FSU’s Jameis Winston runs his mouth about the SEC

ITKJameis Winston wants to remind you who the reigning national champions are.

No, not Florida State. Mr. Crabs wants you to remember that it’s the ACC, not the SEC.

Thank you again, Auburn. Thanks for snapping our winning streak in the big game, bringing home the conference’s only loss since the George W. Bush administration.

Winston took to the microphone at yesterday’s ACC Media Days, and the FSU quarterback had a lot to say.

He didn’t sound like a humble man given a second chance, avoiding charges in a rape case or shoplifting crab legs from a local grocery store. On the contrary.

Here are the highlights:

“Before I say anything, how does it feel to have an ACC come in here with a national championship? Can we get a round of applause please? Finally. We took it away from the SEC.”

Thanks Auburn.

“How about that, man, taking the rein from the SEC, huh? We are the national champions in this conference, and that’s important to me because people do need to respect the ACC more. We had 11 teams with a winning record last year, and that’s good. I mean, we have competition here. We’ve got people getting drafted everywhere from this conference. I believe that Florida State, we helped gain that respect, and hopefully we can continue that.”

Way to go Auburn.

“Of course I’m looking forward to this season, man, get a chance to represent the ACC, the reigning national champions. We’re trying to do it again.”

Nice job Gustav. I guess if you had another second you would’ve been able to hold on to the manhood that the ACC took from our conference on your watch.

You can read the entire interview here, but it sounds like Mr. Crabs needs a real defense to step onto the field to shut him up. Here’s hoping the 2014 season gives a college coach the chance to finish what a high school coach couldn’t.

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  1. 1

    If Alabama didnt want the streak to end they should have beaten Auburn. At least Auburn lost a close game. After watching Oklahoma manhandle Alabama its pretty clear FSU would have beaten them by 3 TDs.

        • 4

          Alabama had more Total yards and led a majority of the game. They stopped Auburn time after time, but their offense only scored 7 points in the second half. The blame is more on Alabama offense than Alabama defense

      • 5

        The old Alabama fall-back line: “we didnt want to be there”. Sure,McCarron didnt care if his last game was a complete embarrassment. Those seniors didnt want to go out winners.

        Just stop with that lame shit. You lost. Oklahoma straight up beat you.

        • 6


          You’re still the one saying FSU would have done the same thing, despite their differences in football style, and the game itself. If it makes you feel better, it seems to me that Saban only wins some of their bowl games… but all of their national title games.

          But if you think Oklahoma didn’t want it more, watch. Don’t forget, Stoops was bashing Saban and the SEC for several seasons. They played out of their minds, plus incorporated the HUNHNS, plus Alabama was uncharacteristically bad, that at least I think anyone can see no matter how bad they hate Alabama. Oklahoma beat Alabama. But back on topic now please?

    • 7


      My word, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I agree with peachy.

      Auburn’s luck finally caught up with them in the national title game, but they were a terrible team. Yes, Alabama should have beaten them, and had they played a characteristic game they probably would have taken a knee for the last 90 seconds.

      But FSU struggled against one of the worst defenses in the league. It’s not hard to imagine they would have struggled worse against Alabama. Great job peachy.

    • 8

      Oklahoma exploited the 2008 rule changes with a new QB.

      FSU plays man-up football.

      I don’t think the Oklahoma team last year can possibly indicate how Alabama would have played against a team as fundamentals-based as FSU. I think it would have been a great game, but FSU struggled to deal with Auburn’s defense, which was terrible.

      FSU may have been the best team last year. We’ll never really know if they would have beaten Alabama, but I don’t think it would have surprised anyone if Alabama had won last year except for the part about it being a three-peat.

