Saban: Alabama must control tempo on offense

Alabama Football: Saban gives cold shoulder to questions about comparisons and awards

By Hunter Ford

After Nick Saban had his Tide practice outside in the cold today, he had some chilly responses to reporter’s questions.

Saban came to the podium at 6:00 p.m., for his midweek press conference, armed with a coffee cup instead of his usual water bottle.

“I’m trading in my water,” he said. “Hot chocolate, baby.” Saban said he thought his team needed to work in the cold November air.

“We’re going to have to play a game along the line in this kind of weather,” he said.

Saban said it is important to learn how to play on the road in the SEC, and he said this week’s opponent, Mississippi State, has given the Tide some tough games in the past few years. He described the Bulldogs as being “difficult” to prepare for because of their multiple sets and quarterback runs. He said the quarterback runs pose a problem for defenses because it gives the offense an extra blocker to work with.

“It’s really important for us to control the tempo on offense,” Saban said.

Defensive back Bradley Sylve is still not going full speed. Saban said Sylve was expected to recover sooner, but has had a few minor setbacks. His status for the Mississippi State game is unclear.

“We did not think this was that serious a thing,” Saban said. “But playing his position, you can’t not be 100 percent…you gotta be able to run.”

Asked his thoughts about the current Tide offensive line, compared to other years, Saban said he doesn’t get into those comparisons.

“You guys (the media) think I spend my time looking at the same things you do…and I don’t,” he responded. He said this year’s Tide offensive line has done a good job achieving balance.

Saban’s reaction to the next question was similarly icy. He was asked about individual awards, and campaigns for those awards.

“What are you talking about…campaigns?” he said. A reporter clarified his question, saying he was referring to mail-outs or other advertising that some athletic departments use to promote players for post season awards. “I didn’t know it was a presidential election year. You threw me off,” Saban said.

Saban said he doesn’t participate in any such promotions and is not aware of any going on at Alabama. He also said he didn’t think it was fair for players to be exposed to the week-to-week media scrutiny that goes on during the season in relation to individual awards.

He said player awards should be given at the end of the season for a complete body of work.

The press conference ended a little before 6:08 p.m.


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  1. 1

    Three or four points to bring up here this morning. #1: Have you noticed the lack of Awbie Homers lately? And where the hell is LMAO? What with the obvious no issue on the Fluker and HaHA things coupled with the Beatdown in TitleTown Saturday night, I guess the’ve all just had enough of self flaggelation. Of course LMAO hasn’t had shit to crow about in ages, and poor ol’ Awbie was using LSU to measure themselves by; so Saturday was a terrible revelation for them. It’s not just on CR. Barnie has become almost non-existent on the nations blogs too. #2: Barnie is a 3.5 to 4 point favorite over JawJaw at home. So on a neutral field the game would be a tossup or JawJaw would be favored by up to 2 points. #3: Have any of you actually given thought to Miss St? Check out the stats in all of their games. This is a dangerous team with us coming off the LSU game. They put up 450 to 550 yards in all of their losses, and won time of possession; even in their 30+ point loss to LSU. Saban was not just giving lip service when he praised Miss St. #4: I don’t care if Awbie wins or loses to JawJaw. Their record means nothing to me when the IB comes. If they are out of the SEC West competition or if they could win it by beating Bama – is completely unimportant. This is a special year. Normally one loss with an SEC Championship and a BCS Bowl victory would be acceptable. But this year Alabama is seeking history. It is a history that if we don’t do it this year, it will probably never be done by anybody – ever. So in the realm of all things it doesn’t matter to me what happens after the IB IF Bama were to lose. IF we were to lose, I could care less if we win the SEC and a BCS Bowl, or if Awbie goes on and wins the SEC. If we don’t win the IB, this season is over. Of course the same holds true if we win the IB, but lose the SECCG, or if we win both but lose the BCSNCG. The truth of what is up for grabs in this one particular season is, if we don’t win out, this will be the worst, most disappointing season in Alabama history. Unlike Awbie and LSWho who’s goal in life is to beat Alabama, our goals are considerably more lofty. RTR!

