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Hunter: the 1980s Alabama Crimson Tide

Tainted Love: The 1980s Tide By Hunter Ford Who could forget parachute pants, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” The Cosby Show, Oingo Boingo or Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” video? While reading the recent comparisons of Paul Bryant and Nick Saban, I was reminded of Ray Perkins, the Tide coach who led Alabama in the mid 1980s. His […]

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Birmingham Snooze not biased, just cheap and lazy

By Hunter Ford Capstone Report founder Alan Atchison led off the Finebaum show on the day after the Super Bowl with a distinctive topic, namely that he believes the Birmingham News is acting as a public relations firm for Auburn athletics. He had some great points but I believe he stopped way short. When you’re […]

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Hunter: Bryant looms over Saban too

By Hunter Ford Paul William “Bear” Bryant, will never be surpassed or equaled by any Alabama coach, not even Nick Saban, despite whatever Shane from Centerpoint or anybody else wants to think. I’m a lifelong Alabama fan and a huge Saban fan, and I believe Saban will win more SEC championships and possibly another national […]

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Flying helmets and other random thoughts

By Hunter Ford I played organized football from youth leagues to middle school to high school and NEVER once saw anybody’s helmet get knocked off their head. Not in practice, not in games, NEVER. So why is it that in almost every NFL or college game I watch these days somebody loses their headgear? It […]

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Alabama’s dumb luck

note: I had planned to post this and another essay this weekend, but was enjoying the bye week so much I forgot. So, here it is on a Monday. Hunter was kind enough to share a different perspective on the win. Enjoy. By Hunter Ford Terrence Cody and Alabama were helped by dumb luck in […]

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Hunter: Bryant-Denny, football fantasy land

By Hunter Ford Walt Disney would be jealous if he could see the football “Fantasy Land” that is Bryant-Denny Stadium. I attended last weekend’s Tide game in T-Town and, as I have in the past few seasons, I again found myself in awe of how the Alabama game experience has changed over the years. When […]

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Hunter: Capitalistic vs cloak and dagger football

By Hunter Ford Alabama is robbing its fans of a quality home game and endangering its chances at a BSC title by playing Virginia Tech in Atlanta. Got that? Good. I had to think of an antagonistic lead to catch your attention, and now I take it back. Alabama may very well lose to Virginia […]

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Ford: 69 was a bummer for Bama

By Hunter Ford It started with an exciting flash, but the 1969 football season was a bum trip for Crimson Tide football. This year has been punctuated by the celebration of the 40-year anniversaries of the moon landing, Woodstock and locally, the 40th year of UAB. Out of curiosity I revisted the record book to […]

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Off topic: Les Paul

Les Paul: Savior of ‘Flash Punks’ everywhere By Hunter Ford The brilliant guitarist and inventor Les Paul died this week and his passing reminded me of another lifetime of mine. I’ve loved music since I can remember. I love it all, country, blues, rock and roll, classical, folk… whatever. But it’s blues and classic rock […]

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Americans need to shoot for the moon again

Note: Hunter sent this column in about the moon. I’ve attached some links below to other items about America’s historic moon mission. By Hunter Ford President Barack Obama needs to take a break from running his mouth about the economy or Russian relations, and shoot it off towards the moon. To be sure, this is […]

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Commentary: Alabama’s love affair with gambling

(Editor’s note: Hunter Ford resurfaces after a hiatus to send in this essay.) By Hunter Ford “Never kept a dollar past sunset. Always burned a hole in my pants. Never pleased a school mamma. Never lost a second chance on love.” – Keith Richards Alabama’s love affair with gambling leaves it cheating on its own […]

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Hunter Ford attended the Bowl today and sent these photographs. He’s promised more pics and more stories to come on the event in Birmingham. Here are a few photographs from the game and surrounding area. Also, below the photographs find this AP summary of how Teel led Rutgers on a second half comeback and […]

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College football’s last gasp in Birmingham

By Hunter Ford Are you getting nervous yet, college football fans? If you are a college football junky, the bowl season is a great time. Yet it causes pangs of withdrawal because the season will soon be over. Two more college games remain to be played at Legion Field in Birmingham before the door slams […]

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Tubs out: The Tide is high!

