SEC: Tebow guilty of overworking

AP: Tebow returned to practice Monday, getting back to “head-butting people,” after missing some repetitions last week because […]

What is going on at Kentucky?

Still talking basketball. And a few other sports. According to the AP, “Barnhart added he’s not concerned about […]

Top SEC program?

The Birmingham News released its ranking of the Top SEC programs of all time. Our verdict? A colossal […]

Thursday SEC Notebook

If you couldn’t get enough of the Alabama recruiting video, errr…Sportsouth’s “Under the Lights”, you can catch it […]

Legal battle

Not all judges have an axe to grind like retired Tuscaloosa judge Steve Wilson who is pitching a […]

Tony Franklin: Know-it-all

Tony Franklin thinks he knows everything. Including how to run a championship program. His hubris is without limit; […]