    • 2
      The Conduit

      I disagree that this could ever be Alabama’s worst season or its most disappointing season.

      Auburn’s goals are the same. They just use Alabama as the catalyst. They are Little Brother.

      LSU’s goals are their own. They’re a great program. We smacked them this past weekend.

      Bottom line, if Alabama does make it to the national title game then they’ve got a full third of their games left to play. That’s a lot of football with a #1 target on your back and a bunch of strong competition.

      I say enjoy it. Just enjoy it. MSU this weekend should be fun. Let it be fun.

      Listen. Next weekend is the last time we’ll see a game in Tuscaloosa with many of our best players including AJ McCarron, CJ Mosely, Cody Mandell, Deion Belue, Kenny Bell, Cade Foster, Ed Stinson, Anthony Steen, and Kevin Norwood to name a few. They’re all gone. We get at least two more games to watch them play for the Capstone, and at most four games.

      Enjoy it, one game at a time. Roll Tide.

    • 3
      The Conduit

      As for MSU, they are a good football team. They run a high-tempo offense and they have a dual-threat QB. They also get Alabama in their house.

      But Alabama is one of the top scoring teams in the nation this season, and they’re #1 in stopping other teams from scoring. Take out the Texas A&M game and the average is less than a touchdown allowed per game.

      Less than a touchdown.

      Even with the TAMU game (including the pointless TD with 11 seconds left) Alabama is number one in the country for stopping a score. Mind you, many of those scores are coming against Alabama’s second and third-tier defensive players late in the game, but the bottom line is that while MSU has some good weapons, they simply don’t have enough of them. For example, MSU took the lead against South Carolina before Connor Shaw had a career high number of touchdowns in a single game.

      I’ll take it a step further with my personal opinion. I think it’s going to be a slaughter bad enough that we get to see backups like Sims and Henry get some more play time. Alabama has done nothing but improve all season. If you look at just the fundamentals, it’s ridiculously exciting. After all the dropped INT’s against LSU, one of the things I’m definitely looking out for is some picks on defense against MSU this weekend. Roll Tide.

  2. 4

    Is the quiet before the storm bothering you Crimsonshite? Mississippi State is a total joke. I just love to watch you gumps build up these sister of the poor teams before you lead them to slaughter. Then lets look at these jaded stats that The internet expert Conduit put up….

    ” One of the top scoring offenses in the country ” They are 12th.!!!! Only 2 points ahead of Auburn.Wow…impressive. Plus they are a pitiful 40th is total yards….Auburn is 14th is total yards per game.

    When the regular season is finished , bama will have only played 2 teams in the top 30 in Points scored per game. Auburn is one, and the other shredded bama’s defense.
    You little gumps can sit here and pretend that you are not worried to death about Auburn all you like. Your posts, and crap stories by ITK, CSR, and now conduit , proves otherwise. Not to mention little nicky being very concerned about the HUNH, even when they play a piss poor MSU team……WMFE!!!!

    • 5
      The Conduit

      Auburn? Who’s talking about Auburn? This is about MSU.

      Good grief.

      I don’t know why you think Alabama is such a bad football team. Fortunately for you and everybody else, we’ll have another chance to see just how good they really are, or aren’t.

      Then if they win another title all of a sudden they’re maybe an ok football team?

      No, you’ll still hate them. I’m very, very sorry for your loss.

      Nick Saban takes every team seriously, including MSU, as he should.

      Maybe that accounts for the success and not pretending Alabama’s schedule is garbage or that teams taking bye-weeks doesn’t matter or that having a #1 bullseye on your back is completely incidental?

      I don’t have the same kind of hate in my heart for anyone. Then again, I don’t need to. Roll Tide.

  3. 6

    per a reliable Texas insider…

    ” As things stand today, you are hearing it hear first: AS THINGS STAND TODAY, Nick Saban will be the Head Coach at the University of Texas next season. There! I said it! It’s out of the bag! Now the fallout from Mack’s perspective: from an image standpoint, Mack is extremely upset that his departure from Texas will look like he has been forced out. That is why
    his camp has continuously puts out the message that Mack will leave on his own terms when in reality they know it is the end for Mack Brown Texas Football.”

