It has been said constantly since January, and Mal Moore said it again Sunday, Nick Saban’s contract will be finished soon.

Moore’s remarks seem more upbeat than mine. I still see the lawyers and some administrators as a major problem for UA. These are the same people who messed up the Franchione negotations with unrealistic demands, and sued Daniel Moore. So, having them handle the Saban contract talks, and having the talks last this long is just another example of the problems at Alabama.

Gattis blog post drops a few other interesting tidbits including Moore’s thoughts that while expansion of Bryant-Denny is under consideration, it is likely five or more years away.

While I’m talking about Gattis, everyone really should read his blog post from last week. He addresses media bashing and how writers like Josh Moon gives the media a bad name. Of course, Moon is basking in all the attention he can get so I hesititate to even mention his name—and who thought someone like Gattis would be professional enough to scold the Montgomery sportswriter?

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