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    What’s the matter ITK, you at a “LOSS” for words to write an article explaining why your team got hosed last night?

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      Its simple, Bama got beat. So?
      Don’t you have anything else in your life to enjoy?
      Hunting? Fishing? Camping? A wife? Children? Sports you actually compete in? Golf?
      C’mon man!!! There has got to be something better to do in life than troll another teams blog and try to make them feel bad about for doing something your Auburn team made into an art form just last season.

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        Gosh almighty already! How obsessed can you be with Auburn, and how dumb can you be? For the umpteenth time, I am an LSU fan not an Auburn Fan. Not ONE single thing have I ever posted on this site ever indicated that I am a Auburn fan.

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    Bama Born

    What kind of excuse could he write? It’s as simple as our loss to the barn. An upreparared team, including the head coach, showed up in New Orleans just like it did at Starkville and whordan bleachers. That game was much like the SEC Championship game agaist Georgia. We just happened to remember we can run last year. Bama can pass like champions when no one expects it, but we are a running team 1st and when we forget that we look bad. We don’t have a plan when things don’t go our way, and turning the ball over 3 times plus one that didn’t matter anyway, will never help our chances. We won championships by not making mistakes like jumping off sides and turning the ball over. This sounds like a whin but theses high temp offenses are creating problems for more than just the defense. The refs are out of breath and forgetting their jobs as well. OU lined up with only two men on the line of scrimmage numerous times and it didn’t get called. The line of scrimmage is a plane just like the end zone. The rule for a foward pass is not where your feet are barn but where the ball is when realeased and you can’t have linemen downfield blocking and throw it to the receiver or out of bounds. The refs are going to have to keep up with the game also. Place the ball when they are truly ready for play to resume. Ya’ll are loving this now but this type football is meant for weaker teams to be able to compete by scoring. It being allowed to stop defensives from winning championships. This is not good for the SEC’s future. Love it while it works but it will turn on the whole SEC soon. Think about it, you have turned an eagle into a duck.

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    No excuse. We lost. Big deal. it happens for us too. Just not as often as it does for some other programs recently.
    I find it hilarious how some teams manage to scrape by and barely beat Bama and then their fans think they are a powerhouse again.
    Sorry but you are still Auburn. When you can beat Bama convincingly, win without a QB who didn’t get kicked out of school for stealing, stop jerking off to other teams beating Bama, And stop comparing yourselves to Bama. Then I might feel differently.
    Its pretty pathetic that all you have is schadenfraude,
    This is the part where you wipe the Copenhagen residue off the keys and try to type something pithy. Knock yourselves out.

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