  2. 9
    crimson hammah

    yup we never even allowed barn to be close in the ib…the only reason barn was close to fsu was the barn had fsu’s signals

  3. 10
    dose of reality

    Truth be told, if not for bama’s luck , Auburn wins by 2-3 TDs. bama had more than it’s fair share of lucky breaks in the IB. They just did not take advantage with most of them. Saban’s and the bammer nation’s ego got in their way of playing a well executed ball game. Then when bama had 3rd and short , Auburn stopped them at the line of scrimmage. Very first drive of the game it came down to a 3rd and 2 for bama. Yeldon was stone walled and that lead to the first missed FG. On Auburn’s first drive , also on a 3rd down, Bama lucked out when NM threw to the right of Ricardo Lewis , who was open by 10-15 yards. What about the lucky break bama got on the next drive? Bama goes 3 and out ( failed on 3rd and 3) and by some stroke of luck, the punter got off a punt where he dropped the snap AND an Auburn player got a hand on the ball.I know bammers crying ” LUCK” is just their way of coping, but regardless of how you spin it, bama was lucky to still be in the game. Saban showed that when he can not out talent you, he damn sure can’t out coach you. Malzahn and Stoops say hello.

    • 11

      @dose of reality

      Reality? You’re blinded by your hate for Alabama.

      You’re suggesting Alabama couldn’t have competed against Florida State in a national title game last year. How about some of your own medicine?

      Alabama takes a knee to end the Iron Bowl with any one of four missed field goals, never mind the 4th down play inside the 20, never mind the infamous “false start,” never mind the final historic 186-yard kick return, etc.

      The punter dropping the ball and still getting the kick off was luck? Or was the punter dropping the ball uncharacteristic? It was still a pretty bad kick, don’t forget.

      But ok. That’s not enough. Because luck DEFINED Auburn’s season last year.

      Georgia? I’m sure you can cite the luck there (on both sides, but let’s please not turn this into another game dissection), but without that win, or the close win against Ole Miss, or without knocking Johnny Manziel out in the 4th or any number of “lucky” things if you want to call it that, Alabama didn’t even need to beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl to face FSU for the national title, 4 uncharacteristic missed field goals or not.

      What Alabama did in that game was inherently uncharacteristic of that team for that season.

      And it still came down to a field goal.

      Was beating everyone handily characteristic of Auburn that season? Or was it more characteristic to have a very late event (luck, magic, talent, skill, whatever you want to call it) to make it possible? That’s the difference, isn’t it?

      Sure, you can say, “but they were in that position to win in the last minute of all those games because they were competitive,” but doesn’t that just mean the same for Alabama, if not more so for not having games end that way?

      And isn’t that made even more logical the way Auburn lost the title game in the final minute?

      You can say what you want about Oklahoma, but Alabama looked terrible against their HUNHNS (good when they played fundamental football though) and Oklahoma played out of their minds. Oklahoma is a great team again this year who surprised everyone with their HUNHNS shift, but no team can play like that every game, and it may be fortunate for Oklahoma their schedule is easy again this year but characteristically, Alabama missed a shot at a three-peat and Auburn lost the title game to an ACC team.

      • 12

        Don’t forget, Johnny Maziel CAME INTO TAMU’s game with Auburn hurt.

        Entered the game injured, I said.

        How many times have I seen that scenario with Awbarn in my lifetime? An opponent’s bellcow player isn’t 100%, putting the win on a lower shelf so Auburn can reach it.

        You are right. Luck DEFINED Auburn’s season in 2013.

        And it STILL wasn’t enough for a natty.

          • 14


            Wait, did you really just say that?

            I know you didn’t say much, so it’s hard to tell what you meant. I won’t assume; I’ll ask.

            Did you mean Colt MCCoy was hurt coming into the Alabama game? He had 6 weeks to rest, at least.

            Did you mean Texas in 2009 is comparative to TAMU in 2013? TAMU lost plenty of games with Manziel, don’t forget. Losing Colt McCoy is one thing, but it’s like the defense isn’t even being considered. Just comparing the two defenses alone should be enough.

            Here’s the irony—-what if Jameis Winston had been knocked out in the national title game against Auburn as early as McCoy was against Alabama? Who would have been his replacement?

            Say it with me now.

            Jacob Coker.

