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Shane: Urban Meyer taps out

By Shane from Centerpoint

Wow! Lately, the Gator nation must feel like they’ve somehow gotten the wrong part in a bad movie. First, disaster struck when Florida fans were forced to witness the dismantling of their football empire by the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC championship game. Now, the man who built the empire and provided the “swagger” is hanging up his cleats. I’m not buying the old “I will more than likely stay” story. He’s just trying to save the recruiting class. This cat has tapped out.

The Gator hero – the man who made them forget Spurrier – says he’s decided that his health and family mean more than winning football games.

Personally, I commend him for having his priorities in order, but I’ll bet that won’t be the case for most of those who occupy Gatorland.

Hey, I’m amazed that Meyer has stayed as long as he has. He probably deserves a badge for dealing with the radical fan base he’s faced for the last five years. Remember, this is the same psychotic group in power at Florida that established long before Urban took the job that they could screw up a good thing. Just ask Steve Spurrier.

As time passes, I’m sure the conspiracy theories will run rampant on Florida message boards, talk radio, and other outlets. Gator fans will be angry and blame Meyer for leaving because they know that without him they will undoubtedly return to mediocrity.

Ultimately, those same fickle Florida fans will hate Urban Meyer – especially if he ends up coaching the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and Tim Tebow gets drafted as his franchise player. Hold the rope, Gators! I’m just kidding! However, the fires of Rome will burn if that does actually happen, won’t they?

Whether it’s a leave of absence, a resignation, or a sabbatical, Meyer apparently succumbed to the relentless pressure and high stress created directly by the dominant nature of what Saban and the Tide did to his Gators in that championship game.

Admittedly, Urban Meyer changed the culture at Florida. But, he also created his own monster. Two national titles in four years can do strange things to the mentality of a fan base. It can do even stranger tricks to the ego of the architect who designed the project.

Who knows, maybe losing Tebow is going to be much more costly than anybody could’ve ever imagined, and Meyer simply can’t get over thinking about the future without Tim running his offense?

Maybe that particular issue (or the Bama loss) is affecting Urban’s confidence in his abilities as a head coach?

Or, Meyer might be using a carefully crafted exit strategy – taking a couple of years off – while waiting for Brian Kelly to “bomb” at Notre Dame, so that he can eventually return and lead the Irish to their rightful place among the nation’s elite.

I’m not really sure exactly what’s going down with Coach Meyer and Florida right now, but I do know that Urban isn’t through coaching.

As I stated earlier, he may actually go to the NFL. But, if I were a “betting man”, I’d put the house on Notre Dame. By the way, he could end up at Michigan or Ohio State as well.

One thing is evident – he wants out of Florida.

In fact, I’m not so sure that coaching in Gainesville is the greatest coaching job in college football any longer. In spite of the ideal recruiting territory, Urban Meyer still had to deal with America’s quirkiest athletic director and that wacky fan base.

I do think Meyer saw the future clearly unfold on the turf of the Georgia Dome on that fateful Saturday night. Also, Meyer probably understands that facing the specter of Alabama on the road next year (without Tebow) carries the danger of derailing Florida’s season early.

Besides, he couldn’t have picked a better time to get out. He had a magical run with the Gators. His five-year record of 56 wins with only 10 losses is awesome, and his 2-SEC and 2-national crowns speak for themselves.

By parting ways now Meyer stands alone as the greatest coach in Florida football history. Honestly, it’s hard to blame a guy for wanting to go out on top. The sad part of the story is that somehow the Florida fans will find a way to make him the scapegoat when the program falls.
Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

58 thoughts on “Shane: Urban Meyer taps out”

  1. Wow. Quirkiest AD? Wacky fan base? Shane, come on, at least stick to what you think you know. Or better yet, give your columns a Humor sig. Good stuff. You always make me laugh. Thanks, happy holidays.

  2. The outcome of one game and his whole perspective has changed on his program and his abilities.

    That’s just classic stuff right there.

    Hook em.

  3. I love how morons like Shane and Finebaum think they have some kind of insight into a man’s mind simply because they’ve seen him on tv. Finebaum was swearing 2 months ago that Meyer was leaving to Fla to take the Notre Dame job as soon as it came open, although he admitted he doesn’t even know the guy. Yeah, that prediction turned out well. Now Shane has the insight to know that Meyer only did this to save the recruiting class, and that Meyer wants out of Florida. Oh well, you called him by his first name a couple of times in the article, so I guess that masks the fact that you’ve never even met the man and that you have absolutley no way in Hades of knowing what’s going on in the guy’s head.

