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Monday morning briefing: Spring practice date, biased media, recruiting

March 19 could be the beginning of spring practice, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. The A-Day game would then be the last week of April, according to the Advertiser.

Saban’s ESPN interview, which began Sunday night and concludes tonight, already has a few biased writers taking shots at the coach.

His two-part interview, which concludes at 6 tonight on “SportsCenter,” is a snapshot of a coach-for-hire mercenary who left the MSU and LSU programs showing none of the qualities he claims to possess. He’s an egomaniac with an insatiable need to be romanced by a new employer about every two to four seasons so he can feel better about himself.

That’s just one line from a hit piece in the Grand Rapids Press. You have to love how biased this guy is. After all, how long was Urban Meyer at Bowling Green and Utah? Forget it. You can’t reason with people in the media because like this guy, most of them are know-it-alls who won’t tolerate a difference of opinion.

“But those who are saying Tuberville figuratively donned sack cloth and ashes when Alabama landed the Miami Dolphins’ coach don’t know the man very well,” according to the final line of John Preutt’s Sunday column in the Huntsville Times. It would be hard for anyone to be more intimate with Auburn than the biased Huntsville Times and its writers. Throughout the Shula ordeal, it was the loudest voice spouting pro-Shula propaganda–after all, what Auburn fan wouldn’t want Shula to stay?

Saban gets coverage from all over. Including this AP story carried in the Victoria Times Colonist.

Hoover lineman commits to Alabama, according to the Mobile Press Register. The Hoover lineman, Kerry Murphy, was the top-rated prospect in the state by the Birmingham News.

In addition, Florida star prep quarterback Robert Marve and his parents visited Tuscaloosa and were impressed with the campus and football staff. Marve still plans additional visits, but it looks like Saban and his staff firmed up what had become a soft committment. It looks like Marve will wait until Feb. 7, National Signing Day, to make his decision public, according to Tampa Bay Online.

One analysis explains that Auburn, always the second-choice program in the state, will feel an immediate pain on the recruiting trails.

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