          • 15

            No need to dumbass bitch. If you knew shit about the game you wouldn’t even bring it up. McElroy had two broken ribs in that game and that was why he only threw a handfull of passes for about 50 yards. Bsms was more handicapped with him than Texas was with Gilbert. Also Rolando was bed sick and had to be hydrated at least 3 times. He had to rush to the hotel instead of staying for any of the post game celebration. Texas got the shit beat out of them by Ingram, Richardson and Darius. And dumbsss McCoy wasn’t even hurt that bad. Blame that shit on his asshole father. Fuk you!

  4. 16

    I gave a running bitch slap to an Auburn fan “who follows the leader” recently with this “Auburn should have won by 3 TD’s fact” when they were lucky to win that game after Alabama beat themselves. They are a sad bunch who thinks 1 point victories and Last Second victories are blowouts

    • 17

      Alabama fans continue to say Alabama would have won comfortable without their mistakes. The same could be said of Auburn. Turnover inside their 35 which led to an Alabama TD, offsides on a 4th down which ended up leading to an Alabama TD, failed 4th down on their side of the field, 99 yard TD pass given up (only time in Auburn history), missed a wide open WR on the first drive that could have been a TD.

      So yes, take Alabama’s mistakes out and leave Auburns and Alabama could have won comfortably. But the reverse is also true: take out Auburns mistakes and leave Alabamas and Auburn could have won comfortably.

      • 18


        But that WAS characteristic.

        Remember, Auburn’s defense was CHARACTERISTICALLY one of the worst in the country last year.

        So no, Alabama wouldn’t have won without their mistakes.

        Alabama would have won without ONE mistake, any one of many, including inherently uncharacteristic mistakes, and completely one-sided mistakes at that.

        Alabama didn’t miss more field goals in one game than the entire rest of the season “characteristically.” Auburn made more mistakes in more games last year than Alabama did and everyone can easily agree on that. You’re comparing a bad defense giving up a touchdown to a kicker missing two chip shots with plenty of time and perfect snaps. They’re not the same, and the difference is what matters when you’re trying to say why Alabama would have lost to FSU.

        Auburn would have won by three touchdowns? Really?


        But they couldn’t beat an ACC team?

        And you’re still getting off the point, so let’s go back to that———-do you really think Alabama wouldn’t have stood a chance against FSU last year? Note they would have been favored by everyone had they just made any one of three short field goals in Auburn, or if Georgia won in Auburn, Ole Miss and TAMU were last-minute wins too, etc.

  5. 23
    Auburn Fan

    I couldn’t be prouder of auburn. They came from 3-9 to 12-2 in one season. Under a head coach no one thought was good enough. Turned a team that had issues off the field and united them. Came up short but it was am incredible season to witness. And got the nation excited about them as well. Not bad for a bunch of back woods farm boys eh?

    • 24

      You could be prouder of Auburn…if they hadn’t lost the national title game.
      As for the issues off the field, they don’t get punished for those anyway, so what’s the point?

        • 26

          The funny part is I couldn’t be happier.

          Look. Alabama nearly three-peated. I think they would have beaten FSU, they likely would have been favored by everyone, but I don’t know anyone who sincerely thinks Alabama wouldn’t have been competitive.

          But that’s the reality for Alabama every year. And that kind of success brings clarity. I don’t know many teams that CAN have that clarity.

          Florida probably thought they did in the Tebow era, but what happened immediately after?

          Nobody thought Auburn would drop like they did after Cam Newton spent 8 months on campus.

          Nebraska has never really been the same since they formed one of the best teams in history.

          But Saban has gotten Alabama characteristically in the hunt for the title every year. Frankly, it’s PROBABLY for the best for everyone that Alabama didn’t win three titles in a row.

          Did you know that as of this week Nick Saban is the second-longest tenured football coach in Alabama history? That’s the kind of clarity we’re talking about. Malzahn earned himself a spot at Auburn for the next 4 years after last season no matter how you explain the results. I’m not convinced yet that is the clarity Auburn fans would be looking for, but it takes results, too.

          ONLY time will tell, which is what has been told at Alabama. That’s why I’m not angry——–I’m both realistic and optimistic. They seem to go hand-in-hand lately here. Sorry for getting off-topic, but that’s what makes me angry to begin with. Winston ran his mouth against the SEC because of his game against Auburn. Roll Tide.

