FSU’s Jameis Winston runs his mouth about the SEC

ITKJameis Winston wants to remind you who the reigning national champions are.

No, not Florida State. Mr. Crabs wants you to remember that it’s the ACC, not the SEC.

Thank you again, Auburn. Thanks for snapping our winning streak in the big game, bringing home the conference’s only loss since the George W. Bush administration.

Winston took to the microphone at yesterday’s ACC Media Days, and the FSU quarterback had a lot to say.

He didn’t sound like a humble man given a second chance, avoiding charges in a rape case or shoplifting crab legs from a local grocery store. On the contrary.

Here are the highlights:

“Before I say anything, how does it feel to have an ACC come in here with a national championship? Can we get a round of applause please? Finally. We took it away from the SEC.”

Thanks Auburn.

“How about that, man, taking the rein from the SEC, huh? We are the national champions in this conference, and that’s important to me because people do need to respect the ACC more. We had 11 teams with a winning record last year, and that’s good. I mean, we have competition here. We’ve got people getting drafted everywhere from this conference. I believe that Florida State, we helped gain that respect, and hopefully we can continue that.”

Way to go Auburn.

“Of course I’m looking forward to this season, man, get a chance to represent the ACC, the reigning national champions. We’re trying to do it again.”

Nice job Gustav. I guess if you had another second you would’ve been able to hold on to the manhood that the ACC took from our conference on your watch.

You can read the entire interview here, but it sounds like Mr. Crabs needs a real defense to step onto the field to shut him up. Here’s hoping the 2014 season gives a college coach the chance to finish what a high school coach couldn’t.

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