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Saban frenzy, recruiting nears end & basketball preview

SABAN FRENZY: The Saban media frenzy continued over the weekend with commentary from Paul Finebaum, a story in the Birmingham News, and a very balanced analysis from the Detroit Free Press. The Free Press puts some blame on Saban for using an insulting term, but goes after the Miami Herald reporter: “…but his indiscretion could provide coaches and athletes who already loathe dealing with the media more ammunition in justifying their seclusion from public scrutiny. Protecting off-the-record information is essential in cultivating the valuable sources who provide depth and context to stories. It’s disappointing because situations like this make it easier for the media-bashers, painting all of us in one broad stroke as an industry more interested in “gotcha” journalism.”

The real story in this situation is the irresponsible Herald journalist.
Finebaum attempts to bring Alabama fans down with a bit of realism; he has taken to knocking Alabama’s assistant coaches and this column is another chance to continue the assault. However, there is no doubt Alabama has two or three of the most highly regarded assistants in the nation, Kevin Steele, Major Applewhite and Burton Burns. Compare this staff to Shula’s, and I don’t think many would take the previous staff in comparison with this one. Are there problems? Possibly, but Saban will work them out because he knows how to manage a program.

RECRUITING: The final recruiting weekend is here and Alabama is hosting several players in a final bid to conclude this year’s class. Earlier this week, Alabama landed Dora Defensive End Chatham Williams, who should play outside linebacker. Alabama also landed a speedy defensive back in Houston’s Tarance Farmer.

With the new additions, Alabama moved up in recruiting rankings to #13, but remains much lower, #28 according to Max Emfinger had Alabama ranked in the top ten earlier in the week now has Alabama ranked at #12.

Basketball: An injured Ronald Steele has Alabama changing its offensive philosophy, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. This change in philosophy helped Davidson to a career high in points against LSU. Alabama faces South Carolina today in another round of conference play.

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