Around the Web: Tarkenton vs. McCarron, Razorbacks vs. Tide

hunter fordAlabama is looking to regain some confidence after its loss to Ole Miss last week, and Arkansas is looking for its first SEC win of the Bret Bielema era after coming tantalizingly close in an overtime loss to Texas A&M.

Former University of Miami, University of North Carolina, and Cleveland Browns coach Butch Davis, a former Arkansas player, recently gave an extensive interview breaking down his observations on the Tide-Razorbacks match-up .  It’s pretty good stuff and worth a watch.

I feel bad for one of the most beloved Alabama players of all time, who is struggling in his NFL career, and generating publicity of a dubious kind off the field.

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron started a firestorm when he claimed Alabama lacks leadership on offense.

Poor AJ has been a source of controversy several times since his playing days ended.  In this case a well-known columnist has his back while a former SEC and NFL quarterback ripped him a new one.

McCarron’s comments were blown way out of proportion according to Kevin Scarbinsky .

Nick Saban, who was fairly tactful, didn’t get too worked up, but didn’t agree with McCarron

But, McCarron’s statements raised the ire of 74-year-old NFL Hall of Fame QB Fran Tarkenton, who dissed McCarron’s playing ability and loyalty to his old coach and school.   Tarkenton, a former Georgia quarterback, basically called McCarron an average quarterback who was lucky to play at Alabama, and who should STFU and be thankful to Nick Saban “for the rest of his life.”

Hey McCarron! I made the league and I was on TV's "That's Incredible!"  STFU!

I made the league and I was on TV’s “That’s Incredible!”