Jay Jacobs: A cancer to Auburn fans with no cure

We all know Auburn fans drink the Koolaid. You serve up anything with a dash of hope to this fanbase and the Auburn fambly slurps it with two straws. But for Auburn to ever be anything close to a real program in terms of significance, its leadership has to substitute sensationalism and bush league tactics for hard work.

Which is why Auburn will never taste real significance with Jay Jacobs in office as A.D.

Not a flash-in-the-pan season. I mean real significance. Year in and year out dread from opponents that you’re on their schedule. Fans of other programs looking at their team’s schedule and calculating a loss when they see your team’s name.

AL.com’s latest Auburn megaphone Brandon Marcello reports that Jay Jacobs wants Auburn fans to know that 2010’s success is possible this season because it has Gus Malzahn’s offense in its toolbag.

Nevermind that Gus Malzahn’s offense was in place in 2009, resulting in just a 7-win regular season. Ball State and Furman on the schedule was the difference between 7-5 and 5-7.

And nevermind that Gus’ offense was also in place in 2011, resulting again in just a 7-win season. Again, thank goodness for Samford and FAU or 7-5 becomes 5-7. Remember Auburn almost didn’t outscore Utah State that season.

Anyone notice the difference in those seasons and 2010?

The fact is, Gus Malzahn’s offense is unique and unstoppable as long as he has a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback in his arsenal, and as long as people aren’t used to facing a hurry up style, spread offense.

Here’s a newsflash: Cam Newton ain’t walking through that door, and throw a rock in any direction and you’ll hit a program running hurry up.

But still, Jay Jacobs has this to say:

“…this offense gives us a chance to be successful as it did in 2010.”

Yeah, Jay. Sure does.

The last time Bama saw Gus, the Tigers’ O never found the endzone. Remember this?

There there’s this zen:

“If somebody said passing is no longer legal in the college game, then Gus Malzahn would still win because he’s such a great student of the game.”

Bama has equipment managers who’ve been in the college game longer than Gus has, yet Jay wants the Auburn faithful to believe Gus is a great student of the game.

I’m not saying Gus isn’t good. I’m just saying Gus isn’t Gus. Not the creation of sensational orange and blue imaginations who would have you believe sure success is just ahead because he’s back in town.

Success only comes through hard work. Day after day dedication, following a plan, sticking to a process. Not soundbytes with a reporter or a perception of offensive dominance that isn’t there. Auburn needs Cam to repeat 2010, and even then, the number of close calls where the ball bounced their way that season was still inconceivable.

Instead they’ll have this guy; watch #7 in white throughout this game. My favorite comes about the 3:35 mark:

Auburn may have success this season with Gus Malzahn. But to think it’s an instant ingredient to the 2013 season (and beyond) because Gus is back…especially comparing ANYTHING to 2010…is just unrealistic. Auburn fan, you’re never going to see that season again.

Until Auburn fans implement some chemo to their problem of high hopes with empty reasons for being able to believe, Jay will continue to be Jay, and Auburn football will always be steeped in the pie in the sky mentality.

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