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Losing Marve would be blow to 2007 recruiting class

Is Marve the next Tim Tebow? He was Florida’s Mr. Football for 2006, and his numbers are impressive. Marve set state records with 48 touchdowns, 280 completions and 4,380 passing yards–all single season Florida records.

Marve continues to lean toward Alabama, but does leaning mean he’s wobbly? And just what does a commitment mean? Apparently, not much in the world of recruiting. The more I watch recruiting, the more confusing it gets.

Is Marve gone?
That is a strong possibility. Why else would Saban invest so much time in another QB, San Antonio’s Nick Fanuzzi. Most recruiting services place Fanuzzi lower than Marve. While Marve was an Alabama commit, Fanuzzi was a Miami commit. Fanuzzi does have one big positive: he’s taller than Marve, which could make it easier for him to see the field.

Have the QB’s flipped? The staff’s attention to Fanuzzi creates some interesting points for speculation. The most interesting point: Would Saban extend scholarships to both quarterbacks? My guess is no due to the lower number of scholarships this year. So, that probably means Marve has bolted.

The consensus amongst persons I spoke with was that Marve would bolt to Miami. If that is the case, that can only be said to be a loss. Marve played very well in Florida and Saban indicated he wanted to build this year’s offensive class around Marve. But apparently that changed quickly following Marve’s official visit.

Losing Marve would certainly drop the overall rank of the class in most recruiting service estimates.

Of course, that may mean very little in the grand scheme. What’s the real difference finishing 12 or 13th or 10th in recruiting? But anyway you slice it, losing Marve would be viewed as a blow to Saban by most persons outside the Alabama program.

Alabama has potential with a healthy Steele, says

Alabama faces Auburn tonight and hopes to make it 8-in-a-row over Auburn. What Alabama team will show up? I guess, the more specific question is how healthy will Ronald Steele be tonight? Alabama is 0-2 on the road in the SEC and needed a last second off-balance shot to defeat Georgia at home. Alabama needs this win.

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