    “America’s quirkiest athletic director and that wacky fan base.” Did a Bama fan seriously just say that about another school?

  4. I think family comes first, and second only to God. If his health is truly a factor, let him bow out gracefully. It’s easy to rub someone’s nose in the dirt when we don’t live their life. But, after losing my father young to a heart attack, I can empathize with him and his family. He did a great job at Florida, but football is not life. You get one ride on this rollercoaster. I think Bryant realized, only after he retired, that he pushed a great deal of his life aside for a spectator sport. A lot of us hide behind the guise of anonymity and poke fun at everyone and everything. But it’s my feeling that sometimes you have to evaluate what’s important. Life and family always trump football… Always, like Wal-Mart.

  5. LT is off today. Meetings are being held. Verno is in town. Mr Hankey is trying to finalize while strawman is occupied. Clever. Dangerous, but worth the risk. This Urban stuff no longer interest s me. I’m glad I didn’t talk smack to my former Auburn fans turned Gayturds in the mid 90s. I found the Urban Myth story too hard too believe. I will be heading to Lee Branch for Wings tailgate at 2:30 pm Kristen will serve me my 25 oz yuengling with my wings sampler. XXhot, xtra wet, xtra crispy, xtra celery with ranch. Bobby will be in the kitchen. Fkn A. Then I will follow them to gray bar and the petrucclis to get the scoop and hopefully a digital image. Tis’ the season.

  6. Shane:

    “… I do think Meyer saw the future clearly unfold on the turf of the Georgia Dome on that fateful Saturday night.”


    I don’t think one game decided that but I do think that the SEC Championship game WAS a number of factors in to it. Dead on.

  7. I still look forward to the Prophet and his prophecies. After all the WJOX XMAS party was thrown at Petrucellis?!? A picture would be worth a thousand words Prophet. Please continue to post the prophecies Prophet — they are worth more than a lot that is posted. The “Memphis” King is headed to Birmingham while LT as you have said wants to be a Dunnaway with the Jay Barker metro sexual appeal. LT — what a flake for wearing USC gear because his claim to fame was living in L.A. as an actor. Major changes and shakeups imminent. Can you say WERC for the “new late afternoon line-up”? Only the Prophet can answer these questions.

  8. I enjoy the Prophet but … In the end – what the hell does it really matters ?
    Still think that Clear Channel is going to get Paul – outside of that – I could not care less about the rest of the Team Mates do. The Format and the Ads suck so bad – Private Agendas abound and are so obvious to this “Veteran Ear”.
    Deep Tracts on XM 40 beckons…..

  9. Pluto I would agree that in all things Urban (family and health) What LT does is truly unimportant. I do contend though that bham talk radio and jox does matter a little to most. Most be people listen cause it’s easy to do at work an such. This crusade is to get better LOCAL programming. More importantly, it’s really just entertainment and me getting off on getting exclusive stories on the Cap Report. You are simply getting info you can’t get much place else. In the jox correspondent. That’s a hobby of mine. I want to change the face of bham talk radio. Nobel effort I think.

  10. You know….The second I heard that Urban may retire, I absolutely knew in the deepest innermost parts of my bowels that the dumbass crimson-neck nation would try somehow to take credit for it. Get over yourselves….You do realise that Floridas whipped YOUR asses last year then proceeded to win the BCS , right ? So if you do win the BCS this year (big if), how would that be any different than what Florida accomplished last year ? Not to mention the Championship they won three years ago.

    You necks are so predictable that it is SAD …..Different day, same ole bammers.

  11. The man said the health problems started four years ago. The doctors have said it is not life threatening. The man appears to have a passion for the game. He has had an easy road at Florida.

    He has left the door open for all speculation. No one but him knows what is going on. So anyone’s guess is as good as anyone else’s at this point.

