Saban says key to stopping Auburn is being in the right place on defense

Alabama Football Update Iron Bowl Edition

You can’t get too cute when playing defense against Auburn

In a brief Wednesday morning teleconference, Alabama Crimson Tide Football Coach Nick Saban said his defense will have to adjust quickly to Auburn’s multiple set offense in the 2013 Iron Bowl.

Nick Saban said Gus Malzahn’s offensive schemes are a challenge to prepare for.

“It’s difficult because they use a lot of formations and adjustments,” Saban said. “They do all of this fast, and they do it with very good players.”

Auburn, Saban said, will attack the Tide defense at times with three-back runs. It will be a kind of shell game to figure out where the ball will go.

“The number one thing you want to do is get your guys lined up in the right position to make plays,” Saban said. He said the Tide will have to play basic defensive formations to stay in the right gaps.

“You can’t get too cute,” he said. “That’s when you make mental errors. If you make mental errors this team will take advantage of you.”

Saban said he expects Auburn to “do something a little bit different” in the Iron Bowl and the Tide will have to be prepared to adjust to that.

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    The Conduit

    We all expect them to do something a little different. They’ve been preparing for Big Brother since July.

    But they will do some things exactly the same. Like not kicking to Alabama and playing hurry-up-fun-placards.

    It will be a test, though. So far, Alabama has passed their tests all season. Roll Tide.

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