Two AP updates on Alabama Crimson Tide football. First is Saban’s contract (UPDATED AP STORY 3:27 p.m.), and that is followed by the AP’s update on Alabama players Mark Ingram and Star Jackson.

Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban’s contract extension was approved Wednesday. “Saban gets new contract guaranteeing he’ll be among nation’s top 5 college football coaches,” the AP reported.

More From the AP story embedded above, “Alabama coach Nick Saban has received a three-year contract extension that will reward him richly if he sticks around for the next nine seasons.

“The university system’s Board of Trustees compensation committee unanimously approved the three-year extension through Jan. 31, 2018, on Wednesday. Saban would receive a series of three completion bonuses totaling $5 million if he is still the coach through 2011, 2014 and 2017. That means the contract would be worth $42.35 million if he remains through the nine-year deal, or about $4.7 million annually.”

From the AP, Saban: Ingram, Jackson battling the flu
According to the report embedded in this post (you need java to read it), “The two players are roommates, and Jackson caught the bug first. Saban said the training staff starts treating players quickly when someone around them gets the flu, so he’s hoping that makes Ingram’s recovery faster. He said Wednesday Tide players have been able to get past the flu in two or three days, and he’s more worried about a player getting sick late in the week. Ingram ran for 150 yards in the opener against Virginia Tech.”