  12. Urban’s problem is that Saban ripped his heart out of his chest and ate it, and twisted his arm until he screamed uncle. He also see’s, as well as I do, what Kiffin is doing in Knoxville. Losing Tebow, Spikes, and all the others, after the SEC CG loss, he started to doubt himself. Saban is his daddy and he is Saban’s BITCH. We now own the SEC, as well as the FBS. Saban is a better football coach than Bryant. Bryant was a great motivtor with a lot more players, but no man alive will out-work Nick Saban. Just wait 10 more days and ask Mack and Will about that. RTR

  13. Your mission is noble Prophet and you will be allowed to kiss her majesty’s ring and scepter for services rendered…
    You bring up something I’ve been thinking about for some time – what would be really good sports talk radio. Keeping in mind that all things must be local – other stations and personalities cannot be some kind of barometer of what works here. I know this. This audience is pretty smart and the Bull Shit better be served in small portions. I like Meat and Potatoes and the Hosts better be ready to serve it well done. I like Honest People. I can handle the Host telling me something I don’t like.
    I’m tired of the Host’s Private Agendas. Kissing Fat Cats Asses for Meals, Tickets , and Comps. This includes Financial Considerations and jockeying for a seat in the luxury box Saturday.
    Tell the Ad People to GO TO HELL. Finally – Cut Off and banish any ignorant mother fucker that calls the show.
    Stop insulting our Intelligence.
    Thank you again Mr.Prophet for your Service to the Crown.

  14. Ballplay you are truely an idiot. Get out from behind your computer, leave the trailer, go cut off that stupid mullet and then shut the **** up. Its like you wait for every article in any Tide forum just to vomit all over the place. These Tide forums are like crack cocaine to you, eh! Just can’t say no to reading then showing off your immaturity. If you don’t like Shane…stay the **** away! RTR & SEC Champions

  15. Tater 2…The whole point that went right over your mullett is this. Meyer had a pre existing condition that had been let go for too long. This condition is widely documented and not a fabrication. He was hospitalized after the SEC champ game from exhaustion and dehydration, not to mention his heart condition. This condition was present when he won two of his national championships in the last three years. Mind you, and that is a hell of a lot more than your team has done of late. You do know that you have to play Texas , right ? They arent gonna mail in the trophy just because you tards think you will win.

    You see, its effed up the way you little farts take credit for the mans decision to retire/ take time off. You dorks had nothing to do with it. Yes, it probably sucked for him to lose the SEC game and get left out of the BCS. But the man has real problems with his health. Its wrong for you boobs to somehow beat your chests because of the mans misfortunes. Get a life. Your own coach would say the same. The Bama fanbase is without a doubt the most delusional, classless base in all of football. You make Tennessee look like Princeton.

  16. This prophet guy is an idiot. I’ve known him for years and he claims to be in the know at Jox. C’mon, at least put your real name out there like I’m doing. He is a pitiful Bammer that is ignorant to anything relevant in this world. The Gators, yes we, have dominated your pathetic little T-Town and athletic programs for years. Go crawl back in your hole little man.

  17. PepsiPuke,in the BCS era Florida is 3-4 against Bama.That’s some mighty fine dominance.Additional dominance was the 28,27 and 19 point blowouts of the Gaytards.

  18. The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! “Elephantstomp!” No disrespect dude, but when you say that Coach Saban is BETTER than Coach Bryant, I have to wonder where you’re coming from with a statement like that. First of all, we’re talking about two completely different eras. I’m 43 and I remember the Bryant Era and I would not BEGIN to even put Gene Stallings or Nick Saban in the same category as Bear Bryant. There are similarities between Coach Bryant & Coach Saban, most notably that relentless pursuit of excellence on the field and their shared hatred of losing and I could go on but there’s no need to. The fact of this matter is that you can’t truly compare them with each other because they’re from 2 completely different eras. Its like trying to compare the Vince Lombardi era (50’s & 60’s) with the Bill Walsh era (late 70’s, early & mid-80’s). Times change, styles change, RULES change.

  19. Could Urbans health issue really be an alias for him pulling a “Dubose”? Aka making sweet love to a female faculty member? I mean that would make more sense. Then in Sunday she decides to take the silence money? Obviously pure speculation. Also as someone who sales cardiac equipment for a living I’d say that there is little doubt that with the money and status Urban has his medical problems would be diagnosed most likely. Every battery of test known to man would be administered. Treating this as a mystery illness is what led me and Paul to suspect more. Dipping his quill in the company ink so to speak. I hope he’s not that dumb. But something stinks and the Prophet smells a rat As far the pepsi man calling me an idiot. My record speaks for itself an no self respecting ” bammer” is drinking a nasty ass Pepsi. Coke Cola and Makers is my weapon of choice. Florida has rarely every scared me. Never heard of you till Emmett Smith. Like Auburn never knew hardly an auburn fan till Bear died and Bo Bo came down to the jungle. Pathetic. Shula beat the dog dooky out of Urban. Ain’t scared. Promise

