’s the answer: UAB, you are not ALLOWED to have collegiate athletics, because you aren’t US.
    Wow. Alabama really hasn’t changed much after all.

  10. From a UA STUDENT standpoint. They have a much better basketball program than us, baseball/softball isn’t that far behind, only decent soccer program in the state, and they are 120 some odd years younger than UA. This article is only meant to rile people up, congratulations. I’ll go write an article about free abortions at wal-mart and achieve the same thing as you. A stupid argument.

  11. What an idiot. Last time I checked, UAB BEAT alabama in basketball the only time the two teams have played so if anything is a waste of money it would be the bama basketball program. Knox should be allowed to further his ACADEMIC career. UA is always holding UAB back for no reason. And Birmingham residents love UAB. Of course not as much as BAMA or AUBURN, but why would they not cheer for UAB. This is a dumb argurment… screw you…nobody has agreed with you yet!


  12. Duke, sounds like you are reliving the conversation you overheard between your sister and brother, I mean parents.

    Mom: We ned to vest in him edgumucation cause him neds ackdemics likesa hog neds slop.

    Dad: Hell yeah, Eyes reckum, the boy can’t play bassetball, can’t play feetbal, hell I’ms not even sure him a boy.

    At least you did recognize UAB as “The University”

  13. Cappy,

    You’re a full blown idiot. Seriously, why the hell should you or any other bammer decide if UAB gets to have athletics? The students there should have the option of a full undergraduate experience. And yes, that includes athletics.

    As if it isn’t bad enough to have the morons on the BOT standing on the throat of UAB athletics, they have the enablers like you and the other bammers egging them on. Why the hell does it matter to you so much? If you are so “not worried” about UAB actually achieving some success, then you shouldn’t have an opinion about it.

    In short: get over yourself. UAB should be “allowed” to have athletics, including football and basketball. And it should be allowed to have successful programs, which are seriously undermined on a continual basis by the BOT. (And yes, I DO know what I’m talking about on this subject.) I don’t know why anyone in Tuscalooserville should give a damn.

  14. Why is UAT so afraid of UAB?

    You have a national championship in football and still you worry about poor little UAB.

    Lord grow up and worry about your next round of NCAA sanctions.

    When Saben is in WVU next year you can write the same article and blame UAB for Saben leaving.

  15. Time to Close UAT Academics

    The University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa has been a beacon of football achievement, winning anywhere from seven to 13 to 25 to 57 national championships, depending on who’s doing the counting. It is a place where young people go to drink large amounts of alcohol. It is a party school. It isn’t an academic powerhouse. A strong majority of UAT students do not care about academics – you couldn’t pay them to attend a class.

    So why does UAT hold classes at all?

    It shouldn’t.

    In UAT’s rural setting, academics distract from rather than enhance UAT’s core mission. UAT’s rural setting provides it with a unique chance to reach an inbred, unbathed population of trailer trash. UAT, Auburn and even Troy reach different bumpkins each interested in a different style of bestiality. UAT should not try to be UAB – it won’t ever achieve that. However, UAT can achieve tremendous success on the athletic field. Why copy UAB? Why attempt to spread literacy and numeracy when the future so clearly lies in professional sports?

    UAT is throwing millions of dollars down the drain by posing as an institution of higher education. It’s time to drop the pretense. The academic programs become less relevant every year, and are holding back Crimson Tide football. Ask a UAT alum how many justices are on the United States Supreme Court, and you’re going to hear talk about how many NC’s did John Marshall ever win? Ask a UAT alum about evolutionary biology and you are more likely to hear him change the subject to Bear Bryant’s record for coaching wins by a dead white person.

    You can’t change it. So why waste millions on it?

    The University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa should immediately drop all academic programs and concentrate solely on fraternity rush, sorority squeal day, and football. Everything else is a source of distraction.

    The Justin Knox situation highlights the problems with UAT. Having any type of academics at UAT is a problem for its athletic programs. If Knox had kept his priorities straight, had stayed in the weight room and out of the classroom and let his tutors pick up with Eligibility C’s, then none of this would have ever arisen. State legislators should prohibit UAT from engaging in any educational activities. Or else.

    UAT academics is a waste of money. UAT academics is a waste of time. UAT academics is bad for the state of Alabama. Next thing you know, an educated people might start questioning their leaders. The legislature owes it to their own survival to fix this lingering problem.

    Alternatively, if the legislature won’t act, then the University of Alabama’s fans and alumni must take matters into their own hands and immediately cease all academic activities. They must remove their children from school and, if literate, immediately stop reading. In fact, if you are reading this web page and not having it read to you by some UAB-educated poindexter, you are part of the problem. Become part of the solution. The tough economy makes it more important than ever that we prevent this blight of education from distracting us from the pursuit of our 58th national championship.

