UPDATE: Rick Karle of Fox6 played a recorded interview his station conducted with Rush Propst. Ford’s response was that Propst did not deny it. Another question just occurred to me, has Ford failed to even talk with Propst about the specifics of his investigation?

Sitting in my office talking about the Propst allegations, and the manner in which the story became public, raised an interesting question—what is Hunter Ford reporting?

Essentially, all we really know is that he is investigating what is still only an allegation of an extra-marital affair involving Rush Propst. This extra-marital affair is “an open secret in some circles” at Hoover, Ford said on the Finebaum show Friday. Also, Ford believes he has a good source on this story.

But where is the real news in this?

I could let slip I’m investigating allegations that Nick Saban kicks puppies. But that isn’t news, what is news would be proof that Saban actually kicked a puppy. And proof would be facts—you know, names, dates, places, etc. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT BELIEVE SABAN KICKS PUPPIES! IT WAS ONLY USED FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES!

So far, this story has been nothing but allegations—allegations lacking such specificity that today we know nothing more than what we knew last week.

The rumor of Propst having an affair is something that has made the rounds through Alabama high school football. But a rumor isn’t truth.

Let’s hope we get to see some facts soon.

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