  6. 27
    Auburn Fan

    You’re wrong. I am just as proud of auburn even though they lost. I would have been happier if they won but not prouder. I love my football team and my alumni. My pride in auburn football isn’t contingent on winning national titles. I get disappointed in them when they have character issues and when they have bad leadership but I feel that Gus Malzahn is the right man for the job. He is a leader and a good one. So again your wrong. Please don’t tell me what I would be if auburn did this or that. Not your right to say so. I know how I feel and if it upsets u so be it. Alabama has earned the right to be thought of as the best but they still have to earn that every year. They are no different than any other team. If they feel entitled then they will lose. Saban knows this and he coaches this way. Malzahn will make the SEC west tougher for Alabama.

    • 28

      You must be one of those 16 people who went to the Auburn games at home the year before last, then.

      Maybe you’re one of the season ticket holders? If not, there’s still plenty left, even after Auburn’s last game was the national championship game.

      I’m not outright trying to tease you for it, and I respect the pride people have for their alma mater. But Auburn’s culture characteristically seems to show up when Auburn is performing well.

      Also, it’s, “you’re wrong,” not, “your wrong.”

      I’m still surprised I haven’t heard any Auburn fans do anything but defend Malzahn’s “punishment” of Nick Marshall, but I at least understand it. He’s too important.

      “Alabama has earned the right to be thought of as the best but they still have to earn that every year.”

      Ironically, Alabama would have been in the playoff last year (they were ranked #3 after the conference championship games).

  7. 29

    What the hell does 296 yards rushing have to do with it? Barnrat’s didn’t win because they rushed for 296 yards. They won because the officials wrongly took 10 Bama points off the board, because the place kicker had the worst day of his career, because the pass defense screwed the pooch on just one play, because of an unforced fumble inside the Barnrat 5, because of dumbass playcalling by the dismissed OC, and because of a once in a hundred years piece of luck on a kick return. Bama had 220 yards rushing themselves and running wasn’t even the game plan. It should have been though. If Saban had turned loose Henry and Drake, Bama would have had 350 to 400 yards rushing.

    • 31

      A lot of people messed up. But Saban could have saved the day in spite of it with just a couple of different decisions. He picked a bad day to have a brain fart.

      • 32

        A coach can only do so much, and Saban did what he could, including a 4th-down attempt in field goal range after the kicker had missed 4 field goals.

        The funny thing is the results are what Auburn fans use to argue against Alabama’s performance, and yet Alabama remained ranked third because of the results of the game, which means they would have been in the playoff that we’re getting as a result of Alabama being in a rematch national championship game in spite of putting an exclamation point on that season.

        Roll Tide.

        • 33

          Being ranked in the top 3 doesn’t mean an automatic bid in the play-offs. One thing they take into consideration is winning your conference championship. Better be glad they didn’t have the play-off in 2012.

          • 34


            Is that really what you think?

            Look, I know this playoff business is new, but you’re inaccurate about the way it works, that’s all.

            Being ranked #3 by the playoff committee does mean you’re in the playoffs because it’s the top four teams competing for the title. And the playoff committee rankings will be public every week once they start, which is part of the controversy.

            If you’re trying to suggest the playoff committee wouldn’t have ranked Alabama better than 5 last season after the Iron Bowl, I’ll listen. Stanford was 5th after losing two games.

            But the conference championship? You’re trying too hard to be condescending now. The BIG12 doesn’t even have a conference championship game, and we already know being a conference champion doesn’t guarantee a spot (which is the right way to try to find the best team in the country any given season).

            So here’s the thing——-“better be glad they didn’t have the playoff in 2012.”

            You shot yourself in the foot.


            First, Alabama won the SEC in 2012. They went on to win the national championship game.

            Maybe you meant 2011 when Alabama put an exclamation point on the national championship despite not playing in the SEC title game (or are you trying to suggest after the way Alabama played LSU and LSU played Georgia that Georgia was a better team than Alabama)?