    ” Jamail & McCombs have ceded power to Steve Hicks & Bob Rowling. The Hicks & Rowling tandem are the leaders of the group that initiated contact with Jimmy Sexton last year. Sexton is Nick Saban’s agent.
    We are now deep into negotiations with Saban and Oliver Luck for that matter. It is my understanding that both Luck & Saban have agreed that they can work well with one another. ”

    ” a source close to the team has indicated that the potential “Saban as new coach on the 40 Acres” is being well-received by a handful of current players.”

    ” Our friend Santa Gertrudis leaked yesterday that Terry Saban had looked at a friend of his home on her last trip to Austin. To reiterate, the price on the home in question was $6.5M, 8,000 sq. ft home. On a different front, Paul Finebaum had been stating that the home in question was being looked at as a home for one of the Sabans’ children (age 26 & 21). Santa somewhat debunked the assumption by Paul Finebaum that the house was a purchase for one one of the kids (again, who purchases a 8,000 sq. ft home for $6.5M for their 20 something year old kids as a starter home?). Well what I have learned is that Nick & Terry Saban have put a contract on a house in Austin that will close in late January. The contract would not be publicly available information and the purchaser was an LLC that has not been used before. I heard this prior to what was posted on IT last night, but that information is consistent with what I’ve been told.”

    • 7
      The Conduit

      Nobody’s worried about Auburn or Texas or anything else that’s completely off-topic just yet. That’s not an insult to any team, it’s simply that there’s plenty of football left. For now, Alabama is focused on MSU. Auburn should be worried about the battle for West Georgia this weekend instead of Texas rumors and Alabama’s next four football games. Auburn plays this weekend before taking a bye-week like everyone else before Alabama comes to the Barn for the Iron Bowl.

      Alabama just picked up the #1 recruit in the country. I’m not sure if things like that help shut some people up about Saban-to-Texas rumors, but the rumors themselves sure don’t seem to be hurting the Crimson Tide.

      Again, I’m sorry for your loss. Roll Tide.

    • 8

      Hey dumbass MF! I know they have to pipe in sunshine to that shithole in Lee County, but you think you might get over to Montgomery and find yourself a damn computer so you could kind of fucking keep up? There is no Luck! Texas hired the Arizona St AD Steve Pattersen to take Dodd’s place. The fucking source you are quoting is about as dead as your sorry assed football team will be when the clock expires in the IB! We now know exactly how fucking little you actually know about the tiny world you live in, and therefore any future posts you make will be considered likewise. Dumbass! RTR!

  4. 9

    Eat shit and die you perverted sheep fucker! Who the hell on Uranus gives a shit what you think. Miss St. beat the brakes off the Battle Buzzards. You should not have won that game and damn near didn’t. I fucking hope you keep your ratty ass on this site until at least the day after the IB. Your one loss piece of shit team is going to get beatdown in epic proportions for a one loss team, just like the Golden Gnomers did for a #1 ranked undefeated team last January. You can’t run on Bama. You can’t score on Bama. And you damn sure can’t stop Bama’s offense with that pile of shit defense. I hope you suffer in hell for eternity crying over this years IB! Any of the other horse shit you mentioned isn’t even worth commenting on. Go back to buggering your baby sister. RTR!

  5. 10

    No one gives a flying fuck what you think Crimsonshite. Not even the other gumps here. You are just a lonely man that hides behind a keyboard. You think because you can type a few cuss words that you actually have any pull here!? Get a fucking life you hick. Like conduit said, this story WAS about MSU, until your little man complex ( or natural light) took over and you decided to show the world again your fear of Auburn. Why even bring Auburn or it’s fans up on a post about MSU? And conduit , if you do not want me talking about Auburn on a post about MSU , then tell fuckboy to stop bringing Auburn up. Yall need to go hug it out or something…geez

    • 11
      The Conduit

      For the record, I care what Crimsonite thinks.

      And, for the record, Auburn sucks.