Hunter Ford Tommy Tuberville was a giant thorn in the ass of Alabama fans and I’m glad he’s gone. I’m glad the prick has no more digits to throw up in our faces. We can extend a big “Number One” middle finger to him as he exits. But Auburn is foolish to send him packing. […]

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Hueytown should be a destination for race fans

Hunter Ford A little bird told me that Hueytown might be in position to build a new race track. This wasn’t some tweeting jaybird either, it was a wise owl professing what should be. And it should be. But it shouldn’t stop there. A racing museum perhaps, some new hotels, more restaurants. Hueytown could be […]

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Ford: Thankful to be Bama fan

Iron Bowl 2008 coverage at the Capstone Report is made possible by: By Hunter Ford It’s Turkey Day eve and Iron Bowl week. I’m thankful to be an Alabama fan and not a cud chewing fan of that cow college in southeast Alabama. Whereas Alabama is a champion show dog of college football and always […]

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The state of the Crimson Nation

By Hunter Ford On the historic Tuesday night that saw the election of the first black American president, ABC news anchor Charlie Gibson had Alabama football on his mind. One of Gibson’s fellow newsmen was displaying some foreign newspapers that showed support for Barack Obama. A headline from Great Britain read “Yanks a lot” for […]

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It seems like old times

By Hunter Ford It seems like old times and everything is new again. My nine-year-old son is collecting Star Wars toys and loving Indiana Jones movies. Texas, Alabama and Penn State are at the top of the college football polls. It’s great to be a fan of any of those schools right now, but for […]

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From the archives: Football and family

By Hunter Ford I posted this last year after the Tennessee game. I can’t think of the Tennessee game, win or lose without thinking about my grandfather. It was a glorious autumn scene- clear blue skies and a gentle breeze with just enough nip in the air to justify wearing a sweater outside on a […]

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Profile: Rick Karle & Fox 6 Sideline

Karle’s Fox 6 Sideline a community effort By Hunter Ford It’s a Friday night during football season and Rick Karle, sports director for Fox 6 TV in Birmingham, is doing a dozen things at once. Karle has been a fixture on local TV since 1989, and the high school football highlight show he anchors each […]

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Off topic: Pet blessings

I thought Alabama fans might consider reading this article as a repentence for all the abuse our favorite team has handed out to Tiger’s, Hawg’s and Dawg’s so far. We’ve got some more Tigers and Bulldogs to whip this year. Perhaps South Carolina fans should take a hard look, seeing as their mascot and nickname […]

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State title most coveted for this Tide fan

By Hunter Ford At least for this Alabama fan, a state championship this season would mean more than any other title the Tide could earn. Alabama has leaped in the polls after mauling Clemson to begin the year and, last Saturday, blacking the eyes of the dark-shirted Georgia Bulldogs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as […]

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Lovable losers no longer ‘Dore’ mats

By Hunter Ford After such a long anxious summer it’s hard to believe the football season is now a third of the way finished for most teams. Alabama has been extremely impressive out of the gate, going 4-0 with impressive beat downs of Clemson and Arkansas sandwiching wins against Tulane and Western Kentucky. Alabama has […]

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My 92,000 best friends

By Hunter Ford I’ve been to movies alone, been out to lunch alone, but never have I been to an Alabama football game alone. Last weekend, I drove to Tuscaloosa by myself, but when I got to Bryant-Denny I watched the game with more than 92,000 of my best friends. Going to an Alabama game […]

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Photographs from the WKU game

Hunter Ford took a camera to the Alabama-Western Kentucky game and he snapped these photographs of fans, celebrities and landmarks. Enjoy. And if you have photographs to share email and we’ll tell you how to send them to us. We’ll post them for everyone to enjoy. On these photographs, click once to see a […]

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Under the Friday night lights

By Hunter Ford (Note: My graphic designer at the Western Star asked me if I could be a little “Long winded” in my column “Cause we have more space than usual on the sports page, and I don’t want to have to re-work the whole thing.” Sure…here goes.) Think of me, what you will, I’ve […]

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The command of battle: Roll Tide Roll

By Hunter Ford “Then arose that do-or-die expression, that maniacal maelstrom of sound; that penetrating, rasping, shrieking, blood-curdling noise that could be heard for miles and whose volume reached the heavens–such an expression as never yet came from the throats of sane men, but from men whom the seething blast of an imaginary hell would […]

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The other side of the great unknown

By Hunter S. Ford Sara Evans is pretty as sunshine and Jay Barker is as goofy as a football bat. The other night at a WJOX party I was privileged to meet the lovely Sara. Her husband Jay, former All-American, Christian Coalition, bright eyed and wholesome quarterback, showed up in an ORANGE plaid shirt with […]

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Finebaum slaps listeners and makes them like it

By Hunter Ford If you are a regular listener of the Paul Finebaum show you will know what I’m talking about whether you want to admit it or not. Finebaum is without peer as the most aggravating personality in the Alabama media. He pulls a double whammy on his audience by boxing their ears, thumping […]

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Finebaum takes his show on the road

By Hunter Ford TWS Reporter Brother Finebaum’s traveling football salvation show made a stop in Huntsville last week. As part of a campaign to promote the Paul Finebaum Network, the home of the state’s most listened to talk radio show, Finebaum spoke to an invitation only crowd of about 400 at the Holiday Inn Select, […]

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