  20. only 9 days left for the dirtest program

    in college football history gets beat by the best coach/team in america. TEXAS

  21. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Dude, saying that CNS is better than CBB is just a tad premature. Stating an opinion like that has a tendency to indicate that anything else you say is irrelevant. CBB won 13 SEC Championships. He’s the only coach to ever win more than 3 National Championships. He won back to back National Championships twice and both times he was fucked out of having 3peats by jealous and predjudice voters. Nope, the Sabanator has a long way to go to fill those shoes. ButtPlay, you best reconsider what you just said. If Florida had kicked Bamas’ ass, do you really think we would even be having this conversation? Do you think we would have seen Meyers’ and Tebows’ alligator tears? Do you think Meyer would have been rushed to the hospital? Do you think if Florida was heading to Pasadena, that Meyer would be pulling this bullshit right now? Uhh uhh! Not just no, but HELL NO! Bama beat their asses down and should get some credit for ridding the SEC of the Gayturd infestation and bringing the glory back to our State! RTR! #1!

  22. Eggnog…Maybe he would have retired all together had he won. You know, going out on top and all. The point is, no one knows. So, why are you spastics thumping the chest ? You had best be thinking about Pasadena instead of Gainseville.

  23. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Aww ButtPlay, don’t worry your little head about Pasadena. This isn’t Andres’ team, JPW aint at QB and we aint playin Utah in the Less Than Consolation Bowl. That would be Fla-Cin. Quote from CUMs father: “Urban doesn’t take losing well, and he wants to live and enjoy his family.”. He worked himself into the doorway of death and the Sabanator just bitchslapped him without breaking a sweat! The fact is he knew he couldn’t maintain his current work ethic and yet even that wasn’t enough against Saban. Bama’s gonna be better next year and even better in two years. Urban has surrendered to the immovable object before it topples over and kills him. RTR!

  24. Hey Tard Mullets,
    You didnt make Urban quit. He has like most SEC teams this past five years whipped your ass.

    Get over yourself. And talk about a classless fan base, the very discussion that Saban the Imp somehow made Urban Meyer quit is rejoiced and congratulated leaves little doubt about you. I mean most Bammers were celebrating Carlos Dunlap not being able to play, think about that…wanting to win not by playing head up, but anyway to win.

    Listen to the Bald Oracle (Finescum) and Cecil Hurt yesterday. I about puked after I heard their delusional reasons why Urban Meyer is quitting. Ever heard about Paroxysmal artrial tachycardia, Mitral valve prolapse, or Wolff-Parkinson White syndrome. He probably has some heart problems which needs some medical ablation or pacemaker or perhaps even open heart surgery. Anybody who has ever had open heart, it takes a good 2 months to get back to being able to sleep flat on the bed again without your sternum feeling like it is ripping apart.

    The Bama fan base is truly pathetic and callous people. I hope you lose to Texas and I was gonna pull for the SEC, but after this retarded story from the Centerpoint loser, I change my mind.

  25. Eggnoggin….Florida will show your lame ass team how to beat teams you are supposed to when they dismantle the Bearcats by 30 plus…..They will not use the cop out excuse of “it didnt mean anything”. Every time your team puts on the helmet, it should mean something. Your own precious Saban showed some class, why cant his loser minions show a little ? Saban knows what it takes to compete at the level Urban Meyer has been at, and knows he could EASILY be in the smae predicament with a Texas loss. Saban is not a diety. He is human , and one day, you will see that. Sooner or later it will happen, and when it does, Ill hear a totally different tune from the mullett nation.

  26. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Hey inbred asshole, Alabama is 2-2 against CUM and both the wins were beatdowns. In fact we made him cry on National TV both times. Saban is 1-1 against CUM at Alabama and his win was a beatdown of monumental proportions. As far as malking light of his situation, even most of the Gayturd nation doesn’t believe his health is the problem. Even Meyer is shooting himself in the foot. First he puts his family and health first and quits. Then the next day without even consulting his family he comes back. So what became of the health and family risks. What an asshole! He’s fucking with the lives of Floridas’ recruits and the coaching staff all because he can’t deal with the fact that Bama handed him his ass in the biggest game of his career. He’s behaving childishly and irresponsibly. Screw him! And screw Dunlap. We lost a better player than him in Hightower. What’s more we would have won even if Cody or Arenas or Ingram hadn’t played. Great teams have great reserve players. So get back home and mate with your dog!

  27. I remember the outcry from the bammers when one of their thugs got shot at the start of the season. I even remember getting “lectured” by Carl on what a dispicable person I was for bringing it up. Now they are dancing on Meyer’s grave, maybe literally. You better believe Meyer is facing a serious health problem to consider walking away. And it ain’t a 5 foot nothing blowhard.

