Want to beat Tennessee? It’s in the sack

ITKWhen the Tennessee Volunteers try for the eighth year in a row to best Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide this Saturday night, a laundry list of challenges will meet the Vols at the entrance to Neyland Stadium.

But you might start at quarterback. Or specifically, the orange and white paper mache wall around theirs.

The Vols haven’t had much to boast about in the lifetimes of every 2nd grader alive, and if all goes as it should this Saturday (the Tide is currently a 17-point favorite), the Vols’ 8th loss in a row to Bama will assure the 7th year in a row that Tennessee will have had a losing SEC record. But, that said, here is an impressive stat:

Tennessee is tied for 125th in the nation (out of 128 FBS schools) having given up 30 sacks. There Vol fans…something to be proud of!

Couple that fact with Alabama’s newfound proclivity of taking opposing quarterbacks to the turf, and if you’re among our UT brethren (who by the way always dress as though they’re at a garbage workers’ convention), you got yourself a problem.

photo by Bill Wilson, Anniston Star
Photo courtesy of Bill Wilson, Anniston Star
The Tide has registered 19 sacks on the year, ten of those coming in the last six quarters of play. By comparison with past defenses, Bama had just 22 sacks in all of 2013. The Tide is just 3 short of that mark in just seven games this season.

Sacking the QB has been a bit of an anomoly for Bama defenses in recent years. Saban talks about affecting the quarterback, and there are certainly other ways to do so than to take him down. But there has definitely been a resurgence in this area with the addition of quick-twitch rushers like Tim Williams and Rashaan Evans, as well as other pesky defenders like Ryan Anderson and Reggie Ragland. All have developed an appetite for QB blood, sweat and fears, and it’s showing up early and often.

There will be plenty of storylines in Knoxville this Saturday night, the most popular being Lane Kiffin’s return to Volunteer country. But by game’s end, finding a volunteer to take Justin Worley’s place may be the only one that matters.

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  1. 2
    Hunter Ford

    The Vols leading rusher has 414 yards after 7 games….

    QB Worley has been picked off 8 times

    Doesn’t sound like much of a game, but I hope the players on our team are listening to co-Saban and not taking this lightly

    Winning this game may be the only way to make this season memorable for the Vols RTR

      • 4

        You can’t spell at all, Vol.
        And, by the way, that particular comment required zero brain cells to produce (about right for you) and got old about the billionth time I saw it written. You might want to leave the East Tennessee area and find someone not related to you to help you get some new material.

        • 5
          Indiana Vol

          The clean East Tennessee air was polluted over the weekend by the rancid, filthy, Inbred U scumbags. Don’t you toothless, goat-humping, uneducated inbreeding hicks know how to bathe? YOU STINK!! Tennessee, and every other state that must endure the foul stench of the Crimson TURD Morons should force the smelly rubes to bathe, or not be allowed to enter the state.

          Were you rancid rubes not taught how to bathe by your parents?

    • 7
      Hunter Ford

      The great thing about Vol fans is they an go deer hunting in th morning, and then go to the game without changing clothes

    • 8

      Hey Vol, get the lube ready. #8 IN A ROW IS COMING UP IN 48 HOURS!!!


  2. 9

    Things you will never hear a Tennessee fan say;

    -“I can’t wait to get home and shower.”
    -“Always let a professional paint your car.”
    -“I read an interesting article today.”
    -“I’ll take 20th Century Authors for $500, Alex.”
    -“My son makes me so proud.”
    -“Hold the gravy, please.”
    -“I couldn’t, she’s only 17.”
    -“Let’s drink with our mouths only.”
    -“Yes, I have a reservation.”
    -“Thank you.”
    -“I love to volunteer…”
    -“It’s just not safe to put the kids in the back of a pickup truck.”
    -“Small, please.”
    -“Right-click on the spreadsheet.”
    -“It’s time for a new toothbrush.”
    -“I guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree.”
    -“Has anyone seen the finance section?”
    -“I can’t, I have work tomorrow.”
    -“Always wipe front to back.”
    -“I think I’ll skip desert.”
    -“That was a good no-call.”
    -“Let me wipe my shoes off first.”
    -“What do you suggest, doctor?”
    -“Actually, I quit smoking.”
    -“Actually, I don’t dip anymore.”
    -“I wouldn’t eat that.”

    • 10
      Indiana Vol

      Things you will never hear a Bammer TURD say;

      “I bathe daily”
      “I have a full set of teeth”
      “I have indoor plumbing”
      “I have class”
      “I am humble”
      “I graduated from high school”
      “I don’t hump barnyard animals”
      “I don’t have sex with relatives”
      “I do not live in a double-wide”

      • 11

        You know, I’m not a hater. I’m really not. I’ve always had a good time in Knoxville, with or without a football game, and Saturday night was absolutely no exception.

        You see, hate week is OK, especially if it’s in good fun and isn’t dangerous.

        But what kind of fan hates comes to their rival to hate on them AFTER a loss?

        That’s just disappointing. Talk about “class,” good grief.

      • 14

        Personally, I smell bad because I smoked a cigar to my knuckles Saturday night. Stinky.

        I wouldn’t smell so bad if Tennessee could beat Alabama, though. See how that works? I’m not sure who owes you the apology there, but we’re all just doing out part…

        Thanks, Lane. Roll Tide.

  3. 17
    Indiana Vol

    “(Who by the way always dress as though they’re at a garbage workers’ convention)”

    LOL, this from Don’t Know S#IT and Smelly Hunter Ford while wearing used tampon-colored Inbred U shirt! Better to wear Big Orange than to look like a USED TAMPON!!

    Remember, you can’t spell smelly, lice-infested, inbred, ReTaRd Turds with out
    R T R

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