      At least Crimsonite talked about MSU a little bit.

      Then again, Crimsonite and I are your big brothers. And we’re done babysitting. Roll Tide.

  6. 12

    Bama is gonna run all over Auburn this year. I care what Crimsonite thinks as well. And the run will stop in Auburn , the run is gonna stop and take a long visit all over your weak run defense .The run is gonna control time of possession . The run is gonna cause the Gus bus to break down .
    Ga is about to expose you guys this weekend. But congrats on a hell of a season so far little brother . Great turnaround. The Gus bus will get his well deserved coach of the year award but that’s gonna be where the run stops as well. ROLL TIDE .

  7. 13
    Rogue Elephant

    Bama must stop their butts.
    And score.
    More often than they do.
    I’m more concerned about injuries to our side in this one, so late in the season.

  8. 14

    We have no injuries. Bradley Sylve has an out of round tire on one wheel and Vinnie is taking a rest area break. That’s it. Best shape any Bama team has been in this late that I can remember. Didn’t Awbie just lose their best wide receiver or something like that? And Marshall is bunged up. Better have the meat wagon standing by for his ass.

    • 15
      The Conduit

      Hard to replace Vinnie though. Already we’ve missed his performance.

      Besides, I like the guy. Vinnie Sunseri is from Tuscaloosa, loves the Tide, and represents the University of Alabama as good as AJ McCarron. Look up his interview after this year’s Texas A&M game. Love the guy.

      Sorry, off-topic a little, but dammit I miss Vinnie.

  9. 16

    ROFLMFAO!!! Got to love the man crush Conduit has on fuckboy Crimsonshite!!!! That’s classic! ” Atleast he talked about MSU a little bit.” SO DID I YOU IDIOT!!!
    Just look at the envy crimsonshite shows on every post he makes. He can not finish a single sentence without bringing up Auburn!!! You poor , uneducated, white trash bastard! I almost feel sorry for you. Was just a while ago that crimsonshite was bragging about banging mexican truck stop whores , and now he is consumed with the rebirth of Auburn? I guess the mighty can even fall in the trailer parks. Hey CSR whats up with you taking your few readers and trying to make them sports bloggers? First dip shit Shane , and now Conduit? Things that bad for you? Hey after Auburn kills your hopes of a NC, why don’t you guys come down for drinks? No homo shit though Conduit….I am not Vinnie or Crimsonshite. WMFE!!!!

    • 17
      The Conduit

      Nice. Homophobic insults and completely off-topic whining. I wouldn’t expect anything more from the Auburn culture you represent, little brother.

      If it makes you feel any better, I was writing outside of before I was commissioned to write for a site and a program I love.

      And we’re all winning.

      You really have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m just going to stop. I’m sorry for your loss. See you after the mandatory bye-week. Roll Tide.

  10. 18

    This pussy fsrt is one of the most retarded pieces of shit the Goat Fuckers have ever sent over here. He references a lot of things I’ve discussed over the years. Wonder how many hamdles the POS has used. I think he was Hate Smurf Coach. Which is really funny since the real Smurf Coach was Terry Bowden. I’m not even going to argue with the dmb bastard anymore. All I will say is – hey loud mouth shit for brains, I have $5000 and Pay Pal. I’ll take Bama even in the IB. So you have any balls, or just a pussy fart? RTR!

  11. 19
    Alabama Must Control Tempo On Offense : BamaFootball4Life

    […] Saban said it is important to learn how to play on the road in the SEC, and he said this week’s opponent, Mississippi State, has given the Tide some tough games in the past few years. He described the Bulldogs as being “difficult” to prepare for because of their multiple sets and quarterback runs. He said the quarterback runs pose a problem for defenses because it gives the offense an extra blocker to work with. “It’s really important for us to control the tempo on offense,” Saban said. Defensive back Bradley Sylve is still not going full speed. Saban said Sylve was expected to recover sooner, but has had a few minor setbacks. His status for the Mississippi State game is unclear. “We did not think this was that serious a thing,” Saban said. “But playing his position, you can’t not be 100 percent…you gotta be able to run.” [More] […]

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