  28. The bottom line that these total morons are missing , is that its none of their business what Urban Meyer does , or does not do. They are so dadgum classless and have the delusional train of thought that the entire universe waits on what it can do , depending on if Saban takes a dump at 8 or 9 in the morning. You do know that the whole space time continuam revolves around Sabans turds dontcha ? They are so predictable its amazing.



    Isn’t that what happens when someone throws a bag of crap on your front porch, lights it, then rings the doorbell?

    Hey, Elephant Stomp, when you go to hell…tell Bear hello!

  31. All I read is jealous barner’s. If it were for Bobby Bowden getting his “wish” to go out on top at the Gator Bowl which shook up the bowl scenarios — Auburn, with the worst conference win record to go to the Outback Bowl in history — would be playing a bowl game today or even yesterday. Fuck you Auburn and RTR!!! I’ll even throw out a go Northwestern Wildcats you fuckers!!!

  32. Hey DAMAGE INC………fuck off!!! You seem really fixated on Auburn. Here’s a little something else you can fixate on……guess which team currently has the number 1 RB recruit and number 1 QB recruit coming to town next year, among others??? Yep, it’s a team from Alabama and it ain’t Troy. Your little 1 year bama dominance in a very down year in the SEC is about to come to a end. So enjoy January 7. Oh yea, and fuck off.

  33. Classic? At 8-5. hummmm, I’ll have to think bout that awhile. An 8-5 classic, hummmmm……………….
    Guess so if thats all you expect. Good job.

  34. Yea Carl, that’s all I expect. 8-5 is good for me.

    You just keep telling yourself that’s all Auburn has in mind for the years to come.

  35. Rox by your on addmission, I don’t have to tell myself anything bout awebeen feetball, you said it quite nicely yourself. Honestly I could care less.

    Enjoy your classic as we get ready for a try at yet another National Championship.

    Number 13, I do believe.


    Roll Tide Roll!!!

  36. Nope just pondering all the stupid remarks I read from idiot awebeen fans, classic boy. Hummmmmmmm, thought you were smarter than some of the things I’ve read of yours lately rox.

  37. You’ve shown your intelligence or rather your naivety if you think I or any Auburn fan is satisfied with 8 and 5. You bammers would love for that to be the case. It’s looking like with our new class of recruits and intact coaching staff, the days of 8 and 5 will be a memory.
    The “classic” remark just referred to a close game with a lot of offense, a bunch of turnovers, trick plays, and just about every imaginable way to win, and lose a game all wrapped up in one bowl game. Don’t be dumb. You knew what I meant.
    What’s your thoughts on the SEC having such a down year? Not only do most of the teams have mediocre records, but there hasn’t been that bowl game dominance we have seen in the past. I first thought bammer was a for sure win in the NC game, but not so sure after the head to head matchups with other conferences. May not want to count that chicken yet.

  38. Who said anything about counting chickens, and why is the sec down this year, because the sux vols and the awebeens are now in their place?

    Anytime Bama has a good, or maybe a great year, all you wanna bes start hollering its a down year.

    I wouldn’t count on those recruits just yet either if I were you. If I was a betting man, I’d bet your mighty tigers don’t have as good a year next year as they did this year, and the sux vols certainly won’t, but then again I guess the conference will be down again as well.

    Hahahahahahahaha, get real roxs.

    As of right now for the last two years Bama is 25-2 and counting. We wont talk about past history cause y’all can’t stand to go there. What is awebeen the last two years 13-12?

    Now that is classic.

  39. 5 short days from now texas will be champions again.i told everyone to take the gators last nite it was a cod lock. when i called mt bet into vegas they gave me some very good news about texas. i won 20 grand on the gators.2009 was such a great year for me i had to pay almost$600,000.00 in taxes.whats great is i only work 17 weeks a year. i work from home right here in alabama.

  40. Just stating the facts Carl. When’s the last time SEC teams have STRUGGLED in their bowl games. The only dominant performances have been Florida and Georgia. Auburn, LSU (who never struggles in bowl games), S. Carolina, Kentucky and TN have all had rough bowl games. When there’s parity within a conference, either everyone’s good, or everyone’s mediocre. You decide. You see, you wanna knock Auburn and TN every chance you get, but those two teams came the closest to beating your team. And at best, they were mediocre this year (unless you disagree!!!) Can’t have it both ways Carly.
    What should bother all of us SEC fans, is that Cincinnati, the “number 3 team in the nation” came within .5 second of playing for the NC. Florida destroyed them. Cincinnati wouldn’t have been a 6-6 team in the SEC, even in a down year. Everytime I get to thinking the present bowl system is great, some bullshit like that happens and makes me want a playoff again.

