Monday morning roundup

Conflicting reports from on the future of Kevin Steele. The Birmingham News declares that Steele won’t be leaving Alabama; the Mobile Press-Register maintains nothing has changed regarding Steele’s candidacy for the USA head coaching job.

The Birmingham News reported in a news story by Ian Rapoport and a column by Kevin Scarbinsky that Steele had decided to stay in Tuscaloosa.
Scarbinsky wrote:

And he hasn’t been just another cog in the Saban machine, which has been known to chew up and spit out assistant coaches. Steele’s been a sounding board for Saban, and the defensive coordinator has been strong enough to tell the head coach what he really thinks.

Saban has told me he doesn’t want yes men on his staff, and Steele is no yes man. He’s his own man, which is why it’s been easy to believe that he might leave Alabama for another job.

The Press-Register report directly contradicted the News’ report.

Gottfried told the Press-Register nothing had changed regarding Steele’s candidacy, which contradicted an online report from The Birmingham News citing anonymous sources as saying Steele “has decided he will stay with the Crimson Tide.”

…If Steele leaves the Crimson Tide, it would make the third assistant coach and second coordinator to depart since the Independence Bowl.

Looks like the Press-Register wanted to get the most negative story in for the day, and a negative headline: Recruiting roundup: Lineman picks Tech over Tide

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Speaking of negative, Josh Moon uses the Mark Gottfried fiasco to fire a few shots at Nick Saban.

Moon’s latest shot at Saban: As if dealing with nonsense created by Saban every day wasn’t already a fulltime gig, the last couple of weeks, they’ve also been dealing with a couple of new problems: Mark and Elizabeth Gottfried, who have spent the last week publicly embarrassing themselves and dragging others along for the ride.

Moon continues his quixotic crusade to attack Saban at every turn. Is there a more pathetic Auburn sympathizer than this guy? His anti-Saban fetish is passe. It is so last year.