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This post brought to you by Cooper Tire. All opinions are 100% mine.

On the way to the big game and a tire problem can make you miss not only kickoff, but can be dangerous. That is why Cooper Tires offers these Money saving and safety tips which include this important piece of advice: 

Examine tread: Bald tires can skid and slide on pavement, and are more likely to be damaged by potholes and other road hazards. Tire tread should be at least 2/32 of an inch deep, and tires should be replaced immediately if worn past this measurement at any location on the tire. Cooper tires have a built-in "tread wear indicator," making it simple to monitor tread wear, or can be checked with a simple test using a U.S. penny. Place the edge of the coin into the tread, with Lincoln’s head facing down. If the top of Lincoln's head is covered by tread, there is at least a minimum acceptable amount of tread. If the top of his head is entirely visible, it is time to replace the tire.

If it is time to replace your tires, then now is a great time to consider Cooper Tires. Take the Money & Ride is a promotion offered by Cooper Tires that offers up to an $80 Visa® Pre-Paid Card when purchasing a new set of four qualifying Cooper tires through participating dealers in the United States, the District of Columbia, Canada and Puerto Rico. There are over 15 authorized dealers of Cooper Tires in the Birmingham area ranging from Clanton to Cullman and Tuscaloosa to Talladega. You can visit the Cooper Tires website to find the dealer closest to you. Just click on the Dealer Locator section of the site. 

This video provides an overview of the rebate promotion from Cooper Tires. 

Cooper Tires has a long history of experience in making consumer tires. The company started way back in 1914 as a family venture in Akron, Ohio and by the 1960s was listed on the NYSE. It is a tradition of excellence that is worth checking out if you are considering a tire purchase. 

Going to a football game is expensive enough without the danger of poor tire maintenance. So, give the Money saving and safety tips site a visit and make sure your tires are in shape for football season and the rapidly approaching winter driving conditions. 

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    Well, according to SECfan, the above advertiser is wasting their money communicating with the same 2-3 commenters that come to this site.

    Yet another loser who would like to project his own poor self-image on a successful website about a successful football team.

    I love it. Roll Tide. Buy Cooper Tires!

  2. 2

    We sold Cooper Tires for several years, we stopped because of the failure rate, 25 to 30 percent out of round when we initially mounted them and had several blowouts on tires with less than 10,000 miles, just my take

  3. 4

    I must say, I’ve had some Coopers for quite awhile and they’re certainly a reliable tire. Much better than the Achilles I was using prior to that.

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