  41. Last time I checked close only counts in horse shoes, which we ain’t playing. I do believe parity is playing a huge role in all of college football, but even in parity you will still have some teams that will seperate from the rest.

    On a year in year out basis the Bearcats, Utes, Red Raiders, and many other flash in the pans will have their moments, but put them in a conference like the SEC or Big Twelve and they wouldn’t stand a chance. But if they play a cup cake schedule during the year then yeah for a one game season they can play with the big boys due to turn overs, mential collapses and so forth.

    Just making observations about your team and the sux vols, isn’t always talking them down, just stating facts as you say. Your entire fan base has always said it ain’t about the rankings of the incoming class, now all I hear you say is wait until we get this and that one, and have a top 5 class. So which is it? I knew you knew better all along but y’all haven’t been getting it done with recruits the last few years and it shows.

    Simply because you won 8 this year instead of 5 does not mean you have arrived. But there has been improvement, although everyone in the SEC with the exception of Florida has a lot of catching up to do.

    Can you catch up, maybe, maybe not. You know they say the longer things remain the more they stay the same. Can you say 13 and counting? Probably not. But that is a fact, the other fact you could say is well we have 1 and are trying to rebuild, and will be awhile before we can say 2, now that aurox is a FACT.

    Furnish me with some more aubie facts, I need a good laugh this afternoon.

  42. Carl, seriously, I’m beginning to have doubts about you now. In your response to my last post you started by giving the old horseshoes cliche. Really?? Is that what you gleaned? Of course I know “close” doesn’t count in football, but it very much counts when talking about parity within a conference.
    As for your second paragraph, I’ve said that same thing many times. A lesser team from a lesser conference can “get up” for a shot at knocking off an SEC calibre team on any given Saturday. Stringing together successive Saturday wins in the grueling SEC, is quite another task. I understand that completely.
    As for recruits, you have never heard me downplay the importance of a good recruiting class. The lack of is the reason Auburn got in this pickle. When Alabama and LSU were bickering last year over who won the “Recruiting Championship” I thought that was pretty silly. Being that the margin of error in ranking those classes is usually +/- 10 spots after the class has played 4 years and we see how good they actually were, to argue over number 1 or number 7 is pretty dumb. Bottom line, you’re doing something right if you’re in the top 10 or 15.
    You’ve been pretty even keeled most of the season, as bama began winning week after week. This confrontational, pompous attitude you express now makes me think you are either getting worried about Jan. 7, or are just nervous. Which ever it is, relax.
    By the way, would you be willing to wager a “name change” bet with me if Auburn stays in the top 5 in recruiting??? I can’t lose.

  43. As a Florida fan I guess I’m somewhat flattered by all the attention we get in the state of Alabama. I’ve listened quietly as Paul Finebaum has called our coach (or at least insinutade) everything except human. He hinted that Tebow was gay and now he is infactuated with Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun. Consequently, I was very pleased during the Sugar Bowl when the commentators remarked that people who always cut down Meyer and Tebow are jealous.

    I remember when Finebaum made some snide remarks about Steve Spurrier after Spurrier arrived at Florida. Spurrier ignored little man and now we see Finebaum is always licking Spurrier’s shoes. Finebaum called Dooley “Meyer’s boy” … then I submit Finebaum is “Spurrier” boy”.

    I don’t have a problem with Bama fans, I do have a problem with Finebaum who is always sucking up. He reminds me of the Kibbles and bits dog who wants to be a big dog so bad. Finebaum has the Napolean (little man) syndrome.

  44. Rox why would I want to wager a name change, as I for one don’t believe in made up names. I’ll simply stick to my real name and let those of you who are ashamed of who you are continue to chose fictional names to go by.

    As far as being worried about the upcoming game, I have stated before I never worry about winning a game, I simply expect to win them all, which expectations have been correct more than they have been wrong for over 45 years now.

    I do however understand why people outside the Bama nation would worry about winning, as they lose quite often.

  45. But since you’re into made up names, why don’t you just call yourself, “Classic Boy”, as I’m sure if an 8-5 finish creates classics in your mind, you have many more classics to come.

  46. Facts can’t be argued. Why? Because a fact is a fact, something you awebeens have a really hard time of coming to grip with.

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