The rise of Pastor Billy Bob in the Southern Baptist Convention

Pastor Billy Bob is the caricatured insult arising from one SBC blog–an insult for all those conservative, simple folks who oppose the sophisticated, denominational elites like Dr. Russell Moore. It is a sample of not only the rhetoric emerging from Southern Baptist insiders, but a prime of example of the contempt these elites and experts have for the common bivocational preacher and Southern Baptist laymen who pay the bills and do the heavy lifting for the Southern Baptist Convention.

“Messengers cannot direct an entity to do anything, and they certainly cannot order the firing of an entity head.  That’s why the Conservative Resurgence took so long. But none of that will keep Pastor Billy Bob from trying.  After his motion is ruled out of order, he’ll get mad and complain that the big dogs never listen to the little people,” a blog at SBC Voices declared.

Here is the truth—the Southern Baptists elites and experts don’t want your input. They only want your money.

And this is what has spooked the Southern Baptist hierarchy. Pastor Billy Bob has a new strategy, and he is pursuing that instead of playing their rigged game of the trustee system that guarantees nothing but enabling the Southern Baptist insiders, “But nothing will change.  There’s a way to get an entity head fired, but it takes time.  It’s hard.  And it should be,” SBC Voices taunted.

The new strategy denies monetary support for denominational bureaucrats who don’t share our values or our Christian worldview.  This has gotten the attention of folks who have trustees who enable them instead of holding them accountable. When the trustees won’t do their job, Pastor Billy Bob and the good simple people of the Southern Baptist Convention can do the job for them by withholding money just like former Southern Baptist Convention president Jack Graham’s congregation at Prestonwood Baptist Church announced it would do.

You can sense the panic by the rhetoric coming out of SBC elites. They are afraid because they know their system that works for the insiders is about to be turned on its head. They try to scare folks by talking about the harm this might do our witness in the world (because they reason unless we pay the salary for a Democratic-enabler like Russell Moore we are somehow going to offend the world) or we aren’t going to have enough funds to support missions (as if their insistence on keeping Dr. Moore in his position isn’t equally to blame for the stalemate).

But what all their rhetoric fails to understand is that God entrusts people and churches with resources—resources that are limited. It would be unwise for us to support policies, people and organizations that are in direct opposition to key values and moral duties as we understand them. There are many people and organizations that share our values that should receive our support before progressives.

Southern Baptists insiders know this. And they are afraid.

It has them in a dilemma. Do they save their funding and jettison Dr. Moore for his many offenses against Southern Baptists, or do they continue to protect one of their own insiders? Their decision on this will go a long way in determining the future of the Southern Baptist Convention because Pastor Billy Bob and those like him aren’t going to tolerate a system that is of the elites, by the elites and for the elites.

Pastor Billy Bob is just getting started.


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    Michael White

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    I never heard of the Alabama sport of religious commentary.
    I assume it is not a serious sport, you know – making sport of religious events. It certainly was biased reporting that assumed instead of investigated. Y’a// have a nice day now.

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      Capstone Report

      How funny! Typical insider response to how outsiders feel about the direction of the Southern Baptist Convention. The crisis has grown so large that even a football site has to stand up against the rising tide of Russell Moore’s liberalism.

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      Capstone Report

      That is a fair question and one that could easily be asked of Dr. Moore and the ERLC. I’d say that Dr. Graham and Prestonwood do good because it prevents Dr. Russell Moore’s progressive moral communitarianism from advancing in the SBC. Also, I’d say Dr. Moore’s overwrought campaign rhetoric that he used against his Christian brothers and spewed in liberal, progressive publications in NYC and DC to attack his brothers did enormous damage to the unity of the body of Christ. Getting rid of him or getting him to truly amend his ways would be good things from this.

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    Brian Craig

    “I’d say Dr. Moore’s overwrought campaign rhetoric that he used against his Christian brothers”

    Can you point me to any campaign rhetoric by Dr. Moore that comes close to being as overwrought as 1st Baptist Dallas pastor and Trump supporter Dr. Robert Jeffress?

    “I am getting sick and tired of these namby-pamby, pantywaisted, weak-kneed Christians who say they’re going to stay home in November out of moral principle.”

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    Gleimhart Mantooso

    I saw the “Billy Bob” comment when it appear a few days ago. If you look at the comments to that article, you’ll eventually come to a post that took the author to task for this. The author then pretended not to have meant anything by it. Even after it was explained to him, he refused to be corrected. The author is also one of the moderators of SBCvoices. The blog itself is a Russell Moore fan club, and they do not take well to correction. Pretty much a people who can do no wrong, and should you suggest they might be, they will descend upon you with a surly indignation.

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