            After all, that is the REASON we’re having this playoff in the first place, despite the end result of that season—-remember, the goal is to find out who is the best team and name them champion, not find out who might have been able to do it that one time if they weren’t under probation or something like Auburn has claimed recently to triple their national titles.

            Alabama was the best team in the country that year—–you can argue that if you want, but do you really think a playoff committee would have put them out of the top 4? The BCS selection committee put them in the top two and they shut-out LSU in their own back yard. It took 5 missed field goals just to give LSU a shot in the first place (and it coincidentally may have been the same two teams in the title game had Alabama won in Tuscaloosa), but who else are you trying to say was the best team in the country that year and in a playoff would have beaten Alabama? Oklahoma State? They lost to Iowa State (and it wasn’t by field goals, either). Baylor? They lost three games. Boise State? They lost to TCU. If you think they deserved a chance you’re probably right, but “better be glad they didn’t have the play-off” doesn’t really fit, either.

  8. 35
    AU FAN

    Yeah I agree with that. Not sure why he didn’t let Drake run all night, but he didn’t. As an AU fan I am glad he didn’t.

    • 36

      From what I understood, Drake mouthed off to a coach or something like that and got benched afterwards. That was his punishment, rather than, say, missing interviews at SEC media days.

      • 37

        Or speaking to impressionable young minds at a DARE event and getting busted for weed two days later.

        • 38


          That’s….why they benched him for the second half of the Iron Bowl?

          Wait, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. I don’t remember Drake being busted for weed?

    • 41

      Um, actually that’s kinda exactly what this article is about——Jameis Winston taking “digs” at the SEC because of Auburn losing the title game.

  9. 42
    crimson hammah

    the only reason barn kept it close with fsu was that they had their signals …other than that 45 3 beatdown

  10. 45
    crimson hammah

    not at all u stupid ignorant slut ….your butthurt is generational ….but a barner is not expected to know anything about football so you are excused

    • 47

      I understand it. Its the only time Alabama has ever beaten an Auburn team that finished in the top 5.

      • 48

        That’s kinda the rub though, isn’t it? They had to beat Alabama to do it, not the other way around.

        It’s kinda like the complaint about every one else’s schedules this year because Alabama doesn’t play…Alabama. Notice how literally half of teams with the top ten hardest schedules this year all have Alabama on their schedule?

        • 49

          Notice how Alabama only plays 5 FBS teams that had a winning record last year? Alabama’s schedule isn’t weak because they don’t play Alabama. Its just weak. One of the weakest in the nation.

          • 50


            But the teams with hard schedules are the hardest because of Alabama. That’s the point. Alabama is a good football team and when you schedule them your schedule difficulty increases.

            The difference it you use it as a complaint, rather than an opportunity to prove who is the best team in the country, which is what this whole playoff is for and what the article is about regarding Winston and FSU taking it away from Auburn and the SEC.

            So I guess it’s a good thing we have a playoff now so you can’t complain if Alabama wins it no matter how many lousy teams they play in the regular season like Arkansas and Auburn, never mind the opportunity to play in the SEC title game or playing two of the winningest teams in SEC history.

          • 51

            No, the teams with the hardest schedules are because of Alabama. South Carolina plays a tougher schedule than Alabama without playing Alabama. Same for Georgia and Missouri. Auburn plays one of the toughest schedules in the country and its not just because of the Alabama game. They also play Georgia, Kansas St, LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Miss St.

            Fact is Alabama has been getting some very easy schedules lately.

          • 52

            I didn’t say the Gamecocks don’t have a harder schedule without Alabama.

            I didn’t say Auburn’s schedule isn’t one of the hardest, despite their biggest challenge is arguably Alabama.

            And I can’t pretend Alabama hasn’t gotten lucky that some of the traditionally toughest teams in the SEC on their schedule have been less than stellar recently, including Auburn, Tennessee and Florida.

            So, again, I guess it’s a good thing we have a playoff now so you can’t complain if Alabama wins it no matter how many lousy teams they play in the regular season. I’m sure people will complain about USC if Alabama beats them in 2016. Can’t make people happy no matter what, but you can do a good job of finding the best team in spite of it.

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