  16. I do not understand how a person holding a degree from UAB could say UAB does not deserve an athletic program.

    Obviously you have never been to a UAB basketball or football game in the past decade. I was an undergraduate at UAB and went to almost every home football and basketball game, and I was not the only student there.

    I agree that UAB is an academic institution, but so is Alabama. How can you make arguments for one school and not the other? Yes you guys have a much better football team, but UAB has the better basketball team. As a UA student said in the comments, UAB is not far behind in baseball (we sweeped you guys this year), softball (played a national powerhouse close this year, we have the best soccer program in the state (I understand the sec does not have a soccer program for men). Volleyball is also a decent program at UAB. FYI, students even protested when UAB decided to ax synchronized swimming as a varsity sport.

    This entire Knox fiasco is ridiculous. I do not understand why UA would keep a kid from attending graduate school at another institution. Its just wrong. UA refuses to play UAB on the hardwood so I do not see how his transfer hurts them. George Drake transferred from Vanderbilt to UAB. Nobody got upset with him last year.

    BTW, Should Vanderbilt cancel their athletic programs? You know the academic argument.


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  18. Yep, Andrew. And that’s 57 more national championships than bowl games for that club team at UAB motherfucker!!!!!!!!

    The best thing about Nick Saban, Alabama’s return to prominance, and Coach Moore’s perseverance is that we don’t have UAB shoved down our throat anymore. Now, instead of UAB fighting to be relevant it’s AU fighting for media attention. To be honest, I forgot UAB played football. And so did the rest of the State of Alabama.

  19. Dear Hamilton,

    You are truly what represents the best of the State of Alabama. Pray tell how UAB has ever been shoved down UA-Trailerpark’s throat?

    It was the UA Board of Trustees which refused to allow UAB to hire Jimbo Fisher even with UAB boosters paying for half his salary. And it was the UA BOT which forced Neil Callaway to be the Blazers football coach. And now UA-Trailerpark has decided for the first time in thirty years to ban a player from transferring to UAB on the same day they allow a women’s basketball player to transfer to UAB.

    Don’t let the truth hit you on the way out.

  20. Shane, or crapstone or whatever you want to be called,

    This whole thing has doen exactly what you wanted to do- stir up crap. The truth of the matter is you are trying so hard to be like your dear uncle Paul that you go riding on his coat tails doing the very thing that he does and is successful with. It’s no wonder that you didn’t get a press pass for the A-day game!

    Truth also is that UAT is using a double standard for Mr. Knox. I don’t know the kid and I have never seen him play (probably because Alabama basketball is pitiful). It may not hurt UAB for him not to come to Birmingham and play but this whole situation makes UAT look like a bunch of idiots. And you sir, Shane, helps UAT’s cause.

    I can’t wait to hear you’re uncle Paul put you in your place this afternoon on this issue.

  21. as a Memphis fan we’ve played UAB in many sports and have come to respect them…

    i believe one of the men who helped to establish UAB said it best:

    “We would do Birmingham a great disservice if we dream too little dreams.”

    Dr. Volker

  22. No need for such language Hamilton. On second thought, I’m not surprised at the vocabulary level of a bammer.

  23. Wow, Alex. You have shown yourself to be the true prototypical, the upstanding symbol of Alabama’s greatness. I don’t know what I should be more surprised by, the fact that you felt the compunction, the absolute drive, to type that kind of garbage, or the fact you know enough to use spell check.

  24. Alex Hamilton,

    I think you might possibly be a close cousin of a guy named Ricky that had an infamous rant. Way to represent your esteemed university- GO BLAZERS! ! !

  25. Cappy, the fact that so many loser blazer fans found this article proves the point of your article.

  26. Zavin,

    Your powers of reasoning are truly stunning.

    This website is to sports journalism is what Al Gore is to climatology.

    Wilson’s Raiders should have finished what they started.

  27. Smaug,

    Why is it that every anti southern boog, loves the south and refuses to live among their union bretheren, once again, your being on this site makes your comments comical. Go away, cry if you need to, but you can’t be a southern man.

  28. What the hell’s a boog?

    I “can’t be a southern man”? Who says, Skeeter? You?

  29. Don’t let it go to your head, gump.

    Your usefulness to me has pretty much maxed out.

  30. Hey boog,

    Your usefulness to the human race was maxed the night your mother spread her hairy white trash legs in the backseat